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  1. typical_hunter

    Leica 10x42 Ultravid Hd Plus

    Used pair of of binoculars IV had them for a few years. The glass is awesome very clear. Price is too your door $1575.00 or $1625.00 with kuiu bino harness. will ship USPS with tracking and insurance. The same day as payment or the next business day. Venmo or certified check only
  2. typical_hunter


    Does anyone have anything from this line of leupold that could give real review of it I want to get the spotter, Maybe the 15x56 binos but don't have a dealer anywhere close. Id just be ordering online and hoping for the best.
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  4. typical_hunter

    Sig Zulu5 10x42 HD Binocular

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-17 AT 12:10PM (MST)[p]This is a pair of used binos iv had for about a year. $325.00 tyd id prefer payment through venmo i don't do PayPal its easy to set up a venmo account i will ship via usps if you have an questions text is best 435-459-0735
  5. typical_hunter

    Brand new Kilo 2200mr Rangefinder

    Brand new in box Sig Kilo 2200mr never opened units i have 5 available $435.00 each price is to your door via usps. I only accept payment through Venmo, certified check or money order. if you don't have a Venmo account there easy to set up at i can be contacted at 435-459-0735 text...
  6. typical_hunter

    Kilo 2200MR Rangefinder

    Brand new in box Sig Sauer Kilo 2200MR Rangefinder i have 4 available price is $435.tyd
  7. typical_hunter

    used vortex viper hd 20x60 spotting scope

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-17-15 AT 09:27PM (MST)[p] tripod comes with it vanguard is the make
  8. typical_hunter

    leica rangemaster 1000-r

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-17-15 AT 09:25PM (MST)[p]used one season great shape
  9. typical_hunter

    vortex razor 20x60

    So i have been out spotting and iv noticed that it has a blueish tint to it when it just starts to get dark, and in low light its almost unbearably hard to see anything because of the blueish tint. im a long time vortex fan but i dont have this problem in my slc 8x30 swarovskis. Is that what...
  10. typical_hunter

    Eotech xps2-0 holographic sight

    This is a brand new inbox Eotech xps2-0 holographic sight. comes with 500rds of 22lr ammo free with every sight purchase. I have 4 instock plus. shipping is an additional $15.00
  11. typical_hunter

    the shooters bench

    i was browsing youtube and came across this original video haha
  12. typical_hunter

    Nosler Varmageddon Ammunition 22-250 55 Grain Tipped Flat Base

    10 boxes of 20 $230.00 + $10.00 shipping
  13. typical_hunter

    Remington Ammo 300 Rem Ultra Mag. 180gr. Bonded PSP

    $120.00 for both boxes shipping $10.00
  14. typical_hunter

    looking for a gun smith

    So next week I'll be in the northern part off Utah Provo to bountiful and need a gun smith to true my action and maybe a rebarrel does any one have some one they trust and recommend there work. Thanks for your help. ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  15. typical_hunter

    suffocating fish and wildlife

    lol i like the way that sounds :) lets hear them the best of SFW ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  16. typical_hunter

    number of applicants

    Hey i was hoping someone could help me find the link to where the utah fish and game post the app numbers for limited entry elk in 2010 pr 2011 thanks. ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  17. typical_hunter

    Leupold Mark 4 M3 10x40mm LR/T Mil Dot

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-24-09 AT 04:22PM (MST)[p]its brand new never has been mounted. ill take $1300 and ill pay shipping here in the lower 48 states aslso willing to do trades. they go for 1499.99 at midwayusa ________________...
  18. typical_hunter

    unit 10 deer

    i drew this tag any info some one could share id be thankfull im planing on going down in early august to do some scouting to but i need some good direction to start thanks ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  19. typical_hunter

    unit 10 new mexico deer

    i drew this tag any info some one could share id be thankfull im planing on going down in early august to do some scouting to but i need some good direction to start thanks ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  20. typical_hunter

    new mexico unit 23-24

    i have a opertunity to get a deer tag in one of these units but i now nothing about them othere than what iv read on the net i know othere than its on the gila ntl forest any hellp would be most gratfull thanks ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  21. typical_hunter

    Im so lucky

    not that im trying to rub it in, i put in for a bear tag and didnt draw but i got a call from the DWR stating that there was a license surenderd and i was next in line this happend 3 days ago and my credit card was hit si i know i wasnt dreaming lol it was my first year to put in for bear.:)...
  22. typical_hunter


    when does the dwr start chargeing the credit cards lol im just getting to exited about my tags lol ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  23. typical_hunter

    what would he score

    ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  24. typical_hunter

    her are a few pictures frome last night

    well hope you like um im going out again tonight hopfully i se the big one. oh what do you think the elk would score ________________ _Typical_Hunter_ ________________
  25. typical_hunter


    THE ATTACK OF THE TERRIBLE SQUIRREL! I never dreamed slowly cruising on my motorcycle through a residential neighborhood could be so incredibly dangerous! Little did I suspect! I was on Brice Street - a very nice neighborhood with perfect lawns and slow traffic. As I passed an oncoming car...
  26. typical_hunter

    here's a few pictures of a buck

    _______________ Typical_Hunter _______________
  27. typical_hunter

    1 shed i found

  28. typical_hunter


    guess where this is at
  29. typical_hunter

    picture of some ducks

  30. typical_hunter

    Fuji FinePix S5000 (need your help)

    im looking into get a new camera and this is the one i want. but i dont know that much about camera's so if you could help me out. thanks T H here's a link to the camera
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