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  1. Sallaberry

    Think I ate too much

    Not to hijack but coors light is not beer.
  2. Sallaberry

    Daughter’s 2020 Nevada Buck

    She’s has great aim look at the shot.
  3. Sallaberry

    First muley in da house!

    Lots of meat good job dad.
  4. Sallaberry

    What's the Best Mule Deer Tag to have?

    So it’s a bad year because drought but eastern Nevada still had some toads.
  5. Sallaberry

    My stolen Hunt

    Well that sucks for you but I guess you won’t be leaving anything up on the hill anymore.
  6. Sallaberry

    Fiber optic upgrade for the Williams globe sight

    I’m lost a globe with a scope but I definitely see where the fiber optic is nicer than the crosshairs. I was shooting one with my buddy last night it was hard to see when our target was in the shadow.
  7. Sallaberry

    131-134 Rifle Deer

    Just keep at it I saw some good bucks in archery.
  8. Sallaberry

    131-134 Rifle Deer

    If they did it was black powder
  9. Sallaberry

    RIP Eddy Van Halen

    He sure could use that guitar one of the best for sure he will be missed. He probably lead a life none of us could fathom rock stars are like dog years so that boy lived a long time.
  10. Sallaberry

    It can happen

    Not sure but she’s supposed to have a lot of bear around her property.
  11. Sallaberry

    Nevada Archery success

    Nice buck hope that was catch and release
  12. Sallaberry

    unit 22 nevada

    My bad you responded I’ll call you tomorrow
  13. Sallaberry

    unit 22 nevada

    I sent you a pm last week
  14. Sallaberry

    Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Asparagus and Wild Rice

    Nice I’m going to give it try thanks
  15. Sallaberry

    It can happen

    So my female cousin is almost 40 educated in Oregon was a huge feminist and liberal. She has recently had a 180 on thoughts not due to covid but owning and running a multimillion dollar company. She’s voting for trump for one two I’ve been teaching her how to shoot and operate guns. She recently...
  16. Sallaberry

    Help with Nevada Bull elk 108, 131, 132 nov 6-20

    Well hopefully they get some water soon all the guzzlers are dry on the north end some springs are full but not spilling over. I saw a couple nice bulls the last weekend of archery.
  17. Sallaberry

    Lost Ashes

    I saw a movie one time it’s probably blow. Either way hope they find it’s owner.
  18. Sallaberry

    Any Of You Logers Try This

    Holy my goodness I’m scared watching that video
  19. Sallaberry

    131-134 Rifle Deer

    Plenty of fish in Mormon creek never have fished white river. Ya hunting was tough first week of archery was pretty good didn’t get a buck that week. Had to go back make a 5 day weekend out of Labor Day. Didn’t see any big bucks seems there in the trees already good luck on your hunt.
  20. Sallaberry

    From Start to Finish Poll

    With a wet tan it could be as quick as 3 weeks. My buddy did mine that quick and it looks real nice.
  21. Sallaberry


    I have a ranger 1300 vortex it’s pretty nice I bought it thinking I could range out to 1000 but I’ve ranged objects out 1450 yards. The sigs are real nice as well can’t go wrong with either of them. I’m not really a vortex fan I have Swarovski binos and btx so I’m not a homer for vortex it works...
  22. Sallaberry

    My 2020 buck

    Region k meh I herd it was lmnop
  23. Sallaberry


    Oh and even better when burning man a attendance is low so next years recruitment should be high fingers crossed.
  24. Sallaberry


    They do better in drought years when the bears aren’t near the river.
  25. Sallaberry

    CA Marble Mountains Elk

    Glad you all made it out safely good bull bet you eat well this fall and winter. Congrats #dadoftheyear
  26. Sallaberry

    Width, score, age?

    27” wide 174 4.5 years old good buck for sure.
  27. Sallaberry

    Head butting a Game Warden. SMDH.

    Ok what happened to innocent till proven guilty. I’ve never seen a mean pit bull but would never own one due to the stereotype. There were three witnesses that didn’t witness a headbut? I back the badge all the time but let this play out his blood alcohol content was almost half of what Nevada...
  28. Sallaberry

    9/11 Find. Hike turned Into a shed Hunt.

    Antlers are worth what someone will pay you. I’d keep it definitely would look for the other side
  29. Sallaberry

    Nevada Hunt

    Ya the migration is a real thing it just depends on the weather how early or late it is. Have seen it where deer were everywhere and times when deer were sparse.
  30. Sallaberry

    Rut activity?

    Definitely bulls with cows probably full rut with these last two days of cold weather. I was out in 131 Thursday till Monday and bulls had cows with them.
  31. Sallaberry

    Bulls are rutting

    Bulls in Nevada rounding up cows not to many bugles though
  32. Sallaberry

    131 archery bull

    Anybody have an archery tag up here hunting deer saw 2 bulls one good 350 and a 330 5 point today.
  33. Sallaberry

    Oregon Archery Hunted Killed by Elk

    Ya it sucks this guy was killed but if you didn’t think they could kill you than damn get more respect.
  34. Sallaberry

    Handling Velvet?

    Denatured alcohol but in reverse of what he did in the video start at each tine slit the bases of the horns and watch that you don’t bubble the velvet gently inject and should work great.
  35. Sallaberry

    Forget score shoot a freak?

    Hammer down
  36. Sallaberry

    Trump Supporters Part Of Death Cult

    Ya you can’t fix stupid but soon we’ll all be red flagged for posting or replying to stuff like this.
  37. Sallaberry

    Area 6 late cow elk

    Which 6 big 6 or 061?
  38. Sallaberry

    A Look Back At The Arab Spring

    Seems like the covid spring here in America.
  39. Sallaberry

    Meat Locker/Storage In Elko/Wells Area

    Hang at night then in morning wrap it in a canvas tarp and place it on the ground in the shade for the day.
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