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  1. eelgrass

    Wild birds to hunt

    We're fortunate in the US to be able to hunt all kinds of birds. Ducks, geese, swans, turkeys, quail, doves, grouse, chukar, pheasants, etc. Some of them aren't even native to North America. One of the most popular birds to eat in America are chickens. How come there are no wild chickens to...
  2. eelgrass

    Jump the weeds!(video)

    A favorite past time this time of year. Gnarly, Dude!✌️
  3. eelgrass

    Sighting in a shotgun

    I've been doing a lot of bench shooting with my 870 Wingmaster at mostly 30 yards testing different brands and shot sizes. I've just now noticed a pattern of shooting about 6" to the left and just a smidge high. It's kind of a guess with a full pattern but it's fairly consistent. How do you...
  4. eelgrass

    G-1 deer hunters?

    After drawing the tag, I put in for the draw to hunt the Tehama Wildlife Area back in August. I haven't heard the results. I called the F&W and they patched me through to Sacramento, but all I got was an answering machine and a hang up. They wouldn't give me the number so I could call myself. I...
  5. eelgrass

    For PleaseDear

  6. eelgrass

    Called out the 747 Super Tanker

    My hunting grounds in B zone, Forest Glen, CA. The lead plane marks where to begin the drop. 19,000 gallon drop at 150 knots.
  7. eelgrass

    Don't you dare tell the truth about Covid

    in London, and here soon. 2:34
  8. eelgrass

    Where's Hunter Biden?

    Hunter Biden allegedly sent “thousands of dollars” to people who appear to be involved in the sex industry, according to Wednesday’s report released by Senate Republicans. The report claims unspecified records show that Biden “has sent funds to non-resident alien women in the United States who...
  9. eelgrass

    'Hillbilly Brigade'

    Sometimes it's better to run TO the fire instead of away from the fire. How a 'Hillbilly Brigade' saved an Oregon town from raging wildfires They are credited with saving the mountain hamlet of Molalla, an hour’s drive south of Portland, after its 9,000 residents were forced to evacuate...
  10. eelgrass

    Judge rules shutdowns Unconstitutional

    “The liberties protected by the Constitution are not fair-weather freedoms—in place when times are good but able to be cast aside in times of trouble,” Stickman said. “There is no question that this country has faced, and will face, emergencies of every sort.” Stickman added that the solution...
  11. eelgrass

    RELH do you agree?

    The purpose of a cop is to die on the job? 1:09 long, for Homer.
  12. eelgrass

    I'm worried

    I'm worried about Governor Newsom's mental health. Just kidding, but somebody should be. 54 second video.
  13. eelgrass

    You can take your mask off now

    The whole idea was you could have the virus and be asymptomatic and spread it around, so we all better wear a mask. Yes, Daddy Newsom. 45 second video.
  14. eelgrass

    A top climate scientist.

    This will make RELH proud.
  15. eelgrass

    1911 showing off

    With his new Jeep.
  16. eelgrass

    Look out NV, UT, ID

    California headed your way. Check out the fire that just started Friday.
  17. eelgrass

    Poor guy. I bet that hurts.

    He has the goose step down. Good boy! Notice the cops don't help.
  18. eelgrass

    Would this be self defense?

    The world I grew up in this would be open season. In fact I've been there. I broke a guys ribs before a bunch of guys stepped in and pulled me off. Good thing I didn't have a gun. I would have shot him dead. "I'm going to beat your ass" as he advances. That's all it takes IMO. 0:45 second video.
  19. eelgrass

    Antifa dot com

    Type it in and watch where it leads.
  20. eelgrass

    Another Great White chew toy

    At Shelter Cove. I quit Shelter Cove because Overton won't let me.....I mean I have no place to camp. Overton probably saved my life. SHARK ATTACKED KAYAKER IN SHELTER COVE YESTERDAY
  21. eelgrass

    My mistake

    I flipped on the TV this morning and they were showing images of the peaceful demonstrations. Turns out I was wrong. It was images of the hurricane aftermath.
  22. eelgrass

    Democrat strategy

    Do you think they have an insurance plan in case Trump wins in November? They are going to be beyond irate. Waaaay beyond irate. What can we expect?
  23. eelgrass

    Wear a mask?

    Scientists have been studying coronavirus for a good 200 years and somehow after March 2020 they magically discovered people who are asymptomatic who can spread it? It must have been a one day study with one patient, in secret.
  24. eelgrass

    Covid-19 cures the flu?

    There have been very few flu deaths this year for some reason. In the 2017- 2018 flu season the flu killed over 80,000 people in the US including 187 babies. So far this year there are only 6,605 flu deaths. I think it's amazing. But maybe not. 2:34
  25. eelgrass

    The mail in ballots

    This explains what's going on. I know it takes 15 minutes to view but might be worth it. It's not political, just Democrats being democrats.
  26. eelgrass

    I got my Dinosaur mount back

    from the taxidermist. He wanted to do a shoulder mount but the neck was 7' long and I neck shot him and ruined the hide. It's almost impossible to find a replacement anyway.
  27. eelgrass

    Antifa came to Sturgis

    Too bad they didn't defund the police because the police saved them.
  28. eelgrass

    Route 66

    Here's a pretty good video covering the old Route 66. Some old cars and old sights along the way. Even an old tractor. I hit the mute button because I'm not a big fan of the music.
  29. eelgrass

    My old hunting grounds

    Blake Mountain was a combination of National Forest and timber company land. The public could hunt it all. Some years ago the timber company divided their land into 30-40 acre parcels and sold it. I thought about buying one for a summer/hunting cabin. Glad I didn't now. I've killed many bucks on...
  30. eelgrass

    I was worried

    but I get it now. It was a debate.
  31. eelgrass

    Look! Here comes the train!

    And I got it on video!
  32. eelgrass

    Why the left is anti-science

    "Which brings me back to the question posed at the outset. I think the reason so many on the left are anti-science is because they don’t look for solutions that work. They look for solutions that feel good to them. They even argue that way. They argue not so much that their proposals will solve...
  33. eelgrass

    You can thank Dr. Fauci

    The ultimate culprit here is Fauci. Everyone else worldwide gets well, while here in the States, under his policy recommendations and touting of bad medicine, we continue to wallow in the pandemic, the bodies piling up...
  34. eelgrass

    Antifa burning bibles

    1:21 video
  35. eelgrass

    Got a hair cut Tuesday

    My last hair cut was in February so I was due. I was looking on line to find one open and I noticed one that opened at 7:30am. I'd never heard of it before but I figured what the heck. I was the first one of the day and when I walked in he told me to take my stupid looking mask off. Right then...
  36. eelgrass

    Then we have the teacher's union

    "This has been a wrenching time in the U.S. labor market, with tens of millions thrown out of work. It’s been an inspiring time. Workers we never would have thought of as essential before — grocery-store employees, delivery guys, meat-packing workers — have kept absolutely necessary parts of the...
  37. eelgrass

    Foxes and Wolves

    Times have not changed. It's even more true today.
  38. eelgrass

    Karen hopes they all die

    23 second video. A Trump hater, no doubt.
  39. eelgrass

    2020 Democratic Party Platform

    2020 Democratic Party Platform
  40. eelgrass

    Where is "cry baby hill"?

    It's in Utah somewhere.
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