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  1. Sallaberry

    It can happen

    So my female cousin is almost 40 educated in Oregon was a huge feminist and liberal. She has recently had a 180 on thoughts not due to covid but owning and running a multimillion dollar company. She’s voting for trump for one two I’ve been teaching her how to shoot and operate guns. She recently...
  2. Sallaberry

    131 archery bull

    Anybody have an archery tag up here hunting deer saw 2 bulls one good 350 and a 330 5 point today.
  3. Sallaberry

    Seafood in Denver?

    So is there anywhere I can get decent seafood other than Costco in Denver? I Know it’s hard in a landlocked state any info is appreciated.
  4. Sallaberry

    Canadian deer hunt

    My father in law a is looking for a decent mule deer buck can you recommend a good outfitter for 170+? If in the states even better. We live in Nevada and tags are hard to get here as most of you know. Looking for a good opportunity for him to harvest a nice mule deer buck.
  5. Sallaberry

    Cow elk

    So my buddy connected on a cow we didn't see a big enough buck for him for him to harvest. He's a veteran and still serving this is his second tag last year he harvested a 83 4/8 lope not bad for a rookie.
  6. Sallaberry

    May 1

    Who's heading out for the opener of shed season?
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