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    Looking for a cancellation hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am looking for a cancellation hunt for any area for species around 5000. text or call Rich 308-520-6148
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    Scopes for sale!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Leupold is sold
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    Scopes for sale!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am selling a few scopes first one is 3x9x40 excellent shape asking 50 for it. Second one is bushell buckhorn 3x9x40 with flip scope covers excellent shape asking 75 dollars or best offer. Third one is a leupold 3x9x40 excellent shape with flip up scope covers asking 125 or best offer. Call...
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    I am selling Tenzing tz2220 pack excellent condition lots of room comfortable pack with spot for water bladder. I am asking 75 for it or best offer call 308-520-6148 or email
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    GARMIN 655T

    I am selling my Garmin 655t asking 300 or best offer contact me at 308-520-6148 or email me at
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    I am selling my vortex 1000 rangerfinder $250 or best offer call 308-520-6148 or email
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    WTB Vortex Ranger HD 4000

    I have a vortex 1000 rangefinder if interested or call 308-520-6148
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    WTB Garmin 750 or 700 GPS

    I have 655t garmin for sale if interested. 308-520-6148 or email
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    NM Unit 16e - UW Elk Tags

    I would like to cha t with you about the 16e tag let me know if you get this or call 308-520-6148
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    I will give 175 for them let me know 308-520-6148
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    Vortex Razor HD (RS-85S) 27-60x85 Spotting Scope (NIB)

    I will give you 1000 can text or call 308-520-6148
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    Looking for 2018 Hunt

    You might want to check Central Nebraska outfitters they got some really nice whitetails and muleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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