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    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    You gave it a hell of a try. Thanks for sharing Your hunt with us.
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    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    Tick tock! Hope you slam one!
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    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    Today’s the day. GL!
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    Unit 61 CO info

    Wow 6 pts to draw 61 14 years ago. Point creeps a killer
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    AZ 6b archery elk, anybody?

    Any action near Rogers lake?
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    X9A Help

    That unit will see a jump in apps next year....
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    Bow season

    10/2 for me
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    AZ Camp Nav Elk Hunts

    Looks like CN is asking for paperwork to be mailed in, no orientation class.
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    Tough Elk

    Another alternative is to souse vide them. Low heat, water immersion. It’ll turn shoe leather into a filet.
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    AZ Camp Nav Elk Hunts

    Same here but Az is having a spike in cv. Hope the hunt is still on.....
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    AZ Camp Nav Elk Hunts

    Anyone with any inside information on the AZ Camp Nav 6B elk hunts this year? Their website says hunts are still on but got me wondering if they’ll shut it down last minute with this CV19 crap. Might need a backup plan
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    2020 Az deer draw

    Tick tick Thinking around 0900 today for cc hit
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    Unit 62 deer hunting

    Ugh. 62 is a good deer unit. Been there for other critters before but know nothing on private land availability.
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    Check out Az for their deer and cow elk youth draws. Take the AZ hunters Ed for permanent point. No brainer.
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    Camp Navajo Elk

    Resurrecting my old post... I didn’t put in for 2018 CN, but did draw the tag this year. Pulled an archery cow tag, freezer filler I hope. I’m retired military w a clearance, so i should be able to access the limited area. Just waiting for the camp to reopen after this covid crap is over...
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    How Many Does it Take..?

    ^^^ this
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    Good luck to everyone on CC hits today!

    Back to back years. Maybe I can redeem Last years hunt. 6B early archery this year!
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    AZ Draw

    Disregard: found it. “ through deadline day...”
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    AZ Draw

    So my Az 2019 hunting license expires next week. Do I need to purchase a new license if I purchased points only for 2020? Not very clear in the Regs re this. I know for the draw it needs to be current but points only?
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    WTB - .264 Win Mag

    I just found an older 700 in 264 recently. I jumped on it!
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    Unit 10 late bull rifle

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-24-19 AT 09:24AM (MST)[p]Any pics? Details?
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    Unit 49 MZ Wrap Up....Wow, what a trip!!

    >I feel your pain. Last year >I cashed in 19 NR >points to go ML elk >in CO and never heard >an elk bugle. Managed to >kill a dink 275 bull >but was really disappointed in >losing the points and spending >6K with an outfitter for >the experience I had. Ugh...yea I just did the same on...
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    Unit 10 late bull rifle

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-29-19 AT 07:35PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-29-19 AT 07:33?PM (MST) >I am bird dogging for my >13yo grandson who has a >late rifle bull tag for >unit 10. any advice on >where to hunt and how >to put him on bulls? >I don't think he will >be very particular. Big Bo >vs...
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    Unit 10 late bull or muzzleloader help offered

    Interested to hear how the unit 10 late hunt goes. Heard it's been challenging.
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    Grand junction to divide rd question.

    You?ll be dependent on the roads and weather as well. Wall tent!
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    A3, Steve Chappell, or???

    Interested as well.
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    Unit 10

    Sorry been off line for awhile My hunt starts 8 Nov.
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    CO Application Help

    If you think Colorado?s is difficult you haven't applied through AZ. It's terrible! Can?t complain to much as I drew a unit 10 elk tag. Still the AZ website needs a makeover
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    Unit 10

    I'll be there in Nov for my elk hunt. Will stay in touch.
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    Caught in the act

    ?Please deposit another $1.00...?
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    Lope Tag

    16 years of points; I'd plan a camping trip in there and do a lot of scouting. That tag is worth the trip. Good luck.
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    Draw results for elk and antelope, hopefully soon.

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-08-19 AT 09:00PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Mar-08-19 AT 08:50?PM (MST) Unit 10 rifle elk for me. Still shaking!
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    Unit 23 Late Rifle

    If you purchased the $5.00 Pointguard you can turn your tag back and retain your points. But you eat the cost of the tag.
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    Today is the day for cc hits

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-01-19 AT 08:49AM (MST)[p]I'm hit! Can?t Fn believe it! Check?m boys! It's on
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    Am I reading this right???

    Ouch. Have you checked AZ? Much of the same....
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    Big Game RIB online
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    2019 Utah Big Game Application Guidebook

    Thanks for confirmation. Do these tags fall under the Any Elk category for which units they are valid for? I've been through the Regs and might be buried or I just can't interpret it!
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    2019 Utah Big Game Application Guidebook

    Anyone point me in the direction to find the open units / hunt numbers for Gen Muzzleloader Elk?
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    Merry Christmas

    Back at ya guys. Merry Christmas from rainy So Cal. (Finally)
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    Wx on the way?

    Looks like the Manti?s going to get some early cold weather next week. Should be fun. Bob
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