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    Muzzy Buck

    I don't know you either, I just saw your post about being out there and how poor the hunt was.
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    Muzzy Buck

    Did you have a tag? I know you were out there for the muzzy hunt so I was just curious if it was your tag.
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    Muzzy Buck

    That is awesome, thanks for sharing! I think your bro-in-law sent this to my cousin who works with him. So cool to see him on the hoof!
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    Muzzy Buck

    Thanks guys!
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    Muzzy Buck

    Here is my Muzzy buck from this year. I was able to get him on day 6. Saw a lot of deer, finding a mature buck was tough. We got it done though. When I drew the tag I knew I wanted a buck with some mass, decent width, and good front forks. I knew going in that out there it is tough to find a...
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    Bookcliffs Muzzleloader Deer?

    Seemed the same to me that is has for the past 10 years. Lots of deer, mature buck are hard to find. I think it is exactly what they are managing it for. Talking to my cousin that was helping a friend on the Vernon this year, it sounded very similar. Lot of bucks, but they saw mostly big 3x3's...
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    Book Cliffs

    Nice work, man!
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    My 2020 buck

    Great buck, congrats!
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    Utah Youth Any Bull - Scouting Service/Semi-Guided

    I wish I could like this 100x, especially that pic of him. Well done, men!
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    Manti early rifle

    Sweet bulls, congrats!
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    Book Cliffs Archery Deer

    Thanks for following up, I am headed down Saturday for the Muzzy hunt. I hope to turn a good one up. Glad you had a good time!
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    Another score question...

    Thanks all, I agree I would shoot him no question. I love the big fronts and his character. 9 days... Easy, we will keep an eye out. Do you know where you are camping yet?
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    Setting up for black Horn 209

    How many shots did that take?
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    Another score question...

    Thanks guy, hopefully I can turn him back up in a couple weeks.
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    Best LE deer unit with 10 points?

    Depends on what you want to hunt with. As has been mentioned with a bow you are getting close to the Books. If you want to hunt with a rifle I would look at CWMU's and email the operators to see if they will let you scout and the dates and everything before you apply. I am in the same boat as...
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    Another score question...

    Well everyone else is doing it, so what do you guy think this guy scores? Good fronts, weak backs especially on his left side with the cheater. Decent mass, I am thinking 21-23" wide or so. Maybe 160? The date stamp is off so don't pay that much attention, I forgot to set it on the camera.
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    Remington ultimate muzzle loader

    I am having good lucky with the Remington Accutips in front of 97 grains of BH by weight.
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    Z's 2020 PISSCUTTER BUCK!!!

    Great buck, congrats!
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    Hunting and overall fitness??

    I wish I could do more, but I usually hit the gym 3-4 times a week. A mix of weights and running. I try to hike as much as I can, but that doesn't happen as much as I would like.
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    Remington Premier Accutips?

    My Ultimate really likes them. I have had good luck with the Barnes in the past for elk, so I am hoping they will put a big hole in a deer this year. Trouble is, I can't find them here in Ogden so I need to go down to Cabelas, where they are selling them for $32!
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    RV Storage in Roosevelt

    Horsecorn, thanks again for reaching out. Good luck to you guys on the archery hunt!
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    2020 Utah Archery Buck Down!

    I was going to say the same thing about a bunch of your old ones!
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    RV Storage in Roosevelt

    Sweet, thank you Horsecorn! I think I actually called there yesterday and the gal was super nice but said you only do a month at a time. That would be great though should I PM you my number?
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    RV Storage in Roosevelt

    Hey Guys, next week we will be coming out to scout over Labor Day for my muzzy deer tag. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good storage place in Roosevelt or the surrounding area that we could store our toy hauler so we don't have to pull it all the way home to Ogden and then back out two...
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    General Archery Reports??

    If I am going off the posts on Facebook it is been a pretty good year.
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    Do something about all the dang horses! They are out of control.
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    Book Cliffs archery

    Beautiful buck, BOWUNTR, I am excited to see what is left out there for the Muzzy hunt. 29 Days!
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    Heck of a buck! Get me excited for my muzzy tag!
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    Another "Would you?" Thread

    Depends on the tag, on a gen tag I would have a hard time passing any of them.
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    Beaver archery buck down.

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    10 Seconds to Decide ... You Shootin’?

    Wouldn't take me 10 seconds to decide, maybe 3 then...boom
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    Don jr. Meateater

    I know Trump JR hunted sheep with Hairston before he passed. Those hunts are anything but easy, so he knows how to hunt hard too.
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    Perfect Timing

    Congrats on a beautiful buck!
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    2020 Utah Archery Buck Down!

    Congrats, that is super cool!
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    NEW Muley Scouting Pics Contest ... Let's see some photos!

    Not huge, but some decent bucks here:
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    Late Season Monroe Elk Help

    Good luck, I wish I could help. Sounds like you will be having a great time regardless. From my experience on late hunts, the bull are separated from the cows and tend to be in pretty remote places. Let us know how it goes.
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    Book Cliffs Archery Deer

    I would love to see the gen unit where you can find 96 bucks in two days of scouting. I agree the quality isn't the greatest but there sure are a lot of deer.
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    Book Cliffs archery

    Good luck, save some for us with Muzzy tags!
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    La Sal Mountains

    I am no help on finding a guide. But that is a fun mountain. There is no shortage of elk, but it can be tough because it is so thick. I would think this year I would try to find water and hunt around it. The last week will probably be the best time to hunt. So if you have limited time, that is...
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