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    Spot X messenger

    Thanks, I appreciate that. After some more research, watching a few more videos and seeing a pissed off guy shoot his with a shotgun and replace it with an inreach mini I ended up going that route. I guess spot x only uses about half as many satellites as garmin. They’re selling it at my local...
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    Book Cliffs South sheep info

    Appreciate that, it was the first thing I did was plot all the kill sites from the last three years on my onX maps. Have left messages for the unit biologist as well, hard guy to get ahold of. Thank you.
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    Book Cliffs South sheep info

    Wondering if anyone with knowledge of the Rocky Mtn Sheep hunt in the Book Cliffs South (Rattleshake) unit would be willing to pass any of it along. Drew it this year for the month of November as a NR. Been past it from the I 70 many times on my way to Colorado but never ventured over into it...
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    Spot X messenger

    By the way, Best of Luck on your sheep hunt. Hope you get a giant and have a great time!
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    Spot X messenger

    Appreciate it. That’s what I’ve heard and that they take longer to send and receive messages. The one thing I like about it is the s.o.s. Says you have two way communication so you know they have actually got the call and what’s going on. Bunch on sale right now but I saw the inreach mini at...
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    Spot X messenger

    Wondering if anyone has used the new Spot X Bluetooth Messenger. I have an old plb that I don’t want to replace the battery in and would like to be able to check in with my wife when I can’t get cell service. Some reviews and YouTube videos I’ve checked say big problems sending/receiving...
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    Will he break 30”?

    Any guesstimates on this guy? Kinda thin but wished I had a tag.
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    Fillmore - Oak Creek South Doe tag

    Think that’s the unit I had last year for my buck tag. Pm me tomorrow I’ll give the spot I went to. Lots of antelope and camping spots, BLM land. You might be done in a few minutes though.
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    Rattle snake Ram

    I like the one on the left.
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    Ca posted

    Zero for me and my daughter for all draws. OTC bear tag it is.
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    2020 MR Metcalf pack

    I'll ask when I talk to him, thanks. I've seen the area from the highway several times on my way to Colorado. Never stopped and checked it out though, never had the extra time. I've thought about getting a deer tag there but I didn't want to burn my points on an area I'm unfamiliar with...
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    2020 MR Metcalf pack

    NR Book Cliffs South rocky mtn bighorn. I'll keep that in mind, I haven't made any plans yet. I'm sure your experience would be very helpful. What state are you located in? I have another week of waiting to see if my daughter or I draw here in CA. I'm due for our better antelope tag, we...
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    POLL: What binoculars are you using?

    10x42 gold ring leupold. They're heavy but got them when they switched over and the price was right.
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    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    "I want that pack on my back!"
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    2020 MR Metcalf pack

    Wondering if anyone has one. Ordered one blind last night, my old pack zipper is acting up and it was time to replace it. Have zero stores within 100 miles to try any of the pack brands on. Watched a lot of youtube videos and it seemed pretty good for the price I got it for. Rarely go for...
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    POLL: What Utah tags did you end up with for 2020?

    NR Book Cliffs south sheep. Anybody thats had it or hunted the book cliffs south area and has advice, pointers, feel free to pm me. All input is appreciated. Only tag so far but it's a good one.
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    2019 Utah buck

    Looks fantastic.
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    Goat back from taxi!

    Beautiful mount, thanks for sharing.
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    Nevada Antelope 61, 62, 64, 71, 73

    Had the tag over a decade ago. Killed mine north of wild horse reservoir. I think it was at sunflower flat. There were bigger bucks but bird in the hand thing. Good luck and happy hunting.
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    Would you take this ram?

    Without a doubt. I’d be happy with his buddies as well. Hope to see some close to those come November in the Book Cliffs.
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    Nine Mile Bighorns

    PM me if you want, I drew books cliff sheep across the river this year as well. Looked grays canyon up a couple nights ago. Maybe we could be helpful to each other. Names Bill as well!
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    Utah Sheep Tag

    Appreciate it fellas, wishing good luck for everyone in upcoming draws.
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    Utah Sheep Tag

    Still feeling a little numb and dumbfounded. Got this email yesterday and checked my cc and the $1500 charge is there. Been making plans and trying to get drawn for tags to hunt with my daughter and I'm finding it hard to get excited. It's a f***** up feeling. Never expected to get drawn in my...
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