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    Archery release questions

    I've used a Scott RinoXT for several years. It's a single hook jaw style wrist release. Love that I don't need to open it to attach it to my loop. Also don't need to look for my loop so I can stay focused on the animal. Like finding a light switch in the dark. Muscle memory. I have the buckle...
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    Ogden Meat Processor - BEWARE

    1 Spike bull, 1 4x5 buck. 250/300+- pounds cut and wrapped myself so far this year. Not hard.
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    VOTE!! Pro hunting constitutional ammendment

    I don't like the way the bill is written. There are too many variables that water it down. With terms like "with subject to certain regulation" and "subject only to statute, and rules and regulations adopted as provided by statute". The final basis of the bill does nothing to protect hunting...
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    Split archery LE seasons

    The length of the season has noting to do with what any of us are talking about, but you. Nice try. There's only one type of hunting that still requires a little effort to get close. Muzzleloader hunting doesn't come close in that category anymore. We will continue to organize and pursue better...
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    Split archery LE seasons

    Season dates are not practical in utah. I pushed for an LE split season a few years back. The Manti used to have an extended archery hunt that allowed general tag holders to hunt big bulls. The purpose of this hunt was to keep elk from crossing the highway. The major issues were the same few...
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    Score this Book Cliffs buck

    That's a 160 size frame, but the 3rd main beam puts it at 170-180.
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    Minnesota Bull

    Nice bull! I wouldn't be surprised if it had a name and it's own tic toc account, coming from an area like that.
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    Archery Elk Shot Distance?

    I shot a spike a couple years ago. I don't think my arrow had left the string yet. I was literally 3' away. Distance has always been a touchy subject. Rule of thumb, whatever you can consistently hit a paper plate at is your max distance. My daughter shot a spike a couple years ago at 54 yards...
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    SOLD Vortex Viper VHS 4-16x50 Dead Hold BDC $500

    Mounted this to a 300wsm last year. Decided to go with more magnification. Practically new! Everything that came with it is still in the box. $500 cash or Venmo Willing to ship for a small fee.
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    SOLD 6.5 PRC & Nightforce NXS Scope

    Wish it was a lefty
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    Utah ewe

    What a valuable hunt. I don't see the DWR doing this again. I've heard so many negative aspects to this hunt, and why the DWR chose to do it. Congrats!
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    POLL: Who makes the best boots?

    Crispi are garbage. They do a little better at advertising and they're a little less on price. Kinda like Vortex.
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    WIN Tickets to The Big Outdoors Expo!

    I want to go!
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    Help with Most Impressive Big Bull

    I wish you would've used this one. For my Wife.
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    Why Side x Sides? #Rant

    I have a Yamaha side x side and an old dodge. I prefer to hunt in the dodge. I put 4.56 gears and tall narrow tires on it. It's the real deal mountain machine! The Yamaha comes in handy when needed. The problem I have with side X sides is the large groups that plug up the roads!! Clubs of...
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    Unit 40 bear tag 3rd season

    Lots of private in that unit. Find a canyon to glass into and wait. Lots of bears.
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    DWR Called Wife!!

    This is a bull I've seen a few times over the last four or so years. However I didn't see him last year at all, I thought someone had shot him. I found him early in the morning from my front porch. We both had to work so there was nothing we could do until the evening hunt. I couldn't...
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    Manti LE archery success

    Is this your bull? Looks close. I'll tell you where I filmed this guy in pm.
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    DWR Called Wife!!

    Here's another pic that shows the back end a little better.
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    DWR Called Wife!!

    Well here it is! I had to chain it down myself, and it still took her 10 shots to bring down.
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    Manti Sheep Overgrazing and Deforestation

    Thanks for proving my point Hoss. You got one thing very wrong about your statement. The Sanpete ranger district and the DWR Great Basin Research Center is in Ephraim, not the Wasatch front. We live, work and are friends with the very people who assess and control these decisions, so yes my...
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    Manti Sheep Overgrazing and Deforestation

    >I appreciate the feedback and opinions >offered and that some, not >all, kept it pretty civil. >I can only offer my >opinion based on what I >have seen and I have >spent plenty of years on >the Manti. To be called >an eco terrorist is not >fair, and frankly, just plain >stupid. I have...
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    DWR Called Wife!!

    Oh ya, Proof, How Much? If he doesn't score that much you'll pay me pack right?
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    Manti Sheep Overgrazing and Deforestation

    Watch "Un Branded" on prime video. There's only one animal in Utah that overgraze our public land. When someone ignorantly accuses a rancher or overgrazing, they loose all credibility in my book. First off, why would a rancher ever in a million years want to overgraze his permitted land...
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    DWR Called Wife!!

    For Sure!! We will have a blast. I'm a little worried she might shoot one bigger than mine. Please for the love of... I hope she does!!
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    DWR Called Wife!!

    My wife has accepted a turned in tag for the Manti Early Rifle LE hunt. It's in three weeks so not much time for scouting. I know the central part of the unit okay. I would love any info on it. Especially any honey holes or chained down 400"+ bulls, if it's penned up that will do as well!
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    Mule Deer Counties

    Sanpete County by FAR! 99.8% of all bucks that get killed are small 2 points. They never get old enough to find out how big they'll be. Too many roads and too many lazy hunters that have too much pressure on them to fill a tag.
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    3rd season 077 unit.

    One of the most crowded hunts I've been on. Going 4th season this year.
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    Elk Video

    Nice to see a good video once in a while. No death metal, no self shots every minute. loved it.
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    I've always believed true bragging rights are for those who sneak in close. The closer you get the harder it is, so brag it up. Anyone can cast a stick and get lucky. Not really that cool. It seems we see more and more pics and videos of deer or elk with an arrow hanging out its back or but in...
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    Permit numbers question

    Not sure what the number is but I can guarantee there were more than 5 permits for SFW MDF RMEF etc allocated for sale. My guess is the number is more like 10-15 early rifle permits. I used to help with a few banquets and there are plenty tags for auction. SFW alone sells more than 5 with the...
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    Why do we limit our hunting?

    Not the first time this has been brought up. Every other time it's usually the same scenario. I just drew a tag that took forever to get due to the high quality hunt, but now that I have it I want more tags to hunt more so nobody else can have the same quality hunt I did. I don't see the point...
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    Pick Big Bull Contest Winners ... Please Help

    4 impressive 3 field
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    Manti Unit or Beaver Unit?

    If you get a chance to hunt in the snow and want to see as many lion tracks as deer tracks, hunt the Manti.
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    Unit 77-78-771 Deer

    I've been hunting 3rd season Valle Seco for years. See more and more hunters every year. Still a few good bucks that sneak through but overall it's not what it was 6-10 years ago. Going to try 4th season this year.
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    I missed this one due to work, but it sounds like the same old song and dance with houndsmen. Never enough cats or bears, and always too many tags. In the last five years I've seen more cats and bears without dogs than I've seen the other 40 years of my life. It's really starting to get out of hand.
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    call from UDWR re: surrendered tag

    My friend who works for the DWR told me the bison hunt that just ended went 10-30. Only 33% success. not as easy as some make it out to be. Also access is going to be more difficult as snow piles up.
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    WIN an Eberlestock X1A2 - Easy to Enter as Always

    I want to win a pack! Never Have!
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    What did you trade for hunting?

    My daughters high school volleyball, basketball and softball games. She still had time to shoot a buck this year. Which was nice, took the pressure off.
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