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    Book Cliffs South sheep info

    Wondering if anyone with knowledge of the Rocky Mtn Sheep hunt in the Book Cliffs South (Rattleshake) unit would be willing to pass any of it along. Drew it this year for the month of November as a NR. Been past it from the I 70 many times on my way to Colorado but never ventured over into it...
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    Spot X messenger

    Wondering if anyone has used the new Spot X Bluetooth Messenger. I have an old plb that I don’t want to replace the battery in and would like to be able to check in with my wife when I can’t get cell service. Some reviews and YouTube videos I’ve checked say big problems sending/receiving...
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    2020 MR Metcalf pack

    Wondering if anyone has one. Ordered one blind last night, my old pack zipper is acting up and it was time to replace it. Have zero stores within 100 miles to try any of the pack brands on. Watched a lot of youtube videos and it seemed pretty good for the price I got it for. Rarely go for...
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    Utah Sheep Tag

    Still feeling a little numb and dumbfounded. Got this email yesterday and checked my cc and the $1500 charge is there. Been making plans and trying to get drawn for tags to hunt with my daughter and I'm finding it hard to get excited. It's a f***** up feeling. Never expected to get drawn in my...
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