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    NEW Muley Scouting Pics Contest ... Let's see some photos!

    These are awesome! Can't image walking up on this buck in his bed. He would be tough to glass up...
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    Draw results up~ ur welcome

    I'm not sure about NM but i do know a few years ago in Colorado the back door results were incorrect after they had an error in the draw and there were a ton of people that were pissed after they thought they had drawn.
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    Draw on? Already happen?

    As someone who grew up in Colorado and moved to NM a few years ago I absolutely love their system. My wife and I have had some amazing hunts over the past 4 years that would have taken 10-15 years to draw in Colorado! To me point systems will never work as there simply isn't enough tags and...
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    Colorado Unit 35/361

    I picked up a 3rd rifle tag last year off the leftover list and hunted the opening weekend as kind of a last minute hail mary trip. I spent 3 days in the unit and can honestly say I was not that impressed. It kind of felt like i was hunting in utah with all the Utah guys running all over the...
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    CWD Mandatory Test (Deer) 2020

    I had a deer checked up north in 2018 and had it checked on a sunday afternoon. They were really busy that sunday as the season was closing so i'm sure they will have something similar down south.
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    Colorado Early Mule Deer Options

    PMs sent. Thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback and help.
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    Colorado Early Mule Deer Options

    I was wondering if anyone had some experience with any of the early rifle tags in Colorado over the past few years that would be willing to share their experience with me? I'm sitting on a pile of points and wanting to burn them next year on an early season tag. I know the early rifle tags...
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    Leftover List Issues

    I've been trying to get a deer tag from the leftover list the past few weeks and have been having some issues. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem. Sequence: 1. I see a tag pop up on the leftover list 2. Immediately login to the CPW site 3. Try to add the hunt code only...
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    Camp Hale Colorado Elk

    I only hunted opening weekend due to some other commitments. I found some good bucks but really didn't have time to get one killed. As for the roads after it snows I'm not sure but I can confirm the roads up top are really dice!
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    Camp Hale Colorado Elk

    Personally I would look for some areas with a little tougher access. That area is so easy to access and there are roads all the way up above treeline so that area gets absolutely hammered. I personally deer hunted there a couple years ago and can say I found some really big bulls in the summer...
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    Unit 2A Camping Areas

    My wife and I are heading to 2A this weekend to chase some muley's around. Due to the number of tags we had this year we have not had any time to scout the unit ahead of time so we are just heading up for the weekend to have some fun. I was hoping someone on here could help point us in the...
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    Cost for Euro Mount

    Personally I think $300 for a euro is a bit high! I do all my own euros and there is really nothing to them and it typically doesn't cost me much(~$40/skull depending on how long my peroxide lasts).
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    NM Unit 16D - Elk Archery - Rain Inquiry

    I haven't been in D but have been in A a lot over the past month and like everyone mentioned it has greened up a lot and most tanks are filled up. Not sure how the burn looks right now but I would suspect everything else to be coming around!
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    Reissued Tags on the leftover list

    When I called today the guy tried telling me the tag reissue has just slowed down but i find that hard to believe. He told me there had been a tag added to the list 10 min before i called but when i asked what tag he could tell me. So with them being down for up to a month they could lose...
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    Reissued Tags on the leftover list

    Has anyone seen any new tags come up recently on the leftover list? For the first few days I saw a bunch come and go but over the past few days I haven't seen anything new.
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    Sheep Tag on the leftover list

    There is an extremely lucky individual out there somewhere that I am extremely jealous of! The sheep tag SMS12O1A popped up for just a minute today, I had the tag in my cart but he was a touch faster than me...
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    Colorado 44 4th

    Congrats on the tag man! I can't comment on hunting 44 as I have only been in the unit a few times and never with a tag in my pocket. I have been apart of a few high point hunts though and the one word of advice I can give you is to be patient and have fun! So many of those guys that burn 20+...
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    Just a simple"I did"

    I did for me and my wife. NR
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    2018 Unit 2 Elk tag

    Are you looking at Archery or rifle? I personally would not hunt with Horton. They kill some good bulls on the land he has access too but on average they will still be below 350. Most outfitters in the area are going to hunt the same public land you can hunt. If you are going to pay for an...
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    Got the call...Colo 44 4th

    I would definitely do it. That hunt is really hard to scout for unless you scout it out a full year in advance.
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    Someone swooped up an 851 Bosque Del Oso tag today! I panicked when I saw it and wasn't sure about the tag so hesitated a little too long! lol
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    In his prime?

    I would not hesitate to shoot that buck. I have watched a lot of bucks on my grandfathers place over the years and there are so many factors that effect a bucks growth. You let him walk and he might come back next year an absolute giant but he could also go backwards. I think he is around...
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    Has anyone seen any good tags come across the leftover list recently? I've seen several really good deer tags pop up but unfortunately I already hunted deer so I watched them quickly disappear! I have been watching the elk tags really closely though and have not seen hardly anything pop up.
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    I guess everyone at the DOW was watching the eclipse today! My leftover list has not updated since around lunch time and before that I didn't see a single tag go on the list.
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    Has anyone actually seen a tag come onto the list so far this year? I've checked it a handfull of times expecting to see some mediocre tag pop up but from what I can tell nothing has came onto the leftover list. Are they really flying off the list that fast?
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    Keep in mind the only tags added to the list are those that require 5 or less PP or if the next lucky applicant in lines turns it down. You can still pick up some good tags but the chances are far less than last year(less tags, same demand)!
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    16E wolf situation

    I had never been into the gila until this year but I can say that through 3 scouting trips this summer my wife and I saw a ton of elk and almost every cow had a calf. I'm not a wolf expert but I would expect they would wreck havoc on those calves but from what we saw that was not the case...
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    Archery Antelope in 15,16,17,13

    I really appreciate all the help on this and good luck to all you guys that have the rifle tags! I will do my best to update you on how my scouting and hunting goes. If you don't hear from remind me!
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    Archery Antelope in 15,16,17,13

    Does anyone have any experience hunting these units and would be willing to share some information. My wife and I each have the tag but do not have a lot of time to devote to scouting. We are not really picky and are really looking for some advice on which unit is best to focus our time? If we...
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    Colorado Unit 18

    My wife had the same tag last year. It was a really fun hunt but tough with the weather last year. There will be a ton of hunters chasing elk and you will not see many deer if there is not snow to push them down. With snow you can find some really nice deer but without it you have to find...
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    Colorado Unit Boundry lines

    If you go on the colorado hunting atlas the boundaries are available on the map. Most of the units have clear boundaries like highways, rivers, ect. OnX Maps and gps chips are primarily good for navigating private/public boundaries.
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    FS Delorme Inreach SE

    I will try and get some pictures posted later today.
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    FS Delorme Inreach SE

    FS is a Delorme Inreach SE satellite communicator. It has only been used a few times and is in like new condition. This is definitely a must have if you are heading into the back country as it allows your loved ones to see exactly where you are as well as text you for updates. The only reason...
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    Colorado Shed Closure.

    I was up there the weekend of March 18th to pick up some trail cameras and didn't see a single game warden. I now live in NM so when they announced the closure I already had my vacation scheduled so decided we would run up get our trail cameras and then go down to the river at swinging bridge...
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    Good Deeds

    I don't have any poaching stories but have some great trespassing stories. My uncle and myself a few years back came across a man and his girlfriend hunting elk on my grandfathers property. We asked the guy some questions about who he was and what he was up to. The guy said he was in the...
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    resident license loss at hand

    Colorado is definitely extremely generous to NR hunters compared to other states. The problem I feel is primarily with elk and the small number of limited entry hunts in the State. I really wish they would increase the number of units that are limited or put a quota on the NR otc hunts like...
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    Hunting new units.

    NMPaul I like your logic and use similar steps myself. I drew a Utah elk tag back in 2014 and soon discovered everything you stated to be extremely important. I went to the unit early and found a lot of really good bulls in June. Being 12 hrs away I used trail cams to keep tabs on those bulls...
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    Youth Rifle Bull Hunt In 16c

    PM Sent
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    Draw Results

    Elks96 I have heard that for years and really never cared enough to look into it. It did however make sense with colorado being one of the few states you have to pay the tag costs upfront. What would be the point of collecting all the cash upfront and then sending out refund checks if they...
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    Draw Results

    The longer they wait to post the results the longer they put off sending out refunds! Get a little extra interest...
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