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    Muzzy Buck

    Here is my Muzzy buck from this year. I was able to get him on day 6. Saw a lot of deer, finding a mature buck was tough. We got it done though. When I drew the tag I knew I wanted a buck with some mass, decent width, and good front forks. I knew going in that out there it is tough to find a...
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    Another score question...

    Well everyone else is doing it, so what do you guy think this guy scores? Good fronts, weak backs especially on his left side with the cheater. Decent mass, I am thinking 21-23" wide or so. Maybe 160? The date stamp is off so don't pay that much attention, I forgot to set it on the camera.
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    RV Storage in Roosevelt

    Hey Guys, next week we will be coming out to scout over Labor Day for my muzzy deer tag. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good storage place in Roosevelt or the surrounding area that we could store our toy hauler so we don't have to pull it all the way home to Ogden and then back out two...
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    270 WSM

    So I have been shooting a 270 WSM for quite a while now. I love the gun and it performs really well. However, finding factory ammo for it can be a pain. I have mostly stuck with Winchester, I shot the XP3 and loved them, but then they were discontinued. So then I switched to the Accubond 140...
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    Kuiu vs Cabelas Instinct

    Thinking about some new camo and the decision has come down to Cabela's Instinct O2 Octane and Kuiu Verde. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on either. They are pretty similar priced. I have heard good things about Kuiu and the price is similar but if something happens to the Cabela's I...
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    South Cache Help

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-12-15 AT 03:29PM (MST)[p]Ok guys, I am going to be that guy and see if anyone has any info on the South Cache unit. My dad got a call today from the DWR and was told that someone turned in their South Cache Muzzy Elk tag and we was next on the list. Scouting time is going to...
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    Manti Bulls

    Hey guys, getting ready for another scouting trip. Just wondering is anyone has pics of Manti bulls they wouldn't mind sharing. Getting harder and harder to focus now so I figure one more distraction couldn't hurt.
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    North vs South Manti

    Hey guys, just looking for a little info for my LE Muzzy tag down on Manti. I know a small area towards the South end and have spent some time on the North end scouting this year. I plan on spending a lot more time down there but I am trying to decide what area to spend more time in. So my...
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    Finally Got Lucky!

    [p][p align=right]Thread Views Counter.... I barely slept a wink that night! I woke my wife up and kind of startled her in my excitement she thought the house was on fire or something. The problem with finding out that late is all of my buddies and family was asleep. My brother was out of town...
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    Archery Advice

    Hey guys, will be hunting deer with my bow this year. Haven't hunted archery in a few years and when I did it was pretty limited. I have been shooting s much as possible and feel pretty comfortable but still need to keep practicing. I was just wondering what tips or pointers you guys might have...
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    Muzzy Elk on the Books

    Hey guys, so my dad drew a Books Muzzy Roaded tag this year. I am pretty stoked. My brother drew in 2011 and we had a blast and were able to get him a nice bull. So I was just wondering if anyone has any advice, like I said we have hunted it before so we know some areas pretty good but will take...
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    8x vs 10x

    Hey guys, thinking about some new binos and was wondering what most prefer. I have some decent 8x right now but am looking for an upgrade and was wondering if it would be a good idea to get 10's. I think some times a little more magnification would be nice but is it worth the loss in FOV. Or...
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    Bookcliffs Muzzy Elk

    Hey guys, so my dad drew the tag this year. I am pretty stoked. My brother drew in 2011 and we had a blast and were able to get him a nice bull. So I was just wondering if anyone has any advice, like I said we have hunted it before so we know some areas pretty good but will take all of the help...
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    Garmin Rhino 650

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has use these or had much experience with them. I have an older Rhino and I works good, but thinking about upgrading so I can use the Huntmaps and have been mapping capabilities. So if anyone has thoughts I would love hear them.
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    North Slope Deer

    Hey Guys, we drew North Slope general deer tags this year. We have spent lots of time over the years up there camping and hunting. We will also be up there on the general elk hunt next weekend. It seems though the past few years that the deer have become harder to find. So just wondering if...
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    Recent weather, good or bad for the animals for this fall?

    Hey guys, I know it is hard to say right now, but I was just wondering if you think this recent weather is going to be good or bad for the animals looking forward to the fall? Or is it going to make much of a difference? I know this is an odd topic but I am just trying to find something to...
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    Willard Peak Nanny

    Hey guys, need some help. A friend got a call the day before yesterday and was told that someone had turned back in their Willard Peak Nanny tag and he was next in line. My friend said yes to the tag. We live close so we should be able to get up there and scout a few times before the hunt opens...
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    Good luck!

    Just wanted to post good luck to all the archery hunters headed out tomorrow. Hope it all goes well, should be a warm weekend. Anyone hunting the Morgan-South Rich, save a couple deer for us Muzzy guys!
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    Another score this

    Hey guys, I know there have been a lot of these lately but I thought I would add one more to the list. This is off of my buddy's trail cam. It is in the Utah General Achery area, he knows if he gets a chance he will let his arrow fly, we are just curious what you guys this he will score. We are...
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    Sportsmens Expo

    Anyone going down to the Sportsmens Expo? I will be working all day Saturday at it. So just wondering if a lot of people will be going down this weekend?
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    Hey guys, Just wondering in anyone has looked through both the Vortex Viper HD and Regular Viper? And if so is it worth the extra money? My Budget is around the $400 mark and could probably stretch for the $450 that the regular Viper is but I was just wondering if there is really that much...
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    Group Application question

    So I have 10 LE Elk points and my dad has 11. We are both residents. We were going to put in as a group for our LE Muzzleloader tag the we both have pretty good odds of drawing separate. However we were talking to a friend who said that there are tags set apart for group apps and our odds would...
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    Tag Numbers

    This may be a dumb question but I can't find an answer anywhere. I was just wondering if there was anything that showed the tag numbers for each of the new Deer units? I apologize if this has been answered before. Thanks for any info you have.
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    Spotting Scope

    So have been thinking about a spotting scope. Don't have a huge budget around $3-400 ish. I have ZR ED2 8x43's and love them, so was thinking about the Zen Ray Sedona. Anyone had any expirience with it, good or bad? If not any others in that price range. Any info would be great. Thanks!
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    Any one had experience with this rangefiner? Bushnell? Bowhunter Yardage Pro? Laser Rangefinder ? Chuck Adams Edition? Good or bad, or is there another one better for the money. It is $229 at Cabelas. Thanks!
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    Deer Roast

    I Have a few Roasts I am wanting to cook up, the steak I had from the deer have been really good, so I am excited for the Roasts too. Just wondering if anyone had a favorite way they like to cook it. Crockpot or oven, either way. Thanks!
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    So my old man and I are thing about getting into reloading. He shoots a 300 win and me a 300 RUM. So we are going broke buying factory ammo. So my questions are, are we going to save enough to make it worth it? And if so, where do we start? What is a good brand of reloader, dies everything like...
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    Camo Dipped

    Has anyone ever dipped their stock. I heard about this place, just wondering if anyone has ever used it or had expirience with, good or bad. Thanks
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    Monarch Scopes

    Wanted to know if anyone has had expirience with Nikon Monarch Rifle Scopes? If so how is the glass and do they hold up pretty good.
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    300 RUM Factory loads

    So I just bought my Browning A-Bolt and ended up going with the 300 RUM, and am just wondering what the best factory loads are or if they are all pretty close. I was planning on going with 180 gr, but is there any advantage going up to 200+ or down to 150. Any info or help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Which bolt action rifle

    So I am thinking of getting a new rifle for big game. I have been to Sportsmens and Cabelas to look at them. I am just wondering what brand everyone has had and had good or bad success with. I am think either the Tikka, Remington 700, Ruger. I would also like a Browning but they are a bit much...
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