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    Mind Tricks and Reality

    Great story.
  2. J

    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    Awsome, Good job.
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    Bike hunting

    Great story,
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    skyline Bulls

    Awsome pictures.
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    Fire recovery question

    Same with me..They Seem to come back quick.
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    Need a statistician here...

    Wow. I just remember standing in line at McKnights sporting goods in St. George to get my license with my Dad ang Grandpa... $50.00 for a NR license if I remember.. They use to let schools out for Deer season....
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    POLL: Who makes the best boots?

    My old Herman Survivors...Green Leather......from about 1976,IIRC.
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    Max Antelope points

    I drew Likely Tables in 2013. Lots of Antelope to look over. Still put in hoping to go back.. Never ran into another hunter..
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    Vortex Customer Service

    Good to know.
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    Big Bull Sheds

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    Colorado Deer for my son

    Nice Buck. Way to go.
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    SD Muley

    Gotta loveSouth Dakota,
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    Heavy good buck..

    Nice Buck.
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    Taxidermy Recommendations

    Look into Chad Wiebe. Local boy who knows his stuff and does quality work .Been around Elk a long time..Great quality mounts..Keep it local,
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    2018 muleys finished

    Nice Buck,
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    Got my deer back

    Looks good,
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    Info on old type gun rack

    I got some for my jeep through Natchez guns (sp)
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    348" gross mule deer

    That is one nice buck!
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    Gunnison 4th season Whopper

    That is a very nice buck.
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    New P&Y World Record Non-Typical Mule Deer

    Awsome buck.
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    Unit 66 muley

    Awsome buck.
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    Best Mule Deer Display in Las Vegas?

    X2 for Cove Fort Chevron. Some beauties in there.
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    CO Buck

    Good job!
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    Decent old 8x9 wyoming bull with crossbow

    Way to go.
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    Two Sweet Bucks Down!

    Nice Bucks..
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    September onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    "I want the Hunt App"
  27. J

    Wow Vortex!

    That is one of the reasons I bought Vortex!
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    onX Elite Membership Giveaway ... Win It!

    "I want the Hunt App!"
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    Archery Opener sucess

    That's a nice buck!
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    Enter to WIN Sweet Knife Sharpening Kit

    I want a Viper sharp.
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    Got my Bull back.

    Great mount.
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    Wow ! Never seen this before

    Pretty cool..
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    Mailed deer tags?

    Still waiting for my NR Elk tag to show up. Supposedly it was mailed 6/29. ??
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    Enter to WIN Sweet Knife Sharpening Kit

    I want a viper sharp.
  35. J

    Some mistake of hunter.

    I Stay on 3x or 4x..
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    Colorado application question

    The $40 charge is for your preference point,each species. $3 each application fee.If you draw,there is no PP fee.
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    My daughter's first! EPIC Dad Moment

    That's awesome. You'll never forget that.
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    WIN a Day Pack ... Easy to Enter

    "I" want to win..Looks like it will work for me!
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    Anyone want to hunt Wyoming?

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-27-18 AT 08:24PM (MST)[p]That sounds like a awesome deal.
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