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    AZ Camp Nav Elk Hunts

    Anyone with any inside information on the AZ Camp Nav 6B elk hunts this year? Their website says hunts are still on but got me wondering if they’ll shut it down last minute with this CV19 crap. Might need a backup plan
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    2020 Az deer draw

    Tick tick Thinking around 0900 today for cc hit
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    AZ Draw

    So my Az 2019 hunting license expires next week. Do I need to purchase a new license if I purchased points only for 2020? Not very clear in the Regs re this. I know for the draw it needs to be current but points only?
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    Wx on the way?

    Looks like the Manti?s going to get some early cold weather next week. Should be fun. Bob
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    Manti Cow Elk

    My son drew the Manti rifle cow hunt this year. Planning on starting in northern section off Skyline Rd and the 31 and working south. Son drew SW Desert 2 years ago but we got hammered by snowstorm. Was ugly! Any recommendations on where to make camp on the Manti. Fishing? Bob
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    Camp Navajo Elk

    Thinking about applying for next years Camp Navajo Elk. Would appreciate any info and issues with this hunt for those hunting this year. What was your overall experience of either archery, rifle or ML Elk hunt? Especially for NR application and draw.
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    Antelope Scout Trip

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-28-17 AT 01:43PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-28-17 AT 01:42?PM (MST) My oldest son got accepted into College for this fall and we'll both be flying out for another visit in mid June. As part of his orientation there he'll be heading out for 3 days of camp/orientation. Since...
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    Friday CC Hits?

    Waiting game....
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    SW Desert

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-08-17 AT 09:02PM (MST)[p]Thinking about trying this area for the archery spike / cow elk hunt this season. Youngest son and I tried an area for cow elk last year but snow kept us close to road. Hope to learn this area during archery elk and try to take 14 yo son back for cow...
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    Elk Regs!

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-21-16 AT 08:34AM (MST)[p]Doesn't NM usually release the new elk regs about this time of year?
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    Eureka 4 Season Extreme Cold Wx Tent - 4 Man

    Looking to sell my Eureka tent to offset larger tent - kids are getting bigger. Military grade, Eureka 4-man, Extreme Cold Weather Tent, dome type, with woodland and arctic white (with blackout) flies with rear access doors and covered storage. The fly provides an additional 30 square feet of...
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