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    45-1 dec elk

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    45-1 dec elk

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    45-1 dec elk

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    45-1 dec elk

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    45-1 dec elk

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    45-1 dec elk

    Here's just a few bulls I saw on the daily last year during this hunt
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    It's been a bit

    Since I've posted on here. Here's this years general buck. We were having a difficult time finding anything this year and on a whim I decided to go to an area my wife talks about trying all the time and got lucky. Of course the day I do this is the day she wasn't with me due to work
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    another rough year

    if i have another rough year next year i may just take up road hunting broke two scopes and lost all but one knife but i managed to still get it done
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    unit 43 wolves

    i was up archery hunting today and happened upon a black wolf on the way back to camp had no fear of the atv or the arrow that hit just under it. i accidentally bumped my release in the rush to get it marsh creek road just outside of featherville hopefully its not a new pack forming we only...
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    Idaho 43 and 48 post fires

    Lots of logging tons of new roads though
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    They are up!

    They know I'm not broken this hunting season and they don't want me breaking any records with a draw hunt I'd really like to draw a deer tag it would be fantastic nothing again
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    idaho results?

    Being posted right now
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    idaho results?

    When I try mine and my dads through the bd his goes straight to the otc tags and mine pops up with other options then loads switches over to the general screen
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    idaho results?

    They'll be posted sometime within a week. Doesn't matter though not like I drew
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    Wounded Boise bear - need dogs

    my bear ran over 150 yards up hill before he expired and there wasnt much sign at all. Actually to be honest i thought i missed til we heard the death moan
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    Lowering hunting age

    i dont mind im pretty sure no parent with common sense is gonna turn their ten year old loose in the hills with a rifle. every parent that has a ten year old that hunts is gonna take advantage of it even if they say the arent some of you make it seem like the number of ten and 11 year olds...
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    Wolf Hunts

    the hole state has wolves even the southern half they're just not as established down here
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    12 in 12 years

    Its my smallest buck in years but it was well worth the wait
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    12 in 12 years

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-17-13 AT 02:26PM (MST)[p]i finally uploaded pics off the camera dont mind the date im happy with the end result hell i would've been happy with a doe for my first kill with a bow but i couldn't hit one for the life of me and I drilled the buck with my first shot. i joked...
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    12 in 12 years

    i got my 12th deer in 12 years on 11/25/13. its been a tough year in july i broke my tib and fib but i refused to give up on hunting i hunted over 40 days in all this season and was finally able to connect on my first archery deer on the late season hunt
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    need help possible info

    To make matters even better the only reason I was off the mtn that day is we took my dad back home cuz he was in pain and found out today he may have colon and prostate cancer.
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    need help possible info

    i was in unit 43 all week and on friday we were headed back to camp and my transmission went out on my truck. i had it parked completely off the side of the road so it was in no ones way. apparently someone decided they would be a ##### and shatter my windshield with a relatively big rock i...
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    Idaho Dead head found while bird hunting

    probably;y already dead when the fire hit it.
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    my season
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    my season

    i would post but this computer will not upload anything
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    my season

    well even with the injury to my leg i am not giving up on hunting season and even though it has been slow start for me only seen 5 deer so far i was able to get a good friend of mine his first 4x4 (even the wardens said it was a 4x) i still got my tag and my elk tag i drew in 43 always willing...
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    Sage vs Forest

    I hunt the areas where they mix with eachother hasn't failed me yet but i prefer the more open stuff
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    39 early buck....big bulls n bears

    With the way the fire burnt the area in 39 that I hunt when i have this tag I'd try hunting the area West of prarie I was up there yesterday its really not as bad as I heard but a fire is a fire wildlife will move try hunting some of the canyon areas I have seen some decent bucks in previous years
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    I drew a 44 deer tag!!!!!!

    Good looking buck
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    bulls in October

    ive hunted elk in November but only once in October before but i was just wondering what anyone else has to say about it there is always something to learn in this world when it comes to hunting thanks
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    unit 44 deer rainchecks

    Nope thats what I was looking for in 43 I wasn't even gonna venture into 44 until the floods washed out every possible route I wanted to take
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    unit 44 deer rainchecks

    I was in 44 yesterday and saw three gorgeous bucks I'd kill to have that tag right now one was a big heavy typical 4x then a big 4x3 with extras and a strange racked 4x
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    Harvest Pics

    can you really block people from seeing certain posts just cuz of their residency?
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    Unit 51 Wolves during late muzzy hunt?

    your hunting idaho and asking about wolves them things are everywhere just always be on the look out for them youll be surprised at where they pop up
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    Cow elk with antlers!!!!

    my family in Oregon has shot a few deer and an elk like that. they actually got ticketed for it and when the took it to court the judge laughed a threw it out cuz he openly said he shot a doe with antlers the previous weekend and thought it was a joke he got a ticket anyways
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    unit 39 Antelope??

    i had this tag a few years ago there is really no secret to it. in my opinion. i woke up around 8 that morning was driving out to where i was gonna hunt on foot but ended up shooting my buck where i target practice. honestly id never hunt a rifle lope again just freaking boring. but with all...
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    any ideas for a broken leg

    Well ten days after the accident I saw the Dr and they said hunting season will be on for me im healing faster then they've ever seen
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    any ideas for a broken leg

    Well for being hit by a car that was goin 65 or better I faired very well I only broke both my leg bones thats it no other damage was done I was already told by the Dr after surgery to start putting very light pressure on it and move my knee around to keep it strong so im very lucky I know this...
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    any ideas for a broken leg

    Last Saturday I was hit by a car and broke my leg so im wondering if anyone has an idea of a work out for it while im still down I know I can't do much but I refuse to give up on the idea of me hunting this year
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    unit 45 deer

    if your after just a four point i can point you to two i saw yesterday
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