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    Lost fanny pack unit 66

    Found it. It's on its way back to the owner.
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    Lost fanny pack unit 66

    PM sent.
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    Sometimes you get lucky!

    I would be bragging too... Congratulations!
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    2021 - Where to Burn (10) NR Mule Deer Points in CO?

    How young is young? How many total in the group?
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    Wyoming Unit 62 Elk

    Congrats! Yes, let's hear the whole story.
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    Heavy Hawg Down! Lucky Dude ME!

    No judgements here. I just love hearing both sides of the story. I remember Brian took some heat a few years ago because somebody thought he hustled in past them and shot one. When it's public land and there are too many people in an area (which you can't control), you get frustrated and feel...
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    Heavy Hawg Down! Lucky Dude ME!

    So, I have to ask...when you say almost beat him to it, were you the group that hurried in front of him just before he shot it? Curious to know the other side of the story.
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    Heavy Hawg Down! Lucky Dude ME!

    Awesome buck! Congratulations! I have a couple of questions: 1. Have you put a tape measure to him yet? 2. Do you think somebody on the other side of the basin was trying to guide those other two hunters into that same deer knowing you were almost on top of him and that's why they were in...
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    OTC Tags

    You can still pick up leftover tags in Colorado for several species.
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    Ya just gotta be faster than your slowest buddy

    This is why I keep coming back to this site.
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    Unit 12 4th season

    Which season do you hunt?
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    Utah Frustration

    Except that there's a ton of similar pictures floating around. Here's mine from last year on the muzzy hunt. I've seen enough lions in the past three years during daylight that it's worth $30 to me to have a tag in my pocket.
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    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    Where can one find this video?
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    It's not just populations, it's also better quality. More aggressive predator control and manage for higher buck:doe ratios are the two biggest issues. They seem to be making pretty good efforts on habitat restoration and those efforts need to continue as well.
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    Unit 12 4th season

    So, I'm curious about this tag as well (not for this year...just researching). It has traditionally taken non-residents 10-11 points to draw this tag and then this year, it dropped all the way down to 2. Was that just a freaky one-off or did something happen in that area? The population and...
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    Which one to get after???

    #1 for me. Just a bigger, taller, wider frame and is better looking to me. Of course, both are no brainers.
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    Beaver archery buck down.

    uh oh
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    Pretty disappointing

    Not everybody is that way. Everybody I ran across today was very polite and considerate and wanted to make sure they weren't messing me up (which they weren't). It was my first time in the area and people were very helpful in educating me on the lay of the land. Very friendly atmosphere across...
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    Target Shooting

    Drive west. There's lots of space out in the desert.
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    Western co fires

    Which units are these in?
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    Colorado Unit 66 or 67?

    Before you make your decision, I would watch the results of this year's hunts (and then the winterkill after) closely. They increased the tag numbers significantly this year. If the weather cooperates, a lot of the top end bucks could be killed this year and quality will be down next year.
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    The landowner providing the voucher is required to let you hunt on their ground, plus it is good on any other private property in the unit as long as you get permission to hunt there.
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    Exactly. Your chances of getting a good tag are just as good by finding an hour here or there during the week and really watching the list closely as they are trying to compete against everybody all at once on a certain day and time.
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    This is why it's important to keep issuing tags on a random basis from here on out. Imagine having this rush on the system every Tuesday morning for the next 4 months. Please contact the commission and encourage them to keep the random issuing of tags next year.
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    Colorado: Legal Muzzleloader Projectile Choices

    You're right, it is relative. I went with the one-size-fits-all version of the Thor and they work great with my gun. The reason I like them better is because they load easier and they're more accurate (not that there's a huge difference).
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    Colorado: Legal Muzzleloader Projectile Choices

    The Thor bullets are better than the Hornady FPBs anyway. In the end, I'm glad they were discontinued and forced me to switch.
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    Colorado: Legal Muzzleloader Projectile Choices

    I believe the Hornady FPB bullets have been discontinued (at least in 300 gr). I haven't been able to find them in over a year and switched over to Thor.
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    Bulk BH 209 Powder

    FYI, I found some at Al's Sporting Goods.
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    Bulk BH 209 Powder

    Does anybody in Utah sell the BH 209 powder in the 5 lb containers?
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    More practice on scoring.

  31. SureShot

    What does this one score.

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    Remington 9.5mm Magnum Primers

    I'm looking for some Remington 9.5mm Magnum primers so I can reprime my Remington UML ignition system casings. However, all of the online sites I can find are listing them as out of stock. Anybody know where I can find some or if/when they're going to be back in stock?
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    Antler Trader?

    Did anything ever come of this?
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    Scouting Plateau, Thousand Lakes

    I'm not trying to be rude. I truly don't understand the logic. He could still hunt every year for three years and shoot a deer every year with the youth tag. Or, is it not possible for a youth to draw every year?
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    Scouting Plateau, Thousand Lakes

    Why would you get a DH tag for a youth when they can hunt all of the seasons with a rifle tag anyway?
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    Watch today's Wildlife Board work session

    Definitely the latter for me. Between me and my family, I'd still be out hunting every year...I just wouldn't always have the tag. My idea, which will probably never happen, is to split up a few more of the really big units (e.g. Manti) and then make a handful into 12-14 buck:doe targets--or...
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    Watch today's Wildlife Board work session

    Well, I guess I must be special interest, too. I want to see more bucks and more big bucks when I go hunting and that's what they seem to want as well.
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    Watch today's Wildlife Board work session

    I'm not talking about the division; I'm talking about the board...and Wade in particular. Approving fewer tags than the division recommended, pushing for higher buck:doe ratios, getting very aggressive on predator control. All good stuff as far as I can see.
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    Watch today's Wildlife Board work session

    Absolutely. And, he didn't say their opinions and recommendations don't matter. He said they were to be taken under consideration, but they weren't the final decision makers. And he was right. This current board has done more to improve the quality of our herds in the last year or two than any...
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    Hey out of staters!

    I think it’s a real decent thing you’re doing, Thomas. And, Cole, that’s a real decent offer from you as well. We need more people like you two in this world.
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