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    Beginner muzzleloader

    Looking to get into the muzzleloader game... just don’t want to drop a ton of money on something in case I don’t like it. NOTE: I can’t have a scope as I live in WA state. I don’t plan on hunting anywhere I do need a scope with it. It’d just be for deer. I’ve done some research but very torn...
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    Good day backpack

    Looking for a good day backpack that has a bow/rifle carrier and hopefully haul a quarter or two and stay the night if I need too. Thanks
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    Blue Mountains

    Has anyone ever accessed the Blue Mountains from interstate 84? Just wondering how hard it would be. Wanted to try something different. Thanks
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    Vortex diamondbacks

    Well saved up a little more cash. Got a bonus from work! Lol would it be worth it to spend the extra $30 and get the 12x50 instead of the 10x42? What about the 10x50s even? Does it make that much of a difference during the day? Bigger view with the eye cups being bigger? Let’s here it. Thanks.
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    Good OTC or pretty easy draw goat hunt.

    Looking for a good antelope hunt here in the next year or two. It’d be archery. I asked about ID. People say it isn’t worth the NR price to pay and go hunt. So maybe MT, or WY? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Decent antelope unit for non res

    I seen a few units in the refs where it was 100% draw. I’m wanting to hunt lopes in 2021 with my bow. Any help on unit info like lope #’s and obviously going to be pressured a ton with hunters due to 100% or unlimited. Thank you!
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    Nikon Prostaff 3s or 5s

    Looking into these binocs. I love the glass for the money. Love how compact they are. What’s your opinions on them?
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    OTC antelope hunt

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-24-19 AT 02:36PM (MST)[p]Looking for a possible OTC hunt if they are available in the next few year or two. Does anyone know of any states that open to OTC goat hunts? Would most likely be a rifle hunt.
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    Konus Optics

    Has anyone dealt with Konus Optics? looked them up and there optics are fairly low priced. Any input on there spotters and prism binocs would be apprieciated. Thanks
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    Doubt I'll draw. But when does the antlerless start hitting CC's?
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    crawdads (crayfish)

    Is there any crawdadas in like silver lake or the "new" Tibble fork res? Or any body of water for that mattr? Thanks. This would be up American Fork canyon.
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    Bear quota tag

    I know some units in the state hold a quota bear hunt, i believe Nebo is one of them, and I can't find it anywhere in the proclamation. Does anyone know the season dates? I know it's filled till quota met. But what are the certain dates? Is it any legal weapon? How much is the tag? Thanks!
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    Good OTC state

    Wife wants to kill a buck. Didn't draw general season, would go back to my home state of WA. An hunt blacktails, but don't have enough time off. Was hoping for a little closer. I'm in UT. Thanks.
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    LE deer or LE elk

    So I'm looking for a opinion, I know elk tags are highly sought for in UT, I drew my antelope tag so I'm on the 2 year wait, I have 2 deer points, been putting in for the Vernon archery. But since my antelope hunt was on the plateau, and all the elk I seen in 6 days I instantly knew that deer...
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    Anybody have success??

    Has anyone had success on the Parker MTN unit for archery antelope?? Due to work and crazy life at the end of August, I will be down there from the 10th thru the 16th hitting it had to find me a goat. Good luck to all and shoot straight!! PSE
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    Salvaging road kill

    Who would think it'd be beneficial for UT to adopt the road salvaging program like WA an OR, I live here in Nephi could of salvaged a lot of deer right by the sheriffs/UHP office seen many get hit. I think it'd be better then just to sit there on rot, and have seen a few even suffer, I was told...
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    Plateau, Parker Mtn

    Pulled that archery lope tag, so stoked, talking to people probably the funnest hunt out there, now question, I know this overlaps with the deer unit, just wondering is there going to be much deer hunting pressure in the same spots as the lopes or do they hunt several different areas, I'm all...
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    So I was using slick tricks standards broadhead. But looks like they did away with them and went with slick trick SS. Are the Muzzy Trocar just as accurate? I had to do no tuning toy bow with the slick tricks. Thanks
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    When's emails come out?? Will they be a few days after the card hitting is over??
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    No hits here yet. Anyone else still patiently waiting on a cc hit?
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    Snowing in Juab county. Anywhere else snowing? Luckily it's not sticking too bad. But the mountains/benches look like there getting pounded.
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    High Unitas

    Looking for a new area to General Season archery elk hunt this year. Narrowed it down to High Uinta's, now question I have is how much private property is actually up there? I know this is big country as I can see on the GMU map. Thanks MM's!!
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    Plateau, Parker Mtn

    I was gonna hold out for the SW desert for goats, but instead go antsy an put in for this unit, if it's anything like last year, it's a 100% draw for archery, with that being said not gonna bank on it due to the youth putting in this year, that could change the whole ball game, but just in case...
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    Speed goats around Laramie

    Looking to hunt antelope out by Laramie, Is it draw only? If so how long to take to draw Non res? Want it to be archery, Or is it OTC? Hows public access?
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    New rule

    Just wondering how do you folks think the rule that the UT legislature past regarding youth putting in for LE and OIL hunts. How do you think it'll affect tags an odds?
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    First Archery buck

    Just wanted to share my first archery animal.. he's no trophy is too me though because my wife and 4 year old was with me! It was definitely a hunt to remember!
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    SW Desert speed goats

    Any success down on desert for speed goats? Would like to see some pics. Got 2 goat points, high hopes but hoping to draw this archery tag next year.
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    Cow Elk

    I know it all depends on which unit,, But on average how long does it take to draw a cow tag for resident? 2 years, 3 years???
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