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    Largest Uintas bull of all time???

    @Sejah completely worthless post and a 15 year old Post without any pictures. I call BS
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    Idaho OTC hunt

    Well, I would actually like to congratulate Mr. Hoffman. It does get old seeing people come on here and ask for information about units that they have never set foot on. But to Mr. Hoffman’s credit. This is not a week or two after draw results, nor is it a week or two before the hunt. Unlike...
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    Huge thank you to the people from Utah!

    Congrats!!! I personally know you guys hunted hard, and deserved to get a crack at a bull for your boy congrats a gain and goodjob on the persistence. I know you had numerous opportunities just as official shooting light Epirus. I am sure that was hard to tell your son, but it all came back in...
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    Need Pointers For My First Elk, in Wasatch Unit

    Very nice bull. loce the look, congrats, and good job sticking with it
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    Neat Things You Found While Hunting

    Once in my youth I found an 1894 38/40 Winchester still in the Winchester box. Again to my youth I grabbed the gun and left the box, really really really wish I would have grabbed the box
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    Park City bull score

    340 ish
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    Need Pointers For My First Elk, in Wasatch Unit

    Mason, check your PM
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    Utah Youth Any Bull - Scouting Service/Semi-Guided

    Great job to you and your son!!!!! glad to see it worked out, especially with the challenges of them going quiet after having been lit up. Again huge congrats to you guys!!!!
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    A pat on the back I suppose
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    Biggest bodied elk I have ever been in the presence of. It was quite the pack out.
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    Just a friend that drew the snatch. could have hunted some other bulls, but he had fell in love with how symmetrical this bull was. So we made a plan and the bull was dead at 8:30 opening morning.
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    He ended up taping out at 331 7/8”
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    Let’s see now. measured and certified.
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    What does this bull score?

    I would say he is between 350 and 360
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    Not the greatest pictures but wouldn’t mind hearing some guesses
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    Wasatch Early Rifle Elk

    Congrats on a great bull.
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    Utah Youth Any Bull - Scouting Service/Semi-Guided

    Bigharge check your PM. I have been in screaming bulls all week.
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    Spot and Stalk Mt. Lion Tags!

    I had never really paid attention to mountain lions, as I had not seen to many of them. But in the last few years, with spending even less time in the hills then I did when I was younger without a family/kids. I have seen more cats each year consecutively. so I picked one up.
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    Elk archery (Hunters choice) on LE

    That is correct
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    Nasty Hike = Better Hunt?

    I suppose it is your measure of a “better hunt”. Trophy potential wise, sometimes yes.
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    Good deer?

    After seeing the video and the field pics, that deer is a TANK!! To bad he didn’t have eye guards (g1s). but that is a no brainer buck!
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    Good deer?

    I personally believe ( horrible photos Stu) that back will not hit 175 but I think he is a nice buck for the area I presume he is in.
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    Utah general elk tags

    Just picked up mine. the counts are way off. Still about 8k multi season, and then other tags. But they will all be gone today I imagine. Keep trying
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    Breaking in Barrel New Rifle

    I personally prefer using the “speedy” method. You can google it and get the full run down. I also use Butch’s Boreshine and sweets 7.62 as my solvents and such.
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    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    Is that 1200 for the gun? Or for the gun and scope?
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    Vernon Voucher application winners.

    Thanks for the opportunity, and thanks for all the stats and transparency. Keep it up Tony!
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    I turn most of my deer into jerky. I am not a big fan of just eating deer, and the wife and kids hate it. But they all love deer jerky.
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    Wasatch Moose

    The population has rebounded some in the past few years. I think you will hit the rut pretty good on your planned days. You will also have the possible benefit of having the elk hunt going. Most people would probably be willing to tell you if they saw a moose. Just remember not to get too...
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    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    IMHO, your best two are Bergara or Browning. I have a Browning Hell’s canyon long range and a Bergara B14, that with a proper break in and good optics will shoot near what many “custom” set ups shoot. Both of those companies have guns well over 1k and Browning has some Lower than 1k. I guess...
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    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack on my back
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    Wasatch Late Elk

    Berry and his family and guides are top notch, they know the unit and are personable people. Can’t go wrong with hiring them.
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    Great plan. You are missing the part where if this continues though, Canada has implemented a 14 day quarantine, Do you would need to show up at least 15 days prior to your hunt.
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    WIN Tickets to The Big Outdoors Expo!

    I want to go!
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    Poacher Busted! Anyone here ever caught a poacher?

    So I killed my bull that I got the poaching tag for 100 yards from where the bull that got poached was, 2 years later I drew the tag and killed that bull 200 yards from the referenced/storied bull.
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    Poacher Busted! Anyone here ever caught a poacher?

    It’s always your fault Bess
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    Poacher Busted! Anyone here ever caught a poacher?

    Someone posted a picture of a bull they had killed. I recognized the place, and the bull. I had hundreds of pictures of that bull, and we had drawn a tag and had been hunting him. One day we stopped seeing him, and never could relocate him. Low and behold, someone posts a picture of him...
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    Poacher Busted! Anyone here ever caught a poacher?

    Back in 2011 I caught a poacher from this Website. I had ended up catching another poacher that year as well, so I got a tag and money.
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    What a horrible idea This guy is a f()cking quack. Founder do you have a pseudonym?
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    Which one of you lives in India?

    Founder, While my political leanings/beliefs differ from yours. I found the initial post rather humorous. Don’t let people like 89 get to you.
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    Win a Bino/Rangefinder Harness - Easy to Enter

    Set Me Up with Goodies
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