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  1. SureShot

    Bulk BH 209 Powder

    Does anybody in Utah sell the BH 209 powder in the 5 lb containers?
  2. SureShot

    Remington 9.5mm Magnum Primers

    I'm looking for some Remington 9.5mm Magnum primers so I can reprime my Remington UML ignition system casings. However, all of the online sites I can find are listing them as out of stock. Anybody know where I can find some or if/when they're going to be back in stock?
  3. SureShot

    2019 Harvest Statistics

    In case you're interested, last year's harvest statistics for deer and elk (and I assume the other species) are now available for review:
  4. SureShot

    Things Sure Look Good

    Wow! I stopped by the expo today and, based on the Mossback booth alone, you'd have to conclude that we are in the glory days of trophy deer and elk. There were literally dozens of trophy deer and elk all killed by one outfitter in one year. I realize he has a large presence and is helping...
  5. SureShot

    Dreaming of Summer

    I'm ready for it to be August...
  6. SureShot

    First View

    Couple of my favorite pictures from this past season. Walking up on these bucks was lots of fun.
  7. SureShot

    Apostrophes and Question Marks

    I notice on some of the threads--especially the older ones from before the upgrade--the apostrophes are showing up as question marks. Is that something you can fix?
  8. SureShot

    That’s What It’s All About

    Well, it's been a little while since I've checked in with you boys and gals. I've been so busy guiding clients, killing big bucks and building my social media reputation that I haven't had much time for storytelling. But, now that the hunts for this year are winding down, I thought I'd take a...
  9. SureShot

    Unit 63 Muzzleloader Deer

    I just picked up a unit 63 muzzleloader deer tag on the leftover list. Not much time to prepare, but I'm planning to head over this weekend to get familiar with the roads and lay of the land. If any of you have experience in that unit and would be willing to point me in the right direction, I...
  10. SureShot

    Rifle-Mounted Bipod

    Looking for a recommendation on a good rifle-mounted bipod. I've heard some good things about the Hatch Outwest. Does anybody have experience with it--good or bad? Any other suggestions?
  11. SureShot

    Spring Turkey Hunt

    I'm looking at a turkey hunt somewhere in the western half of Colorado this spring. If you're willing to give me any starting points with decent numbers of birds on public land, I'd surely appreciate it. A private message would be great.
  12. SureShot

    Dolores Triangle LE Hunt

    Anybody with experience on the Dolores Triangle LE deer hunt willing to share your experience me? Drop me a private message please...
  13. SureShot

    Caliber Recommendation

    I have the chance to pick up a new Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Long Range rifle in any caliber they sell (6MM Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 270 WSM, 300 WSM, 26 Nosler, 7mm Rem Mag, 28 Nosler or 300 Win Mag). Which caliber would you recommend and why? Hunting use will be 80% deer and 20% elk...
  14. SureShot

    Unit 66 Muzzleloader Deer

    I just picked up an unexpected 66 muzzy tag for deer in the re-issue pool. With such a short time frame before the hunt starts, I'm going to make the best of it and do what I can. I'm looking for any help or info anybody is willing to share. I have horses and an ATV if they would be useful...
  15. SureShot

    Remington 700 .270 Bolt Assembly

    I'm looking for a right-handed bolt assembly (new or used) for a Remington 700 in .270 caliber. Can anybody point me in the right direction? My Google mojo is failing me.
  16. SureShot


    Looking for a reputable gunsmith with reasonable prices in Utah--preferably Utah County. Any suggestions?
  17. SureShot

    Grizzly Bear Attack

    Be careful out there: Does anybody know this hunter or have any additional details on the incident?
  18. SureShot

    Grizzly Bears

    Given my recent bear encounter, I found this article interesting. Good thing mine was justified...
  19. SureShot

    Epic Hunting Adventure

    It all started when I was just a young lad. Both of my parents died before I was born, so I've been an orphan all my life. I understand what it's like to be alone in this world and not have the support system of a loving family. Luckily for me, I did have a younger brother that was a great...
  20. SureShot

    Bear Spray

    I'm going to be hunting in grizzly country this fall and I'm wondering about bear spray. Are there better brands than others or are they all pretty much the same? Anybody ever had to use some?
  21. SureShot

    Modify Application Before Deadline

    I made a mistake when submitting my son's deer application and had the wrong name on the credit card information. Will Colorado allow me to update the payment information? If so, what do I need to do?
  22. SureShot

    Elk Units 63/64

    Well, I guess I got lucky and drew one of the random tags for elk in units 63/64 as a second choice option with 0 points. I know, pretty lucky, huh? I don't know anything about the unit, but heard it might be a good one and I was wondering if anybody on here could tell me where to go? Just...
  23. SureShot

    Solo Hunt

    Well, I've just about wrapped up my Christmas and after-Christmas shopping for the year and I can't find any boots that will keep my feet cold this time of year, so instead of spending the day out scouting like I normally do, I thought I would sit down and write up a report on the Utah...
  24. SureShot

    Wyoming Non-Resident Tags

    Can anybody tell me how many max-point non-residents drop out of the deer and elk draws each year? It looks like there are about 3,000 people with max points for both of those species going into this year's draw. How many were there last year in the top pool?
  25. SureShot

    Units 63/64 for Elk

    Anybody with experience or knowledge in units 63/64 for elk? I'm thinking about putting in for there with max points and would love to hear from anybody who has hunted it recently or is familiar with the area. I have horses and/or a 4-wheeler. Feel free to PM me if you'd prefer.
  26. SureShot

    Young Bucks

    Well, I just got back from 2 weeks in Colorado trying to find a monster buck for the governor?s tag holder. He?s a great guy and deserves the help. While most guys were content to sit back and poke fun or wait to hear news on how his hunt turned out, I put my boots on the ground and binoculars...
  27. SureShot

    No chit chat?

    Not even in a separate thread?
  28. SureShot

    Muley Addiction

    Hi. My name is SureShot and I kill big bucks. Lots of them. Like many of you, hunting is a passion for me. Actually, it's become more than a passion. In fact, after a lot of soul searching and some intervention from my family and close friends, I've come to the painful realization that it has...
  29. SureShot

    105/106/109 Late Hunt

    I was lucky enough to draw this deer tag this year. I know it's mostly a migration hunt largely dependent on weather. I would love to see pictures and hear any stories (good or bad) from any of you with experience in these units. PM is fine (actually preferred). Thanks.
  30. SureShot

    Building Points

    As a non-resident, do you have to buy a license to get a bonus point in Nevada? Somebody told me you just have to pay the $10 application fee, but that's not what I'm seeing on their website. Just wondering if I'm missing something.
  31. SureShot

    Obedience Training

    I took my dog out for a little field work and obedience training this morning: He still needs a little work...
  32. SureShot

    Help Find My Buck

    I found this monster buck early in my scouting this summer. This is one of the better pics I got of him. It's a little hard to tell from just one angle, but he's a real beauty. I'm pretty sure he'll go somewhere between 170 and 200. I had him patterned perfectly after watching him all summer...
  33. SureShot

    Question to an Archer

    To the light bulb on the mountain today: In what world did you think you could stalk across an open basin with cover no higher than your knee on a group of a dozen bucks and think they weren't going to notice you? Follow up question: Did you realize I had set up before light just inside the...
  34. SureShot

    Playing with Fire

    She was very lucky. This could have turned out very badly...
  35. SureShot

    Vicious Wolf Attack!

    Whoever says wolves don't attack humans is living in a dream world. I was up in Denali National Park last winter when I was viciously attacked by a wolf. I was lucky enough to survive and even luckier to capture it all on tape:
  36. SureShot

    SureShot's Trading Challenge

    I'm sure you've all seen the news stories about the guy that started with a paper clip and made a series of trades until he ended up with a house or the guy who started with a penny and ended up with a truck. The object is to trade an item of value for something of a higher value in hopes of...
  37. SureShot

    So, You're Saying There's a Chance?

    Can somebody explain or point me to the documentation that explains the situation where certain Colorado units have a limited number of tags available in a random drawing as opposed to purely being allocated by preference points? I seem to remember you have to have at least 5 preference points...
  38. SureShot

    It Looks Like 29 Units

    Listening to the Wildlife Board meeting now... It looks like the proposal for 29 units is going to carry the day.
  39. SureShot

    SureShot's Hunt Adventure Challenge

    Whew! What a year it's been. After spending 320 out of the past 355 days in the field scouting, guiding or hunting monster muleys, it sure was nice to spend some quality time with my family enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend. I love my family and appreciate all of their support in my hunting...
  40. SureShot

    Cloud Level

    Anybody know where I can find a forecast that includes where the expected cloud level will be?
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