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  1. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    Bump. Website is back up.
  2. Clownpuncher

    Western co fires

    You knew the beetlekill was going to have to go up in flames someday. Terrible but you knew it was inevitable.
  3. Clownpuncher

    Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots

    Sale pending. I'll keep you updated.
  4. Clownpuncher

    Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots

    I'm sorry guys! I never got a notification that anyone sent pm's or responded to this. I believe I have responded to all Pm's.
  5. Clownpuncher

    Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots

    I have a pair of Kuiu Scarpa R-Evolution Boots that I wore for 3 days during a hunt. They are still in great shape. They are size 12. I needed a 13 and ordered the wrong ones. Over $230 what I paid for them but selling for $125 obo.
  6. Clownpuncher

    Insert glue

    Are you talking glue or epoxy?
  7. Clownpuncher

    POLL: Which RANGEFINDER do you use?

    Just bought the Vortex Rangefinder/binos FURY HD 5000. Love them!!
  8. Clownpuncher

    Win a Bino/Rangefinder Harness - Easy to Enter

    Set me up with the Goodies!!!
  9. Clownpuncher

    Unit 40 elk outfitter

    2V outfitters has some big bulls.
  10. Clownpuncher

    Elk Pot Roast

    I've been doing this for years and it's a great recipe. Put it on hoagie rolls with au jus if necessary. Fantastic!
  11. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    I did. Sorry.
  12. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    I honestly don't know. Been that way for awhile. Be happy to help with any questions. Dm me if you like and I'll send you a phone number.
  13. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    Bump back up to the top.
  14. Clownpuncher

    Colorado OTC bulll

    Great bull. Isn't it great that they always fall in the worst spots???
  15. Clownpuncher

    Best elk processor on the Western slope

    I think Orchard Mesa Market will hang it for $10 a week.
  16. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    This is what they sent me for a price sheet. Mountain Goat $15,000 California Bighorn Sheep 3/4 curl $55,000 California Bighorn Sheep Full Curl $40,000 Moose $14,000 Mountain Lion $16,000 All Hunts are 1 on 1. They sent...
  17. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    >Hi Liv, I seen on another >one of their web pages >they do black Bear hunts > > >Joe > >"Sometimes you do things wrong for >so long you >think their right" - 2001 >"I can't argue with honesty" - >2005 >-Joe E Sikora It looks like they do have bear hunts.
  18. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    I honestly don't know. These are the only ones that it says they are good for. It doesn't really say anything for Bears.
  19. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    I paid $1000
  20. Clownpuncher

    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    I recently purchased a a $5000 voucher BC Trophy Mountain Outfitters. I bought it at the RMEF banquet here in town and now I realize I can't go. I was wanting to go after a moose but it can be used for more. Below is an excerpt from the banquet program. "The voucher can be used towards a...
  21. Clownpuncher

    O r Oryx hunt

    Either one of these, off range or on range, is on the top two of my bucket list. I try and try for one but never draw. Maybe this year.
  22. Clownpuncher

    Colorado Deer Poll

    Colorado. Just me.
  23. Clownpuncher

    42/421/41 Moose help

    Wannabe helped me out and found one. I can't thank him enough for the help.
  24. Clownpuncher

    42/421/41 Moose help

    Ha. Must be!
  25. Clownpuncher

    42/421/41 Moose help

    I was wondering if there are any 3rd season deer and elk hunters out there that are seeing any moose around? I've got a cow moose tag and so far I'm striking out. I actually saw a really good bulll yesterday but of course no cows. Anyone seeing anything?????
  26. Clownpuncher

    My CO Buck

    That thing is just an absolute pig! Congrats! And I agree, the tape doesn't do that buck justice!
  27. Clownpuncher

    Looking for a Archery Range Finder

    RE: Looking for a Archery Range Finder I'm gonna have to agree... VORTEX. I don't need a rangefinder farther than say 500 because I can't shoot farther than 300-400, depending on wind, elevation, etc. Vortex is great, clear, and of course the warranty. My opinion
  28. Clownpuncher

    Stupid dry fire question

    My opinion, never ever draw your bow back without an arrow. I don't think there is ever a reason not to. Even if you are indoors which I'm not sure why you would do it indoors unless it is at an indoor range. Always have an arrow in there.
  29. Clownpuncher


    I agree with all that has been said but can't stress this point enough. You want my honest opinion, there are very few bad bows out there right now. It is a perfect time to upgrade your bow. The new lines for all manufacturers come out in November so you could wait if you like and see what...
  30. Clownpuncher

    kuiu problems...

    I've had some problems with their refund process some times but usually if I call, maybe it just reminds them, but it gets taken care of immediately. Have you contacted them again?
  31. Clownpuncher

    La Sal La Sal Elk Questions

    Good deal. Congrats!!! I'm heading up with my son for his cow hunt in a couple weeks. Looks like there are some around. I'm new to the unit as well so glad to see you get into some
  32. Clownpuncher

    Unit 21 Deer

    >PM sent Pm answered.
  33. Clownpuncher

    Thieves caught red handed in salt lake county

    How the F___ is this an issue???? What the hell is being argued here??? It's F?ing simple! If it isn't your stuff, leave it alone! Plain and simple! You all learned it in Pre-school. It really isn't any tougher than that.
  34. Clownpuncher

    Thieves caught red handed in salt lake county

    >Facebook users: >Bowhunters of Utah followers: > >Some thieves have been caught via >trail camera stealing two tree >stands. Follow along > > > > > > > > > >"Wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. >So >we must and...
  35. Clownpuncher

    Thieves caught red handed in salt lake county

    >I am curious as to how >leaving a cam or blind >or stand isn't looked at >as littering. Is there >Utah law in the subject, >or are we looking at >new precident coming our way? > > > > >From the party of HUNTIN, FISHIN, >PUBLIC LAND. Litter is defined as: trash, such as paper, cans...
  36. Clownpuncher

    Thieves caught red handed in salt lake county

    > > > >#livelikezac Ha! Yep!
  37. Clownpuncher

    September onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    I want the hunt app!
  38. Clownpuncher

    Unit 21 Deer

    PM me and I'll give you my 2 cents. I had a 21 3rd season tag last year.
  39. Clownpuncher

    onX Elite Membership Giveaway ... Win It!

    I want the hunt app!
  40. Clownpuncher

    Uncompahgre Plateau September Bear Tag Keep or Turn In?

    >LAST EDITED ON Jul-24-18 >AT 03:55?PM (MST) > >Well you should've started your questions >long before now... That's your >first post ever so don't >expect much response. >The Uncompahgre has 2 units but >you didn't specify the unit. > >With that being said I spend >a LOT of >time up...
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