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    Never stepped foot in the unit but ill be headed up to the Jackson Mountains ASAP. Might consider hiring a guide only package because of how far the drive is, but I know I can it it done with some help from you guys! Either way I cant wait to go. Unreal Feeling.
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    What Moose Unit?

    Looking for local knowledge. Ill be applying again this year and looking at numbers was wondering on what tag you guys would go for? I usually apply for one of the far north units. Are the moose numbers way down? Is it even worth it anymore? Just curious if anyone had input they'd be willing to...
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    I have Brit Spaniel gun dog and im looking for hunters in southern Nevada who have already trained bird dogs to run mine with. Hes getting the hang of it but I know if he saw other trained dogs he would pick it up much faster. I can supply training birds. Thanks
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    Elk unit 25

    Is this unit worth cashing in some points on? I have heard good and bad. Looking to talk to someone with on the ground experience in the unit. Let me know. I can help with hunting Info in several states. Thanks
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    WTB 15x56

    Looking for a used pair of swarovski, Leica, or Zeiss 15x56 Looking to meet face to face only. Vegas area or close to. Thanks
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    WTB Swaro 15X56

    Looking to buy a pair of Swarovski 15X56 HD or Non. Thanks
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    UNIT 2 Muzzy elk tag

    First ever New Mexico tag and I've been putting in for a long time. Anyone have any experience in the unit they're willing to share? I know its going to be a tough hunt but I'm looking forward to it. I could trade info for someone wanting to hunt NV or AZ. Nevada apps due by April 29th if...
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    General deer early or late?

    With the early and late dates in certain units in Utah what is going to be the better hunt? The late hunts aren't late enough for a rutting action and the early is still pretty hot but less tags. Opinions? Thanks
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    Looking to get into the guided draw with an outfitter. If anyone has any suggestions on who to use please reply to here or email at Thanks
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    Spike bull 062, 066-068

    Anybody see any spikes running around or down in fields? we are having a bit of trouble locating spikes even though biologist say there are a lot running around?
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    Bull Elk 15-18A Archery

    Finally my brother drew an AZ Elk tag. I'm pretty familiar with the area as far as deer and I've seen a few elk, but I'm always looking for a few pointers and areas to checkout. Or where maybe some of you have seen big bulls. I've both helped others on this site and been helped so I know there's...
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    264 SHEEP TAG

    Anyone ever hunt here? Looking for best ram. Dedicating the whole season to finding a good one. Hunt of a lifetime and I cant wait to get out there. Any advice on the unit will be appreciated. Thanks
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    Non Resident General Elk

    When should I expect my tag? Has anyone received there's yet?
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    Looking to do my first Safari

    I'm looking at different forums and talking to lots of people before making a decision on where to hunt but I'm open to advice and recommendations on an outfitters to use. I have a short list of target animals I would like to hunt. -Kudu -Gems buck -Impala -Eland -Springbok -Water buck I...
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    Antlerless MOOSE! Ogden west

    Looking for any and all the help I can get on this. Any suggestions or places to start scouting. Private landowners? Anything would be appreciated. I'm so stoked to go chase a moose! Thanks in advance to all that can help.
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    Bison 395-77

    My Brother drew number 22 and I know this hunt is dependent on migration and I can't find any info if they ever do call these tags out? Does anyone have experience with this hunt. Thanks
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    Headed to Homer Alaska to fish the Kenai late July first week in August. Although I've been here before I've never pursued Black bears in this area. Any advice on the area or possible starting points? I appreciate any help Thanks.
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    Southern Turkey Hunt

    Looking for some private land to hunt for only myself this year around the saint George area. Please PM or email me at If your willing to barter. Thanks
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    Carson 6.5' X 10' UTV trailer

    6'.6" wide X 10' Length. Fits a Polaris Ranger perfect. or any other UTV. $850.00 with tires less then 6 months old. Located in Henderson, NV. call or text 702-468-7788 Thanks
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    Archery Antelope 111-114

    Anyone seen any 80"+ bucks they want to share info on? Anyone else draw this tag? and if anyone has contact info for any private land access with some decent bucks on it I would be interested. Thanks
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    Layton 21' Toyhauler

    2002 Layton toy hauler with back bed removed to allow clearance for UTV or small jeep. Everything works and is in good shape. call or text 702-468-7788 if interested. $8K Located in Henderson, NV.
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    Let me know if you are in need of a used walk-in cooler or freezer for your garage or business. I can build to exact size. price will include condenser and coil. Labor and delivery extra. Im located in Las Vegas. Thanks 702-468-7788 call or text.
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    Kalispell Area

    Is there anyone from or currently living in the Kalispell area who is willing to do a hunt swap? Black Bears this spring is what I would like to hunt. please PM me if your intrested. Any one not intrested but willing to give me areas they have seen bears would also be greatly appreciated...
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    18B early

    I have hunted this unit for pigs in the past and this will be my first ever deer hunt in AZ. I wanted to ask anyone who has traveled to the unit recent if the roads are in good condition near trout creek to get my trailer into? Also if anyone has any spots they dont mind sharing or starting...
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    2012 80'' Speed Goat.

    2 full days of sitting a fence crossing in 90 degree weather is what it took to put an arrow in this buck.
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    80'' SPEED GOAT

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    Great place and people Great fishing, Great black bear hunting. I've made two trips to this lodge and I hope to give them a little more business. Black bear is a draw hunt next year and you must put in by dec 31st. Its a place to check out if you are looking for a DIY bear hunt or just fishing...
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    Is there a muledeer banquet this year? I hear rumors of 3/31/2012 but havnt heard of very many people talking about it? If so does anyone have a copy of hunts being auctioned off? and time and date of baquet. Thank you
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not looking for the sheep that NDOW just transported to the area.
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    Kalispell Area Deer tag

    looking to see if anyone has or knows of anyone who might have any landowner deer tags forsale. Thank you.
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    Anyone want to give me some areas on where I can find some scaled quail? Hunted and killed plenty of gambles. Looking to maybe get the AZ quail Slam this year. Looking to stay as far North as posssible. Thank you.
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    Trade a family LAS VEGAS trip for? HUNTS? GUNS? HUNTING GEAR? Hunts and other depending on how large your family is and how many children? Send me PM's with what hunts / trips you have for trade.
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    Southern UT Buck

    I was finally able to connect with a decent archery buck in southern UT. A big thanks to Mike G. and Holly S. for puting in all those backcountry miles with me.
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    ARCHERY Coues Deer.

    Looking for someone to scout some bucks for me. Living in Vegas and have very little time to scout. Will be hunting the early-Mid December Hunt down South. Hunted Coues deer in the Payson area with great results in pass years. If you have a better area and are willing to share info? I will be...
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    DEER IN AREA 15 ??

    Any information on where there are some decent bucks in this area would be greatly appriciated. I have spent some time here and seen some bucks but never any real trophies. If you know of a spot or an area to start looking I would appreciate it. INFO FOR INFO?
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    Melvin.B. of Henderson, NV took this great buck on opening day. His son Daniel scouted for 3 weeks and saw alot of great bucks but in the end they decided this would be one of a kind. Once in a life time buck Mel.
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