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  1. hawkbill

    Gonna take a beating here. BUT....

    If you cap and draw every unit there are no general tags. There is no jumping from unit to unit. Guys that are serious about trophy hunting and put in for top units might not draw for years. Oppurtunity hunters will be spread out much more equally throughout less desired units in the state with...
  2. hawkbill

    Hunting gear found on the mountain????

    I can see her laying on the sand bar with, do you think since we lost the political forum Founder my start a Hippie Chick Forum
  3. hawkbill

    Stock Modification

    like Zeke said you do have to refiberglass sand and paint
  4. hawkbill

    My Wife’s 6x6 Colorado Bull

    Congratulations to you both, I like her 1 shot dance
  5. hawkbill

    Hunting gear found on the mountain????

    I try to return anything I find out in the woods, but every year I keep finding these gosh darn plastic square boxes strapped to trees they are really ugly to look at and they don’t look natural so I take them down and throw them away.
  6. hawkbill

    2 BIG bucks down!

    Congratulations to the both of you- great Bucks
  7. hawkbill


    Who is Desert Pine and what do the do
  8. hawkbill

    .243 and 6.5cm

    Your starting off right. My wife and kids started with the 243 and dropped 3 cow elk, 2 Mule Deer and an antelope in the first two years of hunting, but I made them practice shooting at least twice a week threw the summer. Anther big factor for there success was using the Primos trigger stick...
  9. hawkbill

    JIANZD Archery Broadheads ???

    I was thinking the same thing, the first animal I killed with a bow and arrow.The broad head was fixed on a wooden shaft. Thanks for your input on broad heads Bohntr
  10. hawkbill

    Stock Modification

    I have a Sendaro and always thought about trimming it myself. If you pull the stock off you should be able to see the aluminum bedding block, I would sure think you could shave a little off the fat fore end on the sides I also believe that H and S precision has a slimmer stock
  11. hawkbill

    Successful 2020 in Nevada

    Congratulations to the Kiddos and to yourself for bringing food home and some great memories
  12. hawkbill

    30/06 LR Bullet

    I agree with today’s bullets and powder, sizing dies and chronograph You can make that 30-06 very accurate. If it doesn’t work you can throw it off a cliff.
  13. hawkbill

    Big Pod worth the cost?

    I carry a slick tripod and all the gear, I feel the tripod and rest are to slow to set up in the heat of the action. I started using the primos trigger stick when the kids started hunting and and still use it with the girls and wife. It adjusts to any terrain in seconds, plus I use it to glass...
  14. hawkbill

    Made it to the club. B&C Utah buck!

    Congratulations on a great Buck, you learn your whole life how to take better field photos
  15. hawkbill

    Antelope Island Draw Tag Filled

    Beautiful Buck- congratulations
  16. hawkbill

    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    Congratulations on a great buck!
  17. hawkbill

    2020 Buck Down

    Congratulations on a great season
  18. hawkbill


    You’re not Wolf huntin are you
  19. hawkbill

    3 for 3 in Colorado

    Nice Bucks -congratulations
  20. hawkbill

    Gonna take a beating here. BUT....

    They need to cap and draw every unit, you wonder why they are having so much problem in farm country it’s from the never ending over lapping seasons, they also need a shed hunting season and license. This Oppurtunity hunting is a piss poor way to manage wildlife for any quality at all. We have...
  21. hawkbill

    WWYD? Wrong animal from taxi?

    An honest mistake, Im glad you got it back
  22. hawkbill

    Idaho 40 elk and deer

    Congratulations thatS big tough country- Nice Buck
  23. hawkbill

    NR Fees

    Well then, I’m going to suggest to IDFG that Seniors should be able to buy a lifetime license and be able to shoot what they want, when they want, anytime they want, full open season All year long until they die, anyone over 60. It stated in Idaho law that this wildlife is for food.
  24. hawkbill

    Heavy Idaho buck, score...

    Congratulations on a nice Buck
  25. hawkbill

    NR Fees

    The Farmers love taking Res or Non-res money, they own the fish and game, and they truly suck at big game management. They sell off their yearling calves every year, so they are doing the same with our wildlife
  26. hawkbill

    Utah's Sportsman's Tag Filled

    Congratulations to the hunter on a great Buck. I heard the Big Buck lost his horn to a long range muzzle loader while eating apples
  27. hawkbill

    WWYD? Wrong animal from taxi?

    I had the same thing happen with a big bear, and found out another hunter did not get his Bear back either, we confronted the taxidermist, he had a lot of excuses and he finally blamed it on the tannery. The tannery could not help us because each taxidermist has his own way of marking hides. The...
  28. hawkbill

    Is this rocky big enough to shoot on Utah.

    Great Story! Congratulations on a fine Ram
  29. hawkbill

    Daughters first

    Congratulations- it’s a heck of alot of , , fun hunting with daughters, you best start taking a few of your trophy’s off the wall and make a little room for her animals
  30. hawkbill

    I thought this pic turned out great!

    Great photo
  31. hawkbill

    Dads Colorado Bull

    Nice Bull, you’re a good man for packing that Bull out for your Dad,he’s been waiting along for you to take care of the little things like packing,
  32. hawkbill

    My ram is home

    Congratulations- Beautiful mount
  33. hawkbill


    I’ve been very fortunate to harvest some very nice trophy’s through out my lifetime, I’m 62 now and I’ve Eaton a lot of tags. I did not shoot on a trophy tag last year with letting good quality animals go. I did not harvest on my last oil tag in Idaho this year, letting real nice animals go, the...
  34. hawkbill

    Cool Sunset

    Beautiful photo, I love the light and sunsets this time of year.
  35. hawkbill

    Best state to live In

    There are a lot of flatties up here in Idaho, but I have noticed in Utah, they tuck their ears up under their flatties!
  36. hawkbill

    Namibia October 2020

    Congratulations on a great adventure, what a beautiful place and animals
  37. hawkbill

    WY 128, here we go.

    Great job and great buck- congratulations
  38. hawkbill

    Grandson's Deer

    Nice buck congratulations
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