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  1. HIcountryman

    First public land cow!

    A buddy kindly offered to come help from about an hour and a half away but it was nice and cold and not too far in so I said not necessary. Wasn't too bad but when I get a bull I will be calling all you guys!
  2. HIcountryman

    headed to 44 for deer Monday!

  3. HIcountryman

    Smoked Deer Meatloaf

    I will try it soon. Thanks!
  4. HIcountryman

    Cool Sunrise in Colorado

    This was Friday 11/20 in CO. Any luck with your family's elk hunt?
  5. HIcountryman


    Still butchering elk (after finishing painting kitchen...wife started that project when I left for 4th season elk hunt... I got home early!) I will post details of shank recipe soon. They are worth a try!
  6. HIcountryman

    Smoked Deer Meatloaf

    Man I love the sound of that! How long u smoke? Then finish in oven? What temp/how long?
  7. HIcountryman

    headed to 44 for deer Monday!

    Any luck?
  8. HIcountryman

    First public land cow!

    Super tasty! Steak slices on top of thin crust pizza!
  9. 20201121_193008.jpg


  10. HIcountryman

    Dad's Biggest Buck to Date

    Very pretty buck! Congrats to your Dad
  11. HIcountryman

    anyone ever hunt unit 20 for deer?

    I think most of 20 is closed this year bc of multiple fires. Season is over anyway... Except for private land only. Lots of houses and hikers around
  12. HIcountryman

    2nd season success

    Congrats on a great buck!
  13. HIcountryman

    bland pepperoni

    Put some seasoning on it!?
  14. HIcountryman

    First public land cow!

    A couple on private land but my first on public! Solo packout. Backstraps and loins on my way out after quartering and hanging. Three trips next day. Fine meat. My best field dressing and meat care after not paying enough attention to my duties on the last buck... About 75 yds shot after...
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  17. HIcountryman

    nice legs

    i have tried a couple shoulder roasts in the past and i don't find them that great for the trade off of how much room they take up in freezer... and i LOVE ground venison!
  18. HIcountryman

    30/06 LR Bullet

    what is Ackley - ing a rifle?
  19. HIcountryman

    WY 128, here we go.

    Congrats on a Big ol muley! thanks for taking us along. beautiful buck!
  20. HIcountryman

    WWYD? Wrong animal from taxi?

    yuck. bad stories of taxi's lying and there is no recourse for client. i had a bad experience with meat processor and will never use any processor again. not possible with taxidermy. sorry for your situation.
  21. HIcountryman

    WY 128, here we go.

    Good luck BigOl!
  22. HIcountryman

    Got to do something

    I hate the damn long range/social media mentality, trail cams, etc. CO will have woofs dumped here in 5 yrs. Sad but I will be hitting it really hard for 5 or 6 yrs and then take up private land cow hunts. There is NO WAY TO SLOW OR STOP ANY OF THIS MESS
  23. HIcountryman

    Thanksgiving at my house this year

    See ya then!
  24. HIcountryman

    Wide Wyoming Buck 2020

    Amazing buck! Glad you sealed the deal after all those encounters. Congrats
  25. HIcountryman

    WY 128, here we go.

    Get a big un BIGOL! Let the early shoot the medium ones and you 'll get a monster! Stay after it!
  26. HIcountryman

    nice legs

    She had nice legs. Not shot up like most shoulders I have! Gonna be good burger.
  27. HIcountryman

    Unit 44 Muley

    A fine buck! No wonder your site pics don't do him justice... Compared to pic at shop- he s about to dislocate his elbows jutting head towards camera! Congrats and I bet it was fun being out there again!
  28. HIcountryman

    SW Colorado

    That is a heavy joker! Congrats on gettin it done!
  29. HIcountryman

    Wife's Mulie

    Congrats on a cool buck!
  30. HIcountryman


    Congrats on two GREAT bucks. Great pics too. Love this latest buck!! Thanks
  31. HIcountryman


    I will post recipe when I am home from hunting!
  32. HIcountryman


    It's a pain to cut them, but if u want to try and poke out marrow , do it. Otherwise they are great whole
  33. HIcountryman


    This was a med/small buck so not strong marrow flavor. I didn't crack bones so I don't really get the marrow flavor here. Some, though , cooks into broth. If you cut "rounds" out of shank, a couple inches, you can get it. Best marrow I 've had was calf elk. Deer marrow from big or small bucks...
  34. HIcountryman


    Thanks to Rinella for idea, if not this recipe. These were best ever. I 've been eating shanks for about 6 yrs now. They are about worthless to grind, so breaking down all that connective tissue slowly is best. Lots of fat in there that melts into the meat. I can post details of recipe if...
  35. HIcountryman


    Browned on grill and 6 hours in crock pot. With red wine, a little ketchup and mustard, tomato, onion, carrot, beats. Fantastic. Thanks to Rubella for turning me on to slow cookin Shan is.
  36. HIcountryman

    GMU 35 - 3rd

    Good luck! Hope weather pushes am down for you
  37. HIcountryman

    What Cabelas Riflescope would you recommend ?

    Vortex or Nikon would be in your price range. Don't have experience w Burris but they are also in that range. Look through a few ...
  38. HIcountryman


    I'm not seeing much precip in forecast, colder temps are better than heat though. It may just make everything crunchy and hard to walk quietly. Hope some snow comes
  39. HIcountryman

    Halloween Dinner

    Looks good and fun!
  40. HIcountryman


    Poured thin in HOT large skillet so it is thin and crispy at edges. With sliced/chopped fresh jalapenos. I don't like pouring into deep skillet so I have to cook til it is dry to be done.
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