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    unit 67 second season md PLO

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    I want to put a plug in for "Mulie Mike". I hunted on some of their ground in January this year. I felt like the hunt exceeded my expectations in a number of ways. I've had the good fortunate of having been on about a dozen bighorn/dall/fannin sheep hunts and this was just as rewarding in...
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    POLL: Who makes the best boots?

    I just received got a pair of Hoffman boots yesterday. I wanted a second pair and my Kenetreks are being rebuilt for the 3rd time (over 12 years so not bad). They go for their first test drive today but in looking at them, they look bomb proof.
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    3A/C went up by about 3 points this year and now is +/- the same to draw unit 9 and 10. Hard to explain what is really going on and what to expect anymore. The only thing we can count on is that point creep will continue.
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    Statewide sheep, mountain goat, pronghorn

    You can read all 99 of my other posts and I've never been a jerk to anyone on this forum but your post was ridiculous. Why would you even say something like that?
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    Statewide sheep, mountain goat, pronghorn

    Why? Are Canadian's money not good? Ever cross your mind that the raffle was built to raise money for wild sheep and not you?
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    Greg....couldn't be more happy to hear your name Saturday night. I know you'll make the most of it. I know you have a lot of contacts but let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Robert
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    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    I realized you listed several species the credit could be applied against. Wanted to double check if those were it or if the outfitter would let you apply it towards a black bear hunt? thanks
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    BC Firearm permits NonRes

    Form 5589 You can just google it and find a link on RCMP's website. If you are flying through Vancouver (anywhere outside the US actually), make sure you get a Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad form filled out with your gun's info. You can get this done at a US...
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    CO moose draw stats

    I'm not sure what to tell you at this point but I will try to respond to two specific pieces in your post. - I believe I said I was just picking a number specific to the 2% because I hadn't run the math. But to prove their is a difference in odds...I'll give you an example below. -...
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    CO moose draw stats

    Orionthehunter.....I think you are confusing "odds" with "results". In your example, the "odds" of an applicant with 8 or more weighted points drawing a sheep tag are materially higher. (Keep in mind, "materially" is a subjective term and may mean something very different to you than it does...
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    Tech issues with scope mounting

    Are you opposed to just building up your stock (cheek weld)? I don't think what you are experiencing is uncommon at all.
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    CO moose draw stats

    Yep, I agree with that. Is there a question or point in that statement that I'm missing (no disrespect)?
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    CO moose draw stats

    Maybe another way to look at it. The subset of applicants that had 0-4 weighted points is almost the same size group as those that had 5-17 weighted points. According to the first chart, the folks in the 0-4 bucket drew 156 tags while the group with 5-17 weighted points drew 240 tags. With...
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    NRs applications/ multiple species HURTS us

    They could always double or triple the app fee for deer/elk/antelope and the OIL species. That would probably net out the same and most agencies are doing something similar (raising app or point fee). For most of us, the total cost would end up about the same and odds would go up. I'd take a...
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    Unit 61 Archery drop off?

    This ^^^^^^ I've been lucky enough to spend muzzy season and the early rifle season in 61 2 of the last 3 years. My experience was that herd bulls averaged 300" or less. During those hunts, I saw one really good bull the day before the early rifle season started. It probably went in the 330"...
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    How many Points to draw Unit 9 Late NR?

    It took at least 7 for 2018. Hard to predict for 2019. Lots of 2nd choice apps got tags from 7-12 points. Not sure if that will happen again or not? I would feel more confident in saying you will have very little chance at 4-5 points.
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    Open Country Glassing Setup?

    I believe in the Big 3 for optics. When I want to glass I use 10x binos to do a quick scan, then I switch to binos on a tripod (love the Outdoorsman's bino stud BTW). If I'm glassing at longer distances, more dense cover, need to investigate something I'm not sure of, etc.....I then switch to...
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    3A/3C Changes ELK

    The data I looked at would suggest you will have little/no chance at Unit 1 this year with 15 non-resident points. Only 1 non-resident drew with 15 or less this year and that was only because he was thrown in the resident draw due to a lifetime license (former resident). Non of the folks that...
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    Attaching Swaro EL to Tripod?

    I went with the Outdoorsman bino stud and love it. I was a little nervous about altering my binos as well but no regrets after the fact. You're going to have those binos the rest of your life and it probably is the best system going. Kind of like getting your EL''ll wonder why you...
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    Alaska caribou advice

    I hunted caribou in mid August in Quebec and the horns weren't even close to thinking about turning hard. They were super soft and oozed blood for days. I dont know if it would even be possible to get the velvet saved if you're out in the bush. I really regretted not going later. The capes...
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    Christenson Arms Ridgeline

    I bought a Ridgeline in a 6.5 Creedmoor this spring and couldn't be happier. The fit/finish is very good and accuracy is better than expected. While I was breaking in the barrel, I shot a 5 shot group at 100 yards that measured slightly under 1/2". I've let a few other folks shoot the gun out...
  23. Live4MtnHunts

    Uncompahgre Plateau September Bear Tag Keep or Turn In?

    I was on 61 2 years ago for muzzy season and last year for the early rifle season. We hunted in the central part of the unit. We had bear tags both years. While the bear hunting was meant to be opportunistic vs giving it serious attention, between scouting and hunting we saw a grand total of 2...
  24. Live4MtnHunts

    Age this buck

    I tend to agree. I would say 3 1/2 as well. Looks like he's going to end up a very nice deer this year. Love the long brows.
  25. Live4MtnHunts

    Zeiss Conquest V6 and V4

    I bought a V6 this spring and love it. I'm an optics snob to some degree in that I favor Leica, Zeiss and Swarovski but am not brand loyal. I have a Swarovski Z5 on a different rifle with an adjustable turret but I think the V6 Zeiss is a much better scope. I looked at the Swarovski X5 but...
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    I never said bikes would damage trails, wilderness, etc. I was suggesting that the majority of public lands already allow you to ride a bike. The "selfish" comment is because you want that ability on all public lands. There are folks like me that don't want them everywhere. I'm not asking to...
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    That's not can walk. I love riding my mountain bike but I don't want them in the wilderness. I hunt wilderness most years and I work my rear off getting miles from the truck. I see folks on horses from time to time. That is also an option for you if you don't want to hike in...
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    Seems like there is a lot of work to be done before this opportunity moves forward. Nothing good is going to come of transplanting wild sheep on top of domestics which, I believe, is the current reality.
  29. Live4MtnHunts

    Time is Running Out!

    "Quincentenidence".....that is my new favorite word. It's going to take me a week of practice to remember how to spell it though.
  30. Live4MtnHunts

    8,000 new applicants

    I guess I'm not following your point. I am fully aware of the change in AZ as it impacted my many years of waiting for a great elk tag. How are my comments demonstrating a lack of awareness or understanding specific to the AZ issue where folks who had applied for years will have to wait longer...
  31. Live4MtnHunts

    8,000 new applicants

    Application fees will be going up next year. Some folks will be pushing for $50+ per species (at least for Sheep/Goat/Moose). I would highly encourage those of you who feel like the rug just got pulled out from under you to get on board with something like this. CPW is going to get the money...
  32. Live4MtnHunts

    colorado S50

    Getting access through the private land is the first thing you need to check off the list. Sounds like you're set there. It's not a traditional alpine sheep hunt. You're going to be glassing for rams in cuts and in the timber. LOTS of bears in the unit so keep a clean camp if you tent camp...
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    Unit 61 Elk Advice

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-18 AT 11:58AM (MST)[p]I had the early rifle tag last year and helped on the muzzy tag the year before. I'd definitely do the Muzzy tag out of the two. It's a really big unit and didn't see any other hunters on both hunts while hunting. Can't go wrong either way..
  34. Live4MtnHunts

    2016 Utah muley

    LOVE every part of that mount. Very nice!
  35. Live4MtnHunts

    257 weatherby Weaver Rifles

  36. Live4MtnHunts

    257 weatherby Weaver Rifles

    I'm selling a rifle I had built for my wife. She just doesn't shoot or hunt and I'm wanting a new toy. It's built on a Remington 700 mountain rifle that was made around 1993. I bought it new as a 25-06 but never shot it so made a project out of it. Kevin Weaver trued the action, installed a...
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    Unit 61

    The muzzy hunt was great. Into a lot of bugling bulls every day. The morning he harvested his bull, I called in all 7 satellites, one by one, into 30 yards or less. Then....we got his cows coming our direction and he shot his bull at 20 yards with cows at <10 yards. It was pretty cool. Even...
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    Unit 61

    I had the early rifle tag this year and guided a friend on the muzzy tag the year before. I'd take the muzzy tag if I could do it over. The big bulls are already covering a lot of territory by the early rifle season. It was hard or impossible to relocate them. They didn't move as much in muzzy...
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    Utah Antelope Advice for a Newbie

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-06-18 AT 11:24AM (MST)[p]Unless there is something preventing you from leaving the state of Utah or that otherwise limits you to only hunting in Utah, I'd push you to focus on Wyoming.
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    long range rifle scope

    Not sure about your budget but you should look at March. They've introduced a line of hunting scopes with a 10x magnification range. I'm looking at a 2.5x25x52. I think they come in around 23 ounces so a little heavy but not Nightforce heavy. I believe you can drop a couple of ounces and...
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