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  1. HIcountryman

    First public land cow!

    A couple on private land but my first on public! Solo packout. Backstraps and loins on my way out after quartering and hanging. Three trips next day. Fine meat. My best field dressing and meat care after not paying enough attention to my duties on the last buck... About 75 yds shot after...
  2. HIcountryman

    nice legs

    She had nice legs. Not shot up like most shoulders I have! Gonna be good burger.
  3. HIcountryman


    Browned on grill and 6 hours in crock pot. With red wine, a little ketchup and mustard, tomato, onion, carrot, beats. Fantastic. Thanks to Rubella for turning me on to slow cookin Shan is.
  4. HIcountryman


    Snowin' out so it s time for deer chili! Cornbread almost stole the show.
  5. HIcountryman

    Deer steak stroganoff

    Haven't had this in awhile. Turned out quite tasty
  6. HIcountryman

    core lokt vs hornady SST?

    i know they aren't the greatest bullets but does anyone have an opinion on whether the remington core lokt bullets in 180 gr would be a tougher/better constructed bullet than the hornady SST in 180 grain for elk? "they" say the SST is"too frangible" for elk , so i am going to the range today...
  7. HIcountryman

    Guess I'm a meathunter

    No monsters this yr. I Got itchy finger at 17 yards. My brother's first muley at 58 yards. Good eatin!
  8. HIcountryman

    No monsters this yr...

    But some good eats from small 4 pt. Steak and eggs this a.m.
  9. HIcountryman

    2020 turkey

    Finally getting around to posting pic from opening day bird. Talked to biologist/warden on my way out. Told him I appreciate his efforts!
  10. HIcountryman

    Founder? Hoffman boots

    did you get some of the boots to test? they look pretty rugged. let us know how they perform.
  11. HIcountryman

    alt to KUIU super down ultra? patagonia micro puff users?

    or is it really worth the $300? want this puffy jacket for early season high country hunts but wondering if their is a cheaper almost- equivalent. looking at patagonia micro puff insulated jacket on sale for $187. it is 8.3 oz compared to KUIU 7.9 oz. all the other close (in weight)...
  12. HIcountryman


    just figured how to post pics on new forum. old sunrise shot
  13. HIcountryman


    let's revive this thread as a turkey hunting forum! hasn't been any action here in a while. can't wait til spring
  14. HIcountryman

    Are Core Loks really junk?!

    Stepping back in my time machine.... i shoot a .30 06 at an elk every now and then (most killing takes place in MZ seasons the last few years) and wondering what the hell bullet to use. I am not reloading now (used to do it at a friend's house but i moved away), was using Hornady SST 180 gr...
  15. HIcountryman

    alt to .22 LR?

    wanting a ruger 10/22, as that as what we had in the family as a kid.... nostalgic. Mainly for rabbits. But if i see a coyote at 100 yds, will that round do much? Don't know much about 17 or 22 hornet... anything else in the ballpark? Don't want to spend over $300. Any thoughts are...
  16. HIcountryman

    superlight tent, tipi options?

    Looking to get even lighter than Copper Spur UL 1... looking for tipi or floorless designs that will accomodate my brother and I on backpacking hunt or wife and me and dog on backpacking trip. Was pretty set on weight of Big Agnes tiger wall 3P, but now worried that dog will tear up lightwt...
  17. HIcountryman

    tough meat solution

    The MZ buck i shot this year is a bit tough and while not gamey tasting, it is a weird bland taste. I have found that thawing steak in fridge for about 4 days and cooking a bit more rare than i normally like it, it is more tender and tasty. I shot him at around 8:40 a.m. at 11K feet in...
  18. HIcountryman

    Tarp/tipi setups?

    Hi All: anyone have a great recommendation on a tarp/tipi setup for 2 people plus gear for early season backpacking hunt? I don't use trekking poles, just a walking stick about 5 feet high if that makes a difference (i know some use pole for center pole). Prob will have a bit of rain...
  19. HIcountryman

    antelope 2020

    I have 5 or 6 antelope points for CO and think i would like to get a doe tag for 2020 to scout for using the points on buck tag in 2021. Any speedgoat vets out there that can point me towards a unit to begin my research? I don't know much about antelope but look forward to a new adventure...
  20. HIcountryman

    federal fusion 165 or 180 gr?

    Im on a tight budget this season. Anyone shoot the federal fusion bullet at elk? I am leaning toward 165 grain as i want to eventually find a nice round for both deer and elk. Or would you go with the 180 grain? Does faster velocity of 165 compare to the energy generated by the weight...
  21. HIcountryman

    good luck season 2 hunters!

    I hope you guys are enjoying the snow out there. It should be good for pushing the animals out into your sights! I hope the wind dies down for you and you all get some good deer and elk! Post up some pics and stories, please!
  22. HIcountryman

    hornady sst 180 gr, .30 06 for elk?

    i have been shooting hornady SST in 180 grain in my Ruger american .30 06 for several years now. It is a destroyer of deer. The first large cow elk i shot took 3 shots to knock over. First thru left shoulder, 2nd behind shoulder, 3rd on right side behind shoulder. Second elk was a calf i...
  23. HIcountryman

    fuzzy muzzy buck

    Got this nice 27" wide buck. Didnt think i'd get a velvet buck with later date season opener so it didnt cross my mind to prepare to preserve velvet in backcountry. 42 yard shot w federal bor loc 350 gr through shoulder . Awesome adventure, as usual up in the high country!
  24. HIcountryman

    love federal bor loc 350!

    Good results out of CVA accura v2 w 100 gr Bhorn 209. Thats about 3" inside tape square. Shots 1- 3 at 100 yds. 4 & 5 at 200, holding 12" high. 6 was back at 100 yds. #7 at 50 yds. Relaxed at range after finding 2 more 15 packs at local gun shop. Confident for my buck and bull hunts...
  25. HIcountryman

    Federal bor loc 350 vs 270 gr?

    Didnt buy enough 350 gr, now hunt is coming up and i dont have enough to target shoot a few more and hunt.... anybody know how the 270 gr performs on elk? I ll be hunting deer and elk simultaneously... there are a few packs of 270 gr at local store so i' m thinkin i can get them instead of the...
  26. HIcountryman

    CO elk bullet from Accura v2?

    Alright everybody expert in mzzlloading: is powerbelt " copper plated" worth shooting at an elk? Having hard time finding out what bullets to use... In place of p.belt platinum aerotip 300 i used last yr. They are easy to load & accurate but worried about terminal performance. I dont like...
  27. HIcountryman

    2018 buck back!

    Got him back from taxi yesterday! Colorado early season.
  28. HIcountryman

    Done! 2018 buck

    Looks good to me!
  29. HIcountryman

    almost done...

    'Im frothing at mouth to get this guy back from taxi! I inquired about status and he sent this pic. He wouldnt like me posting unfinished work- needs painting and some tidying up- but jeez look at this beast! Will send completed pics upon arrival.
  30. HIcountryman

    One size.. Thor soes NOT fit Accura V2

    FYI: tried out my thor one size fits all... they do NOT fit in my accura V2. Sizing kit says my barrel is .500. Had no luck getting it in barrel. So if you have a gun that these bullets fit, hit me up. I d like to get rid of em to someone who can use them. They are 300 gr. About $28 +...
  31. HIcountryman

    Hornady fpb 350 gr?

    Any experience fitting them in an Accura V2? I ve always used hornady sst's in .30 ought six , handloaded em before they became available in factory load. Great performance on deer and elk. Good price on these mzzleloader fpb 's... wondered if i should buy several packs or would i be better...
  32. HIcountryman

    Happy birthday

    Just wanted to wish myself a happy birthday here among you old coots and curmudgeons. I cant afford to get myself anything this year as the wife and i bought a house we are remodeling ourselves, after other work hours. I have all i need though: muzzleloader buck & bull tags and plenty of good...
  33. HIcountryman


    Has anyone has success on elk with 300 gr Aerolite platinum Powerbelt bullet? It worked great on deer. Shot behind shoulder with no rib contact. I heard powerbelts are pure lead= soft, not enough oomph inside cavity once they penetrate... I have the Thor one size fits all, but havent had time...
  34. HIcountryman

    Antsy for draw results!

    Getting so excited for draw results. If i get any choice i made for deer i will be loving it! Choices 1 through 3 are realistic for their positions, 4th is shot in the dark to fill out choices. Point as first choice for elk (will =6 resident pts) and hope to get my 2nd choice as i got it last...
  35. HIcountryman

    CO turkey?

    Anyone have any knowledge of CO unit 30 for spring turkey they would be willing to share via PM? I ll be heading over there fri through sunday. I have a starting point picked out but any additional help would be great. I would normally just go and figure it out, but i got married Jan 1 and...
  36. HIcountryman


    Outfoxed another hunter on a nice public land bird! Unsuccessful guy was yelping his head off, the tom was gobbling back to him alot. Meanwhile i softly talked back to his hens and eventually snuck around and called him away and dropped him at 40 yards. No photo, got to get to work!
  37. HIcountryman

    Flank steak

    Here we go. Flank steak or skirt or whatever u call it... I didnt think this cut was that great when i tried it before. This one has been in fridge a couple days. Trimmed it liberally and tenderized with blade Jaccard tenderizer. I ll marinade in balsamic vinegar and avocado oil, then pan fry...
  38. HIcountryman

    New cva paramount

    Anybody heard much about it? I thought buying new nitride accura v2 last year that i ll not have to buy another mzzleloader.... then they come out with this new one! A bit pricey, only comes in .45 cal - which is not legal for elk in some states... i m sure it has a hell of a velocity but...
  39. HIcountryman

    Skull fissures

    Any you biologist-types know much about skull fissures? Do they indicate age or more general health/robustness? Check out these skull fissures. It would seem the white skull would be oldest... but skullcap buck has most pronounced fissures. Any thoughts?
  40. HIcountryman

    My first time...

    This was the first huge antler i found. It was on top of a large rock, about waist-high, on steep hillside/canyon wall. Someone or something dragged it up there? Or maybe it was dropped on rock by buck? It has 6" bases and a cool curly point between front and back forks.
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