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  1. hornkiller

    Sportsman's Tags?

    If you do go guided Brad turner knows how to find and kill giant rams!
  2. hornkiller

    For Sale Garage Clean Sale

    Pm Sent
  3. hornkiller


    Hell yes grab me a case bess!
  4. hornkiller

    My Wife’s 6x6 Colorado Bull

    Thats good stuff right there congrats!
  5. hornkiller

    WY 128, here we go.

    Thats a dam nice buck with or without the tape!
  6. hornkiller


    What are you doing in co on a atv bess?
  7. hornkiller

    Sportsman's Tags?

    Just as long as you can keep a tramp stamp off the kill photos!
  8. hornkiller

    Few favorites from this year with my main man!

    Very nice I'll bet you are the greatest big buck killer ever in his eyes!
  9. hornkiller


    Don't worry bess he has enough money he would just pay for the doe as we'll!
  10. hornkiller


    Well I hope homer pm's me his new handle just so I know!
  11. hornkiller

    Covid and Taxidermy

    Well i know 2 different guys that tan and taxi everything they touch. so I guess I will have my mounts back before all the guys using taxi's that have to send capes out!
  12. hornkiller

    Monroe Late Bull...

    Awesome man congrats!
  13. hornkiller

    Utah's Sportsman's Tag Filled

    Was this a town buck?
  14. hornkiller

    Utah's Sportsman's Tag Filled

    Thats a really nice hat!
  15. hornkiller


    Pimping tags at its finest nobody could do it better than ut!
  16. hornkiller

    Utah Game Wardens

    Go fishing you will get checked! That involves no guns and no hiking welcome to ut!
  17. hornkiller

    WY 128, here we go.

    That's awesome congrats! He looks every bit of 180 in the pics!
  18. hornkiller

    For Sale 10" Hoffman Hunter

    Thats alot of money to spend on a new boot company! But they might be worth it? I took a chance on athlon scopes that I've never heard of and bought from camera land. Very glad I did because I love them! I will never own another vortex after using athlon's!
  19. hornkiller

    Got to do something

    Its not hunting when your shooting that far! What are you teaching a kid shooting at 6,7,9,1000 yards? Man up and get in there and HUNT the animal!
  20. hornkiller

    My ram is home

    Beautiful mount and dandy ram!
  21. hornkiller

    Yosemite RailRoad

    Tough old boys back then with some huge nuts thats crazy stuff right there!
  22. hornkiller

    Covid and Taxidermy

    Not if you have a taxidermist that does his own tanning😉
  23. hornkiller

    Got to do something

    I dont agree with 1000 yard shooting but I would bet the amount of big bucks getting killed at 600+ is a very slim percentage! Most states are moving or already at opportunity not quality hunting!
  24. hornkiller

    Last Minute Nebo Bear Help

    I just spent 9 days on the unit and covered alot of ground in the boots. I never see any tracks whatsoever!
  25. hornkiller

    Tundra or Silverado

    Can't go wrong with a chev or a toy! Tundra's love to drink more fuel.
  26. hornkiller

    Sportsman's Elk Tag Filled

    I have also heard that a bunch of bulls got out of the ranch from the fire 2 years ago. now they are killing giant non typ wild bulls huh kinda weird!
  27. hornkiller

    MM website???

    Ask randy to help you Lahey!
  28. hornkiller

    2020 Pauns Cactus buck

    Thats awesome I would of pounded him!
  29. hornkiller

    My 2020 buck

    Thanks again guys!
  30. hornkiller

    Sportsman's Elk Tag Filled

    Wade lemon knows about the farm animals! Im sure someone still has the pics?
  31. hornkiller

    Heard UDWR head guy got canned?

    Who wants to make a bet he comes from $.f.w.?
  32. hornkiller

    Is this good

    Thats a sweet ram congrats to all involved!
  33. hornkiller

    The River Of Tears!!!

    I only read your 1st post for 30 seconds and Joey sounds like he has been hanging out with $.f.w. for way to long!
  34. hornkiller

    Is this rocky big enough to shoot on Utah.

    I would love to see you kill a ram the guide is after!
  35. hornkiller

    Head butting a Game Warden. SMDH.

    How did the hunt turn out?
  36. hornkiller

    Locked bucks

    Ted just helping out!
  37. hornkiller

    Kaiparowitz HAMS Hunt

    I would be a nice guy and hire her a guide if I was you!
  38. hornkiller

    Get ready!

    They have finally listened to you bess! Now they will fix your deer problems.
  39. hornkiller

    unlimited Elk tags?

    Lmfao they are trying to save your deer heard!
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