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    NR limits

    I’d make every unit 4 point minimum. Besides maybe a kids first buck shooting two point mule deer should t be happening.
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    NR limits

    That kind of depends on what the majority of residents want in management. If the majority want to be able to continue hunting with friends and family the way they’ve been doing for generations with liberal seasons and they’re fine with a declining resource then that’s what you get. If the...
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    NR limits

    Managing human pressure is a way of managing deer numbers as well.
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    New to Idaho unit 39

    10 years of experience he should have it dialed in now.
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    30" Idaho buck

    Nice buck.
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    NR Fees

    They’ll still sell out.
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    Score? New to elk hunting looks big to me.

    I’d agree looks like a young bull and I’d call him around 320.
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    Kentucky Elk

    Nice bull. I’d like to have seen them load that bull up whole like that.
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    9/11 Find. Hike turned Into a shed Hunt.

    Very likely a once in a lifetime find. I’d be spending a lot of time trying to match it up.
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    What does this bull score?

    Looks 340’s to me.
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    Henry’s management tag???

    Smac ”Smacking the G3 off” isn’t legal. The buck in the video is legal by definition of the law. You have zero idea whether that buck always has that antler configuration based on genetics or if something unfortunate happened to him this year.
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    Henry’s management tag???

    Sorry but if that was legal for a management buck I’d drop him in a heart beat. We don’t make the rules just have to follow them.
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    IFG Antelope Proposal

    That’ll have a very minimal effect on draw odds. It’s only taking a very small percentage of applicants out of the pool.
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    truck tires poll

    I’ve had good luck with Goodyear MTR’s and Duratracs. Gotten 50k to 60k with both. I’ve also had good luck with Toyo AT’s and gotten similar wear with them. They’re a bit quieter on the hiway but still do well in snow and ice.
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    I’ve just seen a discussion with differing opinions. No problem with that.
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    If you would never sell the tags I’m having trouble understanding why you’d like the system changes at all from the current way landowners receive tags.
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    If you’re giving back then why would you ask to have the ability to sell LOP tags. That would defeat the purpose of giving back because you’d be asking for compensation at that point.
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    I If landowners got vouchers they could sell do you still think they should get depredation money?
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    Looking to buy Recreation Land N. Idaho?

    If you’re looking for waterfront in north Idaho I hope you have deep pockets.
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    Do they “Give back to the animals” or do they ask for crop depredation money from F&G which comes from funds provided through the sales of hunting licenses and tags.
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    You mean farmers are pimping wildlife and crying about crop depredation for money. My mind is blown.......
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    A farmer allowing elk to get into stored round bails is far different than crop damage. There’s absolutely no reason why a farmer can’t properly secure his winter feed so that elk aren’t able to get into it.
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    Farmers shouldn’t have an option to receive any crop depredation money unless their ground is open for everyone to hunt.
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    Absolutely not. If the wildlife is public then they shouldn’t get anything extra.
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    Poaching Question

    I would’ve thought if it was a poached animal they’d want to take the whole head but who knows.
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    This is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve read on this forum.
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    7mm STW Remington SPS

    It’s only two years old there’s a chance.
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    Guys that need help on hunts

    Holy thread resurrection Batman.
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    That’s all a theory also not a fact. I’d agree with most of it but it’s still a theory. There isn’t really any way to prove what effect the internet or magazines have had on areas. You can however prove that the odds to draw have significantly decreased since points systems were instituted.
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    If you want facts then look at the draw odds for general hunts in Wyoming now vs prior to the point system. The fact is that every state that has instituted a point system has substantially more applicants trying to bank a chance at getting a tag someday than they ever had in the past. So if you...
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    Tag return deadline

    Alternate list is out now.
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    If you like the states with points so much why don’t you move back to one of them. I’m assuming you moved to Idaho from California or Washington.
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    Do you think changing to a point system would make it easier to draw a tag then with more resident applicants?
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    How are you figuring that “most hunters want it”?
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    Where will he end up scoring?

    Yes sir I’d say you’re right on.
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    Best way to sight in a rifle?

    The question was asked how to sight in a rifle. An option was offered that’s it. If you didn’t like it I’m sorry.
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    NR general deer tags....GONE!

    Montana actually isn’t guaranteed for what they’d consider OTC either. I put in for a general deer tag this year and didn’t get one. I think it may be close to 50% chances now for a general tag but I could be a little off.
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    NR general deer tags....GONE!

    There’s no answer that’s going to make everyone happy.
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    NR general deer tags....GONE!

    I bet most of them went to guys who are still residing in those states.
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    NR general deer tags....GONE!

    I figured they’d go before August 1st.
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