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  1. hornkiller

    Locked bucks

    Ted just helping out!
  2. hornkiller

    Trump bull

  3. hornkiller

    2020 goat

    We have been watching/trying to kill this buck for 3 years but he is a crafty bugger! I know his routine pretty good but a freak snow storm had me a little worried! Low and behold he kept up with what he usually does. It took me a few hours of playing cat and mouse on opening day but i finally...
  4. hornkiller

    My 2020 buck

    well it happened again! I spotted him at 1600 yards at 1st light on opening and could just tell he had a decent rack. Me and lil bro dipped into the pines and snuck into about 400 yards of where he disappeared into a his patch of pines. At noon he popped out at 291 yards i took one quick look...
  5. hornkiller

    New ford for bess

    here you go buddy you can cruise all over the bookcliffs with this bad boy!
  6. hornkiller

    Marching for the white man

    ya the cop that killed floyd george should be hung! But when are people gonna march for white people? I respect all law enforcement but with everything in this world some bad apples involved anywhere you go! Looks like the white man is in the lead! should someone tell all the protesters?
  7. hornkiller

    Wy ticks

    is everyone getting ticks or is it just me or the spot I was hiking? I pulled 41 ticks off me throughout opening day and my skin is still crawling!
  8. hornkiller

    Iso tw200 or fatcat

    I'm looking for a used tw200 or a Honda fatcat. Pm me is best for me.
  9. hornkiller

    Iso slumberjack

    Hey guys I'm looking for the original slumber jack rail hauler. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. hornkiller

    2019 buck

  11. hornkiller

    Kimber or Christensen

    Looking to get a kimber or Christensen. 280 A.I. Or another similar priced rig. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  12. hornkiller

    Scare 20s .308

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-14-19 AT 06:56PM (MST)[p]Listing for my brother. Dam auto correct! its actually a scar rifle. only 40 rounds down it! Scar 20s .308 $2700 for gun and case. he also has a viper hs-t 6-24x50 vh1 reticle $3000 with scope $2700 without Contact Luke for further...
  13. hornkiller

    Real heroe

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-30-19 AT 05:32AM (MST)[p]This guy is a bada$$!
  14. hornkiller

    Sitka pack

    This sitka mountain hauler 4000 looks like a bad baby! Anyone have any experience actually hauling heavy loads out with it?
  15. hornkiller


    Who else is happy to see hank jr. Take back Monday night football? No sure who the limp wrist boyband/new gay country guys they had with him last year but it's much better now!
  16. hornkiller


    I been waiting for archery bull elk pics your slacking this year!
  17. hornkiller


    All this camo is new without tags never worn in excellent like brand new condition! 1st up is core4element XL Breathable light weight 1/4 zip. 2nd is a core4element XL mid weight 1/4 zip. 3rd is core4element 36 pant not sure of the name. I will take $125 o.b.o. shipped for the hard to...
  18. hornkiller

    Free sheep hunt
  19. hornkiller

    A cure all!

    Bad hip? Bad knee? This will fix anything!
  20. hornkiller

    Well bess

    Did ya get your elk tag? Hey homer go #### yourself!
  21. hornkiller


    Another great stone hunt!
  22. hornkiller


    Hopefully it's a fair called game!
  23. hornkiller

    39 day stone sheep

    On the trail of chadwick. This is a pretty good watch!
  24. hornkiller

    Tripods & pistol grip

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-08-19 AT 06:47PM (MST)[p]1st up I have a manfrotto 7322yb-BB tripod. manfrotto pistol grip tripod head looking to get $100 shipped. Text or call 307-747-1739 2nd up vangaurd Espod 203AP. $60 shipped.
  25. hornkiller

    Swarovski 65mm

    Up for sale Swarovski 20-60?65mm with snug fit neoprene stay on cover and foam padded carry case. In great shape no damage to the body the lenses are scratch free! Asking $1200 Will throw in vangaurd espod 203AP for another $50. Text or call 3077471739
  26. hornkiller

    Battle arms

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-24-18 AT 02:41PM (MST)[p]Listing for my brother. Battle arms development limited edition vader 223 wylde. Comes with the case. Has had less than 100 round down the barrel! Asking $2000. They go for $3400 brand new. Contact Luke 3077475405
  27. hornkiller


    He is serious!
  28. hornkiller

    Little jelly

    Of this guy!
  29. hornkiller

    Give away

    Go enter for some free hunting gear and stuff
  30. hornkiller

    My freak

    My 2018 goat. I've killed bigger goats and I found bigger goats but he turned me on when I found him before the hunt! Sorry about the pics I was solo only packing my phone. .
  31. hornkiller

    One man band

    This guy is pretty good
  32. hornkiller


    How big is he boys?
  33. hornkiller

    mike trout

    Any baseball fans on here? They are saying Mike trout is a modern day Mickey mantle and if you don't see that you don't know baseball! I'm a N.Y. fan and don't really care for the angels but the guy is really impressive! Maybe he needs to go to a real dynasty and head to the east coast...
  34. hornkiller

    Card hits?

    When will we start to see charges from the deer draw?
  35. hornkiller


    Good on the n.f.l.! If you cant stand for the anthem stay in the locker room!!!
  36. hornkiller


    Sorry for the wrong year cam! Lets see your pics and dont wait so long to respond this time!
  37. hornkiller


    C'mon dude you got alot of people really wanting to know about your recent trip! post some pics up dont leave us hanging.
  38. hornkiller

    Trump Jr kills a ram

    Pretty good watch they kill 3 stones.
  39. hornkiller

    Wth kuiu bino harness

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-11-18 AT 05:36PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jan-11-18 AT 05:35?PM (MST) WTB sorry fat fingers. Im looking for a kuiu XL bino harness in good shape. If anyone has one or know where to find one i would live to buy it. Kuiu won't have any till mid March and knowing kuiu that will be...
  40. hornkiller

    WTB swaro 15x56 "HD"

    Just looking to upgrade! Anyone know of a pair for sale let me know. Thanks!
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