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    Idaho wild sheep foundation raffles

    No idea. It sure is a pain tho.
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    Idaho wild sheep foundation raffles

    Hey all check out these 3 raffles that Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation is running since our banquet had to be canceled plus our state wide bighorn raffle. Some great prizes to be had and some phenomenal odds right now with only 3 weeks remaining to get tickets! Help us put more sheep on the...
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    Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation raffles

    Hey all check out these 3 raffles that Idaho wild sheep is running since our banquet had to be canceled plus our state wide bighorn raffle. Some great prizes to be had and some phenomenal odds right now with only 3 weeks remaining to get tickets!
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    Alaska Peak Rut Hunt for Big Bull Moose

    I’ve hunted with Wayne for sheep and can attest to how awesome he is and his area! He kills HUGE moose too.
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    Cmon sheep

    I got lucky in Idaho as a resident and drew the second year I applied for sheep. When I lived in NM I applied for almost 20 years till I gave up last year as a NR. hoping to draw NV one day!
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    Should land owner tags be unit wide??

    Amen founder. The sooner sportsmen and private landowner stop fighting and start working together the sooner we can see more positive things happen for Wildlife and the agriculture industry.
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    Sheep - Moose - Goat

    I can’t even draw a damn ewe tag with 4 points. Lol.
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    Swarovski STS 20-60x65 spotter

    $1700 includes shipping. Insurance would be extra. Spotter is in great shape. No scratches in the glass. I am missing the large front lens cap. I’ve babied this spotter and is a great one I’m just looking to upgrade to the larger one. Can provide more specific pics if you’re interested...
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    Controlled hunt bonus / preference points

    I just talked to a buddy of mine with IDFG and he said that NO Idaho is NOT going to a point system. You should be able to expect a news release clarifying that attachment from the commission conference call soon.
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    Wyoming Draw

    >looks like we'll have to start >a point system for doe >fawn antelope. no joke! thanks GoHunt, Huntinfool, Epic, Eastmans, etc...
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    Goat, Moose, Sheep?

    I couldn't even draw a ewe tag this year with 3 points. LOL maybe next year.
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    Reduced Doe/Fawn Antelope

    > >The way the apps are set >up you will have to >apply for 2 tags in >separate drawings, no way to >put in 2 tags on >one app, well one box >to check for the drawing. > >Yes in the past you could >check the box and apply >for 2 tags on one >application. I was able to select a...
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    What oil tag did you apply for?

    I was told they fired the contractor from last year and they have a new one. Turkey took 18 days this year and bear took 12. Hopefully soon!!
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    Pack animals for hire? Sawtooth region

    like others have said. have to be a licensed guide to do pack out services in Idaho. I looked when I had a frank church sheep tag and was unable to find anyone so I did it 100% backpack. the other option you have would be to look into stock rentals. there are several pack goat rental places...
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    What oil tag did you apply for?

    Goats. wonder if we will get results this week....years past it was as fast as the 14th!
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    OIL Draw

    May 17th or 24th is my guess. should be before memorial day. they were pretty speedy with bear and turkey draws so hopefully we won't have another late draw like we did last year.
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    Interesting article, worth looking at.

    this is a joke. NR take it in the shorts in NM these days. one thing that Brandon Winn fails to realize is the outfitted pool can include residents as well as NR so I don't think he can be 100% certain that residents are getting shorted 4% of the tags. I think they should do away with the...
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    Idaho sheep

    California's are struggling from disease like fish and game said in that unit and others. hence the tag reductions. hopefully they can get those herds turned around soon before they have to close hunting. I did some lamb recruitment counts last year and it ranged from some groups with 0 lambs...
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    Unit 34 Elk

    >jekennedy, really appreciate the tip, and >I will do that for >sure. Time to start >researching spotting scopes! I've >never head any use for >one before. You cant >see more than 75yds for >90% of the hunting I >do. > >Also, kimbersig, earlier in the thread >I asked what you were...
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    Unit 34 Elk

    congrats. 34 is a great unit for elk. you should have a blast. they will probably still be bugling a little in the mornings to help you locate. I would look towards the lower elevation in the PJ country and not just limit yourself to the higher elevation stuff around Cloudcroft.
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    Unit 34 Mule Deer

    did you research 34 mule deer at all before you applied? or did you just look at draw odds in gohunt? I grew up in that unit and stopped hunting it cause it is such a shitty deer unit. good luck. you should be able to find a forky but trophy animals are few and far between and usually on...
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    Aoudad Info

    ya good luck with that question. OTC barbary is really tough and getting tougher with all the social media hunters posting pics. I hunted both the OTC and draw areas this year with a buddy that had a tag. I wouldn't spend any of my vacation on the OTC area's anymore just cause I'm looking for...
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    Idaho Moose Rut?

    end of sept/first of oct.
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    Wife and kids antelope hunt????

    from what I know you have the low down on each of those units and what it has going against them. 12-13" bucks shouldn't be hard to turn up in any unit. i'd pick based on access (don't forget to look up to see if there are Walk in Areas in those units) and your scenic qualities you're...
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    Missouri breaks Boat Type

    how slow is the MO flowing through the breaks? would a drift boat work or would you want the motor in case winds pick up?
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    Spring bear draw

    nada for me
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    Stone sheep raffle

    Here is a great opportunity to win a stone sheep hunt. Only 500 tickets will be sold. $100 a piece. Proceeds go to Idaho wild sheep foundation.
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    General draw odds

    thanks! do you know why they wait so long to post draw odds? most states have that available right away.
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    General draw odds

    anyone know when MT usually posts the previous years draw odds? all i'm finding is 2017 and earlier.
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    cow hunt

    you'd have to buy a landowner tag as NR. all cow tags go to residents now in NM. i'd look at unit 34. they have LOTS of landowner cow tags.
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    Residency Requirement Question - Moving Post Draw

    call them or email them to be safe. but when I left NM it was after I applied. they told me I was good to go as long as I was a resident when I purchased my license and applied for my hunts.
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    Colorado mule deer

    there are no general season mule deer tags in CO. all draw. all the info you are wanting to know about tag numbers are online on CPW's website
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    Diamond creek elk

    i'm a resident and I think they need to do away with OTC deer and elk. I would like to see Unlimited first choice only for the "general season" I think it would cut down on the # of hunters using the General tags as a back up and would increase the draw odds for the more coveted tags...
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    Mathews chill x

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    Mathews chill x

    Pm returned.
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    Mathews chill x

    Price drop to $375 plus actual shipping costs
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    Mathews chill x

    Selling my chill x. 70 lb limbs 29? draw. Comes with 4 maxima red sd arrows and hard case. If you're interested in the sight or rest we can talk. $400 + actual shipping cost. PayPal friends and family preferred...
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    Leupold gold ring12-40x60 spotter

    Price drop to $750
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