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    CWMU expansion?

    Reading through the PDF comments to the RAC I had a thought. The state is continually trying auctioning off wildlife to raise money. Why not cap the number of CWMU per region, then auction off the CWMU license? Similar to liquor licenses, oil leases, etc. Do them on 5yr rotations. Seems...
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    Happy Fire day!!!!!

    Wishing you and yours a happy fire day. ID imagine the peaceful and kindness crowd will light up a few blocks of SLC. Good luck to you all!! Notice founder. Not a political word spoken👍😄
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    Minimum kid age question

    I see its 12. But does that mean 12 when the hunt starts, 12 by the end of the hunt, or 12 that calender year? Wyo web page doesnt let me search for the specific. Thx
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    VOTE!! Pro hunting constitutional ammendment

    Might not hurt to ask neutral folks for a yes also.
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    Elk hunt 2020

    Got home yesterday. I could show pics of of empties, but my 9 yr old is still fuming me and his 14yr old brother missed a chip shot, twice each. We are now "going to tge range to learn how to shoot better". 9 yr Olds are brutally honest. Few take aways: 1. Hunter who died last year on the...
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    Racist racoon? BLM at its finest

    Just watch
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    Michael Berry, the voice for Americans

    KTRH on iheart radio. 7-10am. and 4-6pm Been a fan for years. If you'd like a voice for everyday man, working man, business owners, you should check him out
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    Been a good month for public land Rough month fro the Bishop/Lee crowd. First GAOA, now their hero is gone.
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    Don jr. Meateater

    I had opinions on a rich kid. Last 30 min. I won't lie, my opinions changed.
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    Shut up and pay the bill!!

    I got my property tax notice last week. This week the folks that I pay with it are giving me the finger? Might be time to enforce those contracts. 180...
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    Utah’s Senators and all but one congressman just $&*% on Utah sportsmen.

    The Great American outdoor act passed the Senate and Congress. Ben McAdams, Utah’s lone lib, and congressman from liberal Utah, voted to support Utah’s sportsmen. Mike Lee, Mitt Romney, John Curtis, Rob Bishop, Chris Steward voted a big double finger to Utah’s sportsmen. I realize in today’s...
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    Annual Flat Brim and Mtn Ops invasion.

    Just a heads up to anyone not aware, the line of Toyota’s rolling into town isn’t a Japanese invasion, it TAC time. Gonna be lots of muscle shirts, flat brims, and black canisters in town. Starbucks will be around the block, Whole Foods over capacity, and Sushi joints with 3hour waits. If you...
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    Good podcast on Utah Mule deer research
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    Call Mike Lee NOW!

    This is one of those times where guys who hunt,fish, recreate on public land need to set down the R and fight for their own personal interests. We are super close to getting full and dedicated funding at $900 million for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Guess who is putting up all sorts...
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    Try to forget this pic

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    Slamdunk its time

    No secret I'm no fan of the expo. But I try to be open minded. MDF is part of the expo. But they, unlike another group are doing it right. I talk chit publically. So I'm joining publically. Slam send me the link. I'm a MDF member, because of good dudes like Slamdunk
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    Depoe Bay open?

    Wife and I did the PCH last year and LOVED it. Stayed in Depoe Bay I want to run up and stay there couple nights maybe do some fishing. Is anything open up there? Besides the Pot shops?
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    Bess. Stay with us Brother

    Well here it is. Another year. The sun came up. Life goes on. Can we all take a minute and encourage Bess. It's ok man. I'm sure there will still be elk on the San Juan in 10 years. I'm sure of it. MM brothera, our friend Bess is right now chugging Dew, and screaming at the moon. Can we...
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    I stand corrected The trio of dumbest most useless politicians is in a full blown drag race now. Cuomo bills hero's. Newsome buys booze and weed for the homeless. Two bit...
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    Dear freaking GAWD I'm the guy who tries to convince dudes the R is dangerous in public lands. DUMP the R I tell guys. I'm no D by A long shot, but HOLY HELL, I might be R++ by the time this is over. But my GAWD. It's a lost cause. Between Newsome list of "approved" activities and now this...
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    How are auction tag prices compared to previous years? Wondering what this paranoia has done to them.
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    100k dead. Hundreds of thousands hospitalized. The hippies had Woodstock in the middle.
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    Here comes the lawyers

    As the geniuses in statehouses close beaches and seed isles, now here comes the blood suckers. Trial lawyers are now looking for ways to sue any buisness because they "are spreading" the Wuhan.
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    First Wuhan death WEEKS earlier We are all now closet epidemiologists. But. Community spread in California I mid January. That they know for sure. I'm betting they find deaths in mid to early Jan. In fact I'm betting there was death in 2019. I...
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    We are all going to be weird, how weird?

    This Wuhan virus will succeed in one thing for sure. It's going to make EVERYONE weird. How weird are you going to be? Ted Kaczynski weird? Something less?
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    Peoples Republic of California

    As Michigan is now suing its governor. As is N Carolina, Viginia, Kentucky. Protests are starting to mount in several other states. WTH are you people in California doing...
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    Hunters safety, will be interesting

    Had my boy signed up to start last week, then the Wuhan struck. Anyone doing it now? How's the field day video going? I wanted him to do the class, listening to a smart guy is better than dumb dad And a computer.
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    CNN. WTF? No comment. It speaks for itself
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    The panic has ended, we need more!!

    Opportunity is slipping away for the tyrants, dictators, and opportunists. Better start just making it up.
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    How many rights you gave up today?

    As I sit here looking at my country in the last month I'm pretty amazed. We have: Shutdown the economy Dumped a 4 trillion dollar bill onto our grandkids Given up our rights to assemble Rights to move freely Any right to privacy Right to perform commerce Right to practice religion Right...
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    Remember when the US lead the way?

    Looks like we are just sheep after all. And you know what happens to sheep Who would have guessed Sweeden would be the world's new superpower? Pretty much anyone who didn't think pouring gas...
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    Utah raises NR fees, a ton! Pretty sneaky to wait until after applications so you NR guys couldn't burn points this year. Sure be nice if the mtn state's could get together a compact to hold prices for NR from other mtn states.
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    Corona is causing Honesty

    Sure hope you boys are ready, especially you flat brimmers, the old boys have made their peace with it. With all the shutdowns the ladies are going to take it hard. No hair coloring, eyebrow waxes, cuts No Lipo, lip injections No boob jobs, vaginal rejuvenation(actually a billboard for this...
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    Is it a Utah thing?

    Church is shut down. I've seen folks stretching their legs the last few Sundays. Couples out for a walk. But in their "Sunday best". Ladies in dresses, dudes in suits. The ain't congregating, just getting fresh air. WTH is that about? Are my Jewish friends out on Friday night walking...
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    The United States of East Germany 3 weeks ago I posted about police surrounding a subdivision in Cali and enforcing a quarantine. This is America? We now go door to door demanding "papers"? We put up checkpoints...
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    GM should be banned

    Trump didn't invoke defense act, hoping industry would step up. Many did. But GM, decided to 'negotiate". After tge taxpayers of this country bailed their sorry asses out of the last recession, they had enough balks to not jump in? Props to Tesla and Ford.
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    3.3million unemployed THIS WEEK

    Well. Here it is. THE ACTUAL COST OF THE PANIC. 3 million shut down Entire industries GONE. And don't fool yourself. There isn't a buisness in the country that is going to take SBA loans to "survive". Survive what? A few weeks until the depression hits? The infantile "someone could die"...
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    Time to end points

    Talked to a young guy at supply yard. Like everyone he is worrying about his job. Supposed to be getting married this summer. I'm sick of virus so we talked hunting. He made an interesting point. He found it pretty ironic that the same old guys who scream bloody murder about dumping the...
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    How long does America tolerate this? I saw the dog catcher, and the code enforcer out today. How either is "essential" I'll never know. Utah congressman "felt like he was getting a cold and was tired" tgen jumped on a plane...
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    Anyone heard ftom Greta Thornberg?

    Well? Green new deal? Ukraine? Collusion? Global Warming? Tell me again how the media doesn't drive panic?
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