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    Beaver Mtn. Goat

    Awesome Mount.
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    Beaver Mtn. Goat

    AWESOME TAG! 11 POINTS!! DAMN LUCKY> If you need any further help send me a message. We saw a few goats a couple weeks ago.
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    My NM pronghorn

    Great BUCK! Congrats
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    The famous poacher

    I remember when that OTC giant typical was killed. Now we know. sad. I think one of these guys works for the local fire department too. The sentencing isn't enough in my opinion and poaching has and will always continue
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    101-109 deer tag, but avoiding the Rubies

    you ever go by Southern half of Goshute mountains? went in there on an antelope tag once and I remember glassing up a few deer around the guzzlers. Never went back but I also never hunt deer in that area.
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    Any Bears Down?

    Awesome Bears!
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    Would you buy a tag?

    Yep! Im in 100% removing only 12k animals wont even make a dent. I also feel their numbers are low! id say 100k + or more feral horses in the west.
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    Antelope first week or second week?

    Trophy hunting? hunt before opening day and kill your buck on the opener. If you want the place to yourself then go during the last week.
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    Great Story. Thanks
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    Fish Lake Elk

    Plenty of elk outside those areas. It’s a decent tag forsure. You shouldn’t have any problem finding bulls on the early hunt. Beautiful country.
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    im a nonresident trying to get the difference refund thats available but they don't make it easy. Unless im not seeing something?
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    Thanks but I already applied. Its a done deal and since the draw is done so fast I was surprised they charged the tag fee too when I applied for a point only. Then I saw how they charge it all and its up to me to request a refund? wth is that? all I wanted was a point and to make it worst they...
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    Refunds for Moose/Sheep/Goat

    Yep that totally sucks. Problem is i'm also accruing interest but in a negative way! California requires you to send a letter to get a refund for a deer point!! wth? first time applying in CA and I have never heard of anything like that anywhere.
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    CA Draw Coming Up, What to Do?

    How do I submit for the refund of the nonresident deer tag. Only wanted a point but I still have to submit fora refund? Cant find it anywhere on the CA website. Thanks
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    Refunds for Moose/Sheep/Goat

    I’m a non? So you already got yours?
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    Refunds for Moose/Sheep/Goat

    Yep. We apply for those states too. and Thats my complaint. We have 1 CC dedicated to hunting apps and its getting pretty bad expensive all across the west. But we all keep paying it. Soooo
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    Refunds for Moose/Sheep/Goat

    Some BS they keep our funds for this long after the draw. Gains a little interest when you apply 3 people on the same card.
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    When should I hunt? Sep 1 - Oct 31
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    I’m looking forward to it forsure. Backpack style hunt from what I’m hearing
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    Draw results

    That’s how I read it too. So I draw the tag and return it I’ll get my points back but loose the money for the tag. That’s fine. It’s a good problem to have I guess. Thanks
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    Draw results

    Question: If I didn’t want to draw the tag I applied for because I already filled my season is there a way to pullout of the drawing? But I still want a point for the year. Or do I have to draw the tag and then return it and pay the price? Thanks
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    Any recommendation on a guide? Mountain Man? Secret pass?
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    Mule Deer 221-223 Late any weapon

    GREAT TAG! One of the best in the state. The whole unit holds deer during the late hunt. Its more about covering ground and glassing for groups of deer. Those last couple days of your hunt will be awesome! Goodluck
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    Never stepped foot in the unit but ill be headed up to the Jackson Mountains ASAP. Might consider hiring a guide only package because of how far the drive is, but I know I can it it done with some help from you guys! Either way I cant wait to go. Unreal Feeling.
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    Wanted 300 Remington Ultra Brass

    I have some and im in Nevada. Where are you located? pm sent
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    Our Axis for your??????

    pm sent
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    DIY for Nevada Elk

    GO DIY.
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    SOLD Zeiss Conquest 15x56 HD

    where are you located?
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    What Moose Unit?

    Looking for local knowledge. Ill be applying again this year and looking at numbers was wondering on what tag you guys would go for? I usually apply for one of the far north units. Are the moose numbers way down? Is it even worth it anymore? Just curious if anyone had input they'd be willing to...
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    I have Brit Spaniel gun dog and im looking for hunters in southern Nevada who have already trained bird dogs to run mine with. Hes getting the hang of it but I know if he saw other trained dogs he would pick it up much faster. I can supply training birds. Thanks
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    Good luck to everyone on CC hits today!

    No CC hit and my results say pending? did you guys get your results?
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    Southern New Mexico coues!

    You have my attention. So are you offering the hunts at a discount? prices? I know the draw is a little ways out so you have time.
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    Nevada desert sheep 162-163

    PM sent
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    DIY Mexico Coues through Jay Scott?

    I'm also interested in this hunt. Either with Jay or another outfitter. Let us know what you find out. Thanks
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    Elk unit 25

    Is this unit worth cashing in some points on? I have heard good and bad. Looking to talk to someone with on the ground experience in the unit. Let me know. I can help with hunting Info in several states. Thanks
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    Swarovski 10x42 EL Range w/ Outdoorsmans Stud

    Where are you located?
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    Unit 102 Mountain Goat

    soooo do we get to see a pic? did you harvest a Billy?
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    WTB 15x56

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