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  1. Squaw

    SOLD Javelin Lite Bipod Long

    2nd in line
  2. Squaw

    Berger VLD Hunting 7mm 168 grain

    Pm sent
  3. Squaw

    Kaibab late rifle

    Friday morning for sure!!!! I’ll be out of service till Sunday morning My 10 year old is hoping for a hit.
  4. Squaw

    Bullet type

    Push that 140 VLD hard and don’t look back.
  5. Squaw

    Draw question

    get your app in, your still able to apply
  6. Squaw


    Why are they showing Utah deer for the Wyoming tag???
  7. Squaw


    Thanks. I hadn’t heard they were out.
  8. Squaw


    And how do we know that already?? I have a hunt I’m curious about.
  9. Squaw

    EXO k2 3500

    Belt size?
  10. Squaw

    Good luck to everyone on CC hits today!

    How many points did you have?
  11. Squaw

    Point Guard

    I Have a youth who doesn’t have a portal account. I’m assuming he can’t buy point guard correct??
  12. Squaw

    Youth Portal Account

    This is his first year eligible to apply. I bought him a license and have him a sportsman’s id now. We will get applied soon. Thanks for the help
  13. Squaw

    Youth Portal Account

    Trying to create a portal account and apply for the upcoming hunts for a youth, says you need to be 13 to create
  14. Squaw

    WTS Vortex Razor 65mm HD Angled

    I have $100. I'll send you the shipping info. Thanks
  15. Squaw

    Wyoming W-131 Deer

    Do you have a 102 tag? Or a region W tag? If you have a region W tag your not able to hunt 102 nor 101
  16. Squaw

    Unit 31 Coues

    Pm sent
  17. Squaw

    AZ deer

    Friday morning
  18. Squaw

    Elks 1 under max best option

    Last I checked wilderness is available as soon as he gains resident status, regardless of what his tag says.
  19. Squaw

    Mule deer vs Coues

    Thanks guys for the responses If the deadline was today I would probably apply for a coues tag as my 2nd choice. I would love to hunt the late kaibab someday but in reality that could still be 25+ years out. I think I'd rather hunt the lesser coues deer😳😂a few times in that 25 year span
  20. Squaw

    Mule deer vs Coues

    The ?what would you give for a Kaibab tag? has me thinking that it might be time to skip applying for Mule deer and start hunting the smaller coues With point creep I'll prob never see a late Kaibab tag and I can hunt Muleys in Colorado/Wyoming/Utah every year if wanted. Are the early...
  21. Squaw

    What would you give for a kiabab tag this year?

    I'd give all of my 9 points for a late tag
  22. Squaw

    Explain expo tags to a NR?

    It would work but you better check the dates of the expo.
  23. Squaw

    November onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    I need that app!
  24. Squaw

    Win a PhoneSkope Prize Package ... Easy to Enter

    I'd like to have a phoneskope
  25. Squaw

    October onX Elite Membership Giveaway

    I want the Hunt app
  26. Squaw

    Who Needs a Colorado Leftover Tag?

    I like this app
  27. Squaw

    onX Elite Membership Giveaway ... Win It!

    I want the hunt app
  28. Squaw

    Outdoorsman Pistol Grip

    Guess I'm stuck with sloppy 4ths if it falls this far
  29. Squaw


    Prettty sure our fearless leader founder made a cameo as well.
  30. Squaw

    AZ late bull

    Awesome hunt. Thanks for sharing. Can I ask where this fellow hunter was from? Please tell me he was a local to arizona.
  31. Squaw

    Point creep

    Only way I see it stopping is to offer more tags. You cant have 1000+ applicants and only offer 50+- tags. If no others jump into the points game, it will take YEARS to clear out the currant applicants
  32. Squaw

    Need some help with Utah

    Just about anywhere in rural Utah will have mullet deer. There are some nice ones in SW wyoming as well. Please share your success pics when you harvest
  33. Squaw

    Bighorn mountain update?

    Coloelkman Sent you a pm. Did you get it?
  34. Squaw

    SKRE Uinta Pants - Win Them!

    I want those pants. I also visited the website. Thanks
  35. Squaw

    Bipod suggestions

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-29-16 AT 06:36PM (MST)[p]Edit
  36. Squaw

    Bipod suggestions I sure like the double crossed shooting sticks. I'm sure this old bull didn't enjoy them. 1 shot from 575 put him right down.
  37. Squaw

    Hardscrabble Pant - WIN It!

    I need hunting pants, and I looked at their site this afternoon. Thanks
  38. Squaw

    WIN a SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear Mad Trapper Hoodie

    I want to win I also took a look at the website
  39. Squaw

    Unit 27 late hunt

    My brother has a tag this year. He has been scouting it pretty hard the past few weekends and not turning much up. He has been down off the rim into some more remote country thinking that is where the elk will be. Anyone been up there bow hunting or deer hunting have any pointers? Could the...
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