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  1. Tristate

    I need some info

    Howdy, My kid and I went bench shooting on Friday. We were both shooting .243 Winchester caliber rifles. After we were done shooting I told my son to pic up all the brass. When he picked up the brass we realized that we had fired one round of .260 Remington through one of the weapons. Not...
  2. Tristate

    When you thought it couldn't get weirder.

    Well here I am in Texas. Youth deer season opens in 3 days. Our general rifle season opens in 10 days. Word is spreading that statewide Walmart is pulling all of their ammo off the shelves and won't sell any to anyone until further notice. Who knows something is about to go down and what do...
  3. Tristate

    Who loves a big ol' muley pedestal mount?

    Here's a special one for a great archery hunter. Glad I got to be there with him to recover. Hope yall get the real big one this year. Cheers.
  4. Tristate

    A Four Year Hunt

    Well folks I thought I would share a great mule deer story. Four years ago in our standard 15 day muley season one of the hunters shared a picture with me of a very large framed typical muley buck. He told me where he had seen it and said he was unsure of its age. My brothers and I ran into...
  5. Tristate

    Pretty Whitetail

    Here's a pretty Whitetail we just finished up. Hope yall all get the big buck you dream of instead the "Rona".
  6. Tristate

    Horrible These were truly great men. A massive amount of damage to TP&W in a split second.
  7. Tristate

    The most ironic news I may have ever heard

    I don't know if yall have heard yet but the CHOP zone in Seattle which was formed against police brutality and Black Lives Matter just shot to death a black teenager and left one barely alive that tried to enter the zone. I guess they decided the only black lives that matter are the ones they...
  8. Tristate

    Let's talk crazy

    I don't think these riots and looting are about George Floyd. Are there people protesting against the police for his death? Yep. I also believe ANTIFA is out there escalating conflicts. But I believe the vast majority of what you see is unemployed, broke, people. I don't think the...
  9. Tristate

    An Honest question

    Okydoky, I don't want to hijack another thread so I am putting this here. So there are some people who disagree with the UDWR's decision to raise NR hunting fees. Many keep bringing up their observation that the General units are full of 2 point deer. They seem very dissatisfied with the...
  10. Tristate

    YES ! YES! YES! Finally some of these officials are starting to remember that they take an oath of office and that oath of office swears allegiance to the US constitution. Here is the Washington Governor's oath...
  11. Tristate

    We should have kept working.

  12. Tristate

    Rules without thought. This is what happens when rules run amok. Stupid people see a problem and the simplest answer to the problem is more rules. It teeters quickly into oppression. Now the real suffering begins. A plague is bad. The...
  13. Tristate

    Do deer actually worry about what is "fair"?

    If you are not a deer, or Dr. Doolittle who talks to deer, then please do not answer the poll question since you obviously can not possibly know what is "fair" to deer. If you are a deer please do not respond with name calling or bigotry towards certain deer demographics which may oppose your...
  14. Tristate

    Hunting Axis

    Well I thought I would give yall a short story. Last weekend while people sat around being angry on their googlers I went hunting with an old friend. He's 82 now. He has tracked buff in Africa. He has chased Wyoming elk. He has hunted whitetail every way imaginable. He wants a truly giant...
  15. Tristate

    Great Hunting In Utah

    Well folks it happened. After years and years I finally drew my very first tag. As luck would have it it was a LE Cougar tag in the Boulder unit of Utah. I was extremely excited. As soon as I was notified I knew exactly who to call. My old buddy Wade Lemon has been hunting Utah for Cougars...
  16. Tristate

    My favorite

    Well folks its the end of the year and I thought I would post up a pic of my favorite mount we did this year. I really loved working on this sheep. Client was extremely happy. Merry Christmas to all of you and yours. Hopefully some of yall get to do a little hunting over the next couple of...
  17. Tristate

    Something positive

    Hey guys I thought I would share something positive with yall. Right after taking the photo of the whitetail my boy shot last week I asked my son to retrieve my binoculars back from our stand. He gladly went to get them with some other gear I had left there. When walking back he dropped them...
  18. Tristate

    One More Happy Kid

    Well I got to take my son out a couple of weekends ago for whitetail. On the last morning we saw this buck come through but never stopped or gave him an opportunity for a shot. Seemed like he could smell something that was keeping him on the move. The wind switched mid-morning and it wasn't...
  19. Tristate

    Gato Del Roberto

    Here's a pretty kitty. I think he was the kind of bobcat that could actually kill a deer. Hope yall are having some fun.
  20. Tristate

    A great 6 point

    Howdy. Got my oldest a great deer Sunday of youth weekend here. Little sister got to come along and join in too. This buck was bigger last year as an 8 point but looks like he finally started to slide downhill. Hope your kids are getting out there too. Good luck this weekend. Its gonna...
  21. Tristate

    whitetail buck all done

    Got a nice whitetail finished up. Customer sure is happy. Good luck hunting folks.
  22. Tristate

    Mugabe is dead

    I know it doesn't mean much to a lot of first world folks but one of the great monsters in this world finally gave up the ghost. He did one thing I can appreciate. He died on a Friday so I don't have to be at work tomorrow anyway. Cheers
  23. Tristate

    I'm proud of some of you guys

    Well it came and went. And now many of us are making the deadline for draw apps. Its that season when normally these forums are slammed full of 300+ post threads hating on certain groups, and events, and screaming for more of this and less of that. This year most of the big dogs are sitting...
  24. Tristate

    What gets buried

    Howdy folks. I thought some of yall might be interested in this. The local media amazingly has kept it alive barely. The national media won't touch it. The stories are changing literally by the hour. This morning the police chief admitted no drugs were located in the house at all. No one...
  25. Tristate

    El toro doodoo

    Okydoky folks I thought I would share this for your reading pleasure. This is how YOU are being demonized. Notice how a rancher that shoots an animal eating livestock is...
  26. Tristate

    important survey

    Howdy, I am posting this and encouraging ALL HUNTERS to respond and take this survey. I also encourage all hunters to leave a comment at the end of the survey. I realize that to many on these forums this will seem to be something that in know way impacts your life. I can assure you that the...
  27. Tristate

    It's big enough to be a muley

    Howdy folks. I've just wrapped up the Texas antelope season and I got a big surprise while scouting. I had finished with an antelpoe hunter and my two brothers suggested we go scout for some mule deer bucks. We headed into some sand prairie country in the dark and hiked up onto a good hill...
  28. Tristate

    One hellavu Tom

    Well folks here is another one to check out. I think the Utah cougar draw is coming up and I wish yall much luck. Hope you already have some meat in the freezer and more to come. Cheers.
  29. Tristate

    SO what do you do with "Transparency"?

    Okydoky, we had a nice little discussion with very little honesty about why certain people demand "transparency". Now lets see if some people can be honest about what's next. Lets say suddenly Hawkeye's dreams come true. Suddenly complete and perfect "transparency" of SFW is achieved which...
  30. Tristate


    Hey whatever happened to these guys? Seems like five years ago the SFW haters on here had them picked to be the next best thing out there. What happened? Did they blow their annual budget paying for "transperancy"?
  31. Tristate

    What's the play?

    Okydoky fellas. I am starting this thread because I don't want to hijack a hijacked thread already but I have two questions. I want clear and honest answers and then we can flesh them out. 1. Why do you want "transparency" of SFW money earned for providing a service to the state? 2. Why do...
  32. Tristate

    These guys are idiots.

    Another example of cops saving someone to death. Somebody high up, along with these officers, needs to get canned. These cops are full on idiots. You can tell these people...
  33. Tristate

    It ain't a muley but.......

    Here is a pic of the largest typical whitetail I have ever mounted. I thought he came out pretty. So did the judge at the TTAI competition. Hope the scouting is going well for everyone.
  34. Tristate

    Big ol' kitty

    Thought I would share an especially large cat we just finished up. Cheers.
  35. Tristate

    Texas Hat Trick

    Here's a nice mount I thought I would share. All three animals were killed the same season off of the same ranch. Even without double drops on the whitetail it is a pretty rare occurrence. Hope everyone is having a great turkey season. It's been great here.
  36. Tristate

    Here's a handsome fella

    Hope everyone has a great off season.
  37. Tristate

    Help me understand something

    I am not an archery hunter. I don't know a whole lot about it. I am wondering about it. When an archer is trying to kill a mule deer, is it more difficult to get withing range of the deer or getting the bow drawn on the deer. I have been watching some videos of archers hunting mule deer and...
  38. Tristate

    Let's hear from some real hunters

    Hope you guys had a great weekend. I was away working on a habitat project. Of course I had a little time to think while I was walking around spraying and I thought this would be a great subject this week. I know we all like to imagine ourselves as perfect killers with unquestionable ethics...
  39. Tristate

    My experiences with long range shooters

    Since there is a lot of speak on here lately I thought I would share the only three experiences I have with "long range" shooters. Experience 1: Mule deer hunt in New Mexico. One of the other hunters had purchased what he referred to as a "no stalk weapon" package from a well known supplier...
  40. Tristate

    Let's go on a hypothetical hunt together

    Imagine your son calls you on the phone. You can't believe it but he won a statewide elk tag for Utah. He wants you to help him scout and hunt down the biggest bull yall can find together. Yall put in months together and no matter how many times you get in trouble with your boss you are there...
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