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    NM valley Vidal youth

    Anyone have any recent pictures of their bulls from the Valley Vidal unit. My son drew the tag this year. He is 13 and is exited for his hunt.
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    Valley Vidal elk youth

    Does anyone have any recommendations on outfitters. I am thinking about taking my son on a guided hunt. Any help would be great! thanks.
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    2A youth mule deer hunt

    I will be headed to 2A on November 21st for my sons 2A youth tag. If anyone has any information that they would like to pass along it would be greatly appreciated. We will most likely be staying in Farmington. Good luck to all the your hunters. Thanks
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    WTB Norma 7mm Mag brass.

    Looking for 100 rounds of Norma 7mm mag brass. Everywhere I have looked is sold out. Thanks
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    2C archery 2A rifle youth

    Cant believe the draw today. I drew late 2C archery and my son drew 2A youth rifle tag. If anyone would like to give some advice on these units I would like to hear it. This will be the first time we will be in the units do to the hard draw. Any help would be appreciated.
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    11 deer points

    I have 11 deer points thinking about putting in the the apple gate muzzleloader tag. Curious if it's worth it or wait for a better mule deer hunt If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them thanks.
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    11 deer points for Oregon

    Looking at hunting Apple gate muzzle loader for blacktail in Oregon. Just curious if it is worth using these points on this hunt, or if it is worth waiting and hunting for mule deer. If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Garmin rino 530hcx

    Garmin rino gps for sale $250 OBO shipped. Has two batteries, wall charger, car charger, and computer cords. Everything works great screen has a few scratches.
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    Leica 1600-B range finder

    Leica 1600-B range finder. Used one season $650 obo. Shipped. The glass is in perfect condition. Has a little scratch on the body but overall in great condition. Has warranty card and all original packaging.
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    Mystery ranch crew cab

    Selling mystery ranch crew cab size medium waist and medium yoke and nice daypack lid, waist belt has pockets. $425 OBO. shipped.
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    Mystery ranch 6500

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-13-14 AT 06:24PM (MST)[p]Mystery ranch crew cab medium frame with daypack lid. Sorry I put the wrong pack in the subject 450 shipped.
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    Eberlystock J107 for sale

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-04-14 AT 06:01PM (MST)[p]I have a Eberlestockj107 dragonfly for sale. This pack has been on a couple hunt in great condition, there is a few blood stains on the mesh but pack is in great overall condition. 315 shipped
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    WTB Remington 300 win mag brass

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-06-13 AT 03:18PM (MST)[p]Looking for some remington 300 winchester mag brass. Let me know if you have any extras. thanks
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    Metolius rifle mule deer

    Looking to burn my points in the next couple years. Me and my buddy are looking for a mule deer hunt that we have a chance to kill a good buck. We will have 7 or 8 points going into the draw depending what year. I don't think it's worth the wait so I am willing to just burn my points and see...
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    WTB 4831SC powder

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-18-13 AT 08:31PM (MST)[p]Looking for some H4831sc powder, if anyone has some they want to get rid of let me know. Can't find any around where I live. Thanks
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    What to do?

    I am looking to hunt Oregon,in the near future. I have 11 points for Elk,Deer, and Antelope. I do not know anything about hunting Oregon. Any advice would be great. I have a liite info for CO,WY if you need to know about any units I have hunted. I have read alot of post of how bad oregon is but...
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    19th Annual Deer Mortality Surveys
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    NV Bull

    Here is my bull I killed in Nevada.
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    Nevada 061-071 bull elk

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-11 AT 12:43PM (MST)[p]I got a call yesterday from Nevada Fish and game saying someone had turned in their non resident 061-071 early bull elk tag. I was next in line to get the tag. I am just starting to research the unit and was wanting to get some information about this...
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    061-071 elk

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-11 AT 12:44PM (MST)[p]I got a call yesterday from Nevada Fish and game saying someone had turned in their non resident 061-071 early bull elk tag. I was next in line to get the tag. I am just starting to research the unit and was wanting to get some information about this...
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    2005 Chevy Silverado diesel 4x4

    2005 Chevy Silverado LS 2500 HD durmax diesel 4X4 Crew Cab, bedliner, bose speakers, leveling kit with 285,75,16. 60,700 miles, $26,900obo located in california.
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    1 more dog

    called this one in he could not resist woody.
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    53 deer

    I am leaving next thursday for the 3rd season looking to hear from some second season deer hunters on how you guys did any info would be great. J.RYAN
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    sons first coyote

    Took my 3 year old boy out for the first time to try to get a coyote, and by the smile on his face I think he is hooked.
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    unit 53 elk

    Looking for some info on unit 53, I drew a 3rd season buck tag. I have a hunting buddy that wants to come along and hunt. But a deer voucher is way to high, he is looking into buying a over the counter bull tag. I am just trying to get some info if the elk hunting would be worth the money...
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    Buddies bobcat

    My hunting partner Brandon and I killed this Bobcat while scouting for deer on a special tag I drew here in California. I had the Kern River hunt.We decided to bring the Foxpro along with us on the scouting trip to kill some time while scouting and see what we could call in if anything. We had...
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    Big Jim re-did his den and finally found a spot for his 2007 gunnison buck.taxidermy was done by Lifelike taxidermy out of Madera ca. gross score 191 2/8 with 40 inches of mass
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    Unit 70 4th season

    I have five NR points this year and looking to try and draw this tag, the draw odds say I have a 33% chance.Iam trying to do some research if I should hold off a couple more years or burn them this year. thanks
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    two dogs

    went out this weekend called in two
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    UNIT 16C ELK

    I drew a unit 16C elk tag this year Oct 18-22. I am looking for any one who has hunted this before or has experience in this unit. Would like to research as much as possible before hunting. Again if you have any information, previous hunt pictures, advise please contact me. Thanks, John Ryan...
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    unit 42 4th season

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-10-08 AT 08:30PM (MST)[p]I have four non-resident points for mule deer looking for a good hunt any help wold be great. would it be wise just to keep building points thanks JOHN.R
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    2008 Polaris ranger

    I just bought the camo xp does anybody have any pros or cons thanks JOHN.R
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    two fawn killers

    went out this morning called in five
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    4 california coyotes

    Went out on saturday and called in nine we killed four it has been a good year around here for coyotes this year. we have been using the foxpro 3 the jack rabbit distress and the mojo critter.<a
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    elk in unit 30

    just wondering if any body has been out seing any elk in this unit this year let me know thanks j.ryan
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    cabelas in reno

    does anybody know when cabelas is going to open up.
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    scouting in unit 30 wy

    has anyone been out in unit 30 seeing any good bulls yet
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