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    $5000 British Columbia Voucher

    PM sent
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    WTS Swarovski STS 80 HD 20-60

    Is this still available?
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    They're Up

    Very clever.
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    ISO lab puppy

    Sent you an email
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    2016 Manti LE Muzzleloader Bull Elk

    Pm sent
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    central mountain manti pictures

    Pm sent
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    Central Manti Early Rifle

    sent ya a pm
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    New tenzing tz 5000

    Have a new never worn tenzing tz 5000, max 1 camo pattern $275 shipped
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    I to would like to see some.
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    Tree huggers in lasal

    Apparently those hippies haven't heard the saying never bring a clarinet to a gun fight.
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    $75 Phone Skope Gift Card

    I'll take it if still avaliable
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    Utah Growth..its early but what are your thoughts on score?

    Thanks for the pic, getting more excited by the day for September.
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    ISO kuiu chugach

    Still looking
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    East John Day River No. 1 Sheep Tag

    Pm sent
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    Oregon results are up

    I drew ditch cr. muzzy deer, east beatty's muzzy antelope, minam bull tag as a second choice and all of them take a back seat to the utah bull tag I finally drew. Hope eveyone else drew something they wanted. Good luck this fall.
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    ISO kuiu chugach

    Do you want to part with your's Mallard?
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    Manti le muzzy?

    Point hunter I sent you back a pm
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    ISO kuiu chugach

    Vias, thanks I forgot that
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    ISO kuiu chugach

    I lost my kuiu rain pants this year shed hunting and need a new pair, if anyone has a pair of mediums they dont use let me know. Thanks
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    Manti rifle

    Pm sent Kramer
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    Manti le muzzy?

    Thanks for the responses guys, I think I'll bring them with me. I'll be making a scouting trip in a couple months to hopefully learn some more about the unit. I sent pm's to you guys also.
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    Manti le muzzy?

    I finally have a le utah elk tag and I'm looking for opinions, would bringing horses from oregon be worth the trouble or could a guy do fine with out? I'm still waiting for maps to show up but I think I sort of know where I want to start looking, although I'm always open to suggestions. Thanks
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    Austin & halleck 50 cal

    Text pics to 541-980-6710 thanks
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    ack chocolate lab pups

    Our chocolate lab just had a litter of pups, there are four males and four females. They have had there dew claws removed, will come with first shots and full akc registration. They will be ready to go around 23rd of may. Price will be $600 for the males and $650 for females. Located in eastern...
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    leupold vx lll 6.5-20x50 lr

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    leupold vx lll 6.5-20x50 lr

    Text or call 541-980-6710 for quickest response
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    leupold vx lll 6.5-20x50 lr

    Like the title says I have a leupold vx lll 6.5-20x50 lr, side focus, 30mm tube, i had leupold install m1 turrets for both elevation and windage. Fine duplex reticle, there are light ring marks on the bottom of the tube the glass is great. $775 shipped and insured, with payment via paypal gift...
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    Closet Cleanout

    Pm sent on scopes
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    SE Whitehorse Late Season Archery

    How did your hunt turn out?
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    non res antelope ideas

    Thanks I'll check it out.
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    non res antelope ideas

    My wife and I have two points non res for antelope. Was hoping for ideas on a unit to use them on this next fall, trophy quality is not that important as we will be bringing our two young boys and treating more like a family vacation. Thanks in advance.
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    Remington 700 SENDERO SF II stock

    Long action correct if it is a sendero?
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    Maybe next year!

    Good response bone picker. I wish I had a like button to hit.
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    decker pack saddle

    I have a new never been on a horse decker, built by Jack Welch in Polson Mt. This is a complete rig with britchin, breast collar, cinch and half breed. Could not get pics to load but would be glad to text or email some. I will also include a new set of hobbles, and a nose bag. $600 shipped...
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    Draw Results are out!

    Call 1800-708-1782 you can use your dl number if its in their system.
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    Draw Results are out!

    Not a thing for me. Good luck
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    Draw results

    I'm gonna be optimistic and say friday the 13th. Hopefully nothing but good luck.
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    I love Nevada

    Congrats on the tags, a big goose egg for me.
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