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    Got to do something

    All you have to do is take a few contiguous units and ban scopes and trail cameras for 5 years. Turn it back to hunting instead of shooting. After 5 years assess the population and see if the hunting in those units are what people want going forward. I agree with huntindad4, the problem is I...
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    No Hunt Expo in 2021

    I think there just might be some truth in that.
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    No Hunt Expo in 2021

    Looks like they cancelled it. How bad will the odds be now that you don't have to register in person to put in for the 200 tags?
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    It does not.
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    Hunt Expo Contract extension with SFW

    If that's true the odds will go from bad to much worse. It will be interesting to see just how many people would actually apply though.
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    Thoughts on this guy?

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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    PM returned.
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    TTT $225 plus shipping.
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    What's the Best Mule Deer Tag to have?

    If Colorado allowed point sharing
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    Hunters safety point with COVID

    Having to take the "supplemental" class while in Arizona is silly. If it's really just about bringing money in to the economy then just charge $500 for it and have it be an online class. For non-residents to fly out, get a motel room and rental car it will be that much anyway. It's not truly...
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    Retirement and PP question.

    I had never heard of the "special or temporary purpose" wording until Altimus got popped a couple of years ago.
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    Retirement and PP question.

    I believe it is. (iii) in which the individual, and the individual's family voluntarily reside, not for a special or temporary purpose, but with the intention of making a permanent home. I don't know how they can argue what your true intent is. People are allowed to change their minds about...
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    List selling everything

    I will take the King of the Mountain coat. Would you like to PM the payment details?
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    ? ? ?
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    When I bought this it was not offered with different frame and waist belt sizes like they are now.
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

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    Lol, there's no drapes on that . . .
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    I think you owe it to yourself to try and get a better look at that deer. He could be pretty special. You just don't see mass like that very often.
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    In the third picture, if that is a beam I'm seeing above the deer looking towards the camera then that is a crazy heavy buck.
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    Trophy elk hunt cancellations

    In the state I live in people aged 80+ make up 5% of the positive tests. They also represent 51% of the deaths. Maybe the tribe's actions are a reflection of the value they place on their older generations.
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    PM Sent
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    Rifle Elk Unit 54

    Any pics?
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    Hiked with it a couple of times but never hunted in it. This is not an interchangeable system with different bags/frames etc. This is one, solid unit. $300 plus shipping.
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    Truck tires

    Anyone run the BF Goodrich KO2s? Down to either those or the KM3s for a tacoma. Mostly highway miles but when it goes offroad I don't shy away from much.
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    What pistol?
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    Beat me to it
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    Should Idaho Have a Land owner voucher system?

    If someone believes Idaho landowner tags are not being sold they are incorrect. The current system just keeps the prices suppressed because they can't openly market them. What percentage of the tags actually get sold? Who knows. But the trophy unit landowners have no problem finding buyers.
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    Mt Emily spike 1st season

    Buckmiser might spend $588 on breakfast. Everyone's personal hunting budget is different. If it's something he wants to try then go for it. You only get a finite number of hunting seasons.
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    Man cave/trophy room

    Holy cow, where did you find all those mortars? I've only seen a few in my wanderings.
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    NASCAR did this?

    Written by Craven Moorehead. Son of Wanton and AintGiven.
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    Whitehorse Antelope

    Got it. Thank you. I can't reply to it, it seems you locked it or disabled replies? By the way, congrats on the buck in your avatar. That is a stud.
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    Whitehorse Antelope

    My wife finally drew an Oregon tag. If anyone who has hunted this recently wouldn't mind sharing their thoughts we would appreciate it. Is there any designated camping facilities anywhere close? I'm not finding much. Thank you.
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    Looking for safe suggestions

    ??? The original post was from 10 years ago. Some hack revived it to try and seem like a normal contributor before adverising chinese shipping products.
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    There up!

    I thought this was the last year for the w. Blue mountain whitetail muzzleloader tag? They proposed in 2018 to move that hunt to the 100 series but I never heard if it was passed?
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    There up!

    Wife drew Whitehorse antelope.
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    Draw results?

    that's a great tag
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    Muzzle loader sight

    It's all just too much. Fire up the Blackhawk and let's just kill 'em all.
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    Today ?

    Depends on how many people applied. For some place like Wenaha or Mt. Emily, probably not in the running.
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    morning eats

    So you're saying it's top ramen for you?
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    POLL: Who makes the best boots?

    Zapateria de Ballerina is the obvious choice
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