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  1. Servehim

    2021 Regs

    Any idea when hardcopy hits the rack ?
  2. Servehim

    Burger Night and Finger Food

    Thinking she is getting the best part of that deal....I need to start going to this page prior to bedtime. Nice job Blank
  3. Servehim

    Big un

    Don't get a Whole lot bigger than that brut . Curious where he was harvested......most guys with the bucks$$$ to hunt the Jicarria have more grey hair than the man posted here. Anyway, congrats to the hunter.
  4. Servehim

    E-bike vs ATV

    Well the neutral idea would only work if I started each day out at the top of the mountain. Lol. With regard to weight ? Tesla runs a 3000 lb car on a quite battery. An atv as I described would make the manufacturer a ton of money.
  5. Servehim

    E-bike vs ATV

    Would some company please develop a manual hybrid atv ??? I want an atv that I can switch to electric mode to move super quite for a limited time and then switch back to a gas powered motor to have reliable power and charge the battery so its available once I need stealth mode again.....can't...
  6. Servehim

    The purge has begun

    It sounds cliche but fact is the free market and capitalism is the only way to overcome the box we have put ourselves into. They ( the liberal/Socialist) have had an agenda for years now, they have solid control of education and now social media. Parlar etc. Must develop alternative platforms...
  7. Servehim

    Odds out on Gohunt

    Yes sir, someone will drawn these coveted tags, however some rational logic must be taken. I backed out of Wyoming sheep and Moose a couple years ago after donating 13 years of $ for preference points . When a zero or two fall after the decimal point in my odds ... I choose another option.
  8. Servehim

    Fiesta Snacks....and Cerveza

    You sir are an inspiration, I love cooking since retirement but am still striving to come close to the culinary world you live in .thanks 😊
  9. Servehim

    Nevada Elk Help

    I'll shoot you a pic of another dandy harvested in the unit I hunted this year. If I forget remind me , scores 367
  10. Servehim


    And everyone said " Amen"
  11. Servehim

    2020 LE Muzzle-loader Bull

    He is a beautiful and unique trophy....hats off. I'll throw out a 344 estimate. Nice time length will outweigh mass . .love the width
  12. Servehim

    Grizzly kill on Reservation

    Well, another consideration in the Bear protection mindset is that the native American viewpoint is just that....a viewpoint. Mine and many others in our nation agree that God gave Man dominion over the critters in our world. Agreeing they are a family member ....not so much . To each his own...
  13. Servehim

    Colorado Mule Deer 4 Points??

    And a beautiful 160 buck for sure, congrats and hats off. Held out till the last day....sweet
  14. Servehim

    Grizzly kill on Reservation

    Its just historical revision that suits today's PC culture. The current tribe claiming they have resided on said ground since the beginning are not truthful.....they killed and conquered the previous native people there. This narrative that everything was a panacea among Indian tribes prior to...
  15. Servehim

    DIY success on the Kaibab

    Well done guys, 2 beautiful bucks. Just returned tonight from 3 days Hunting the Kaibab with my camera. I waited until Monday after the hunt was actually over so I didn't jack up anyone's actual hunt. Saw 1 whopper buck for about 5 seconds and many other bucks smaller than what you harvested...
  16. Servehim

    GoHunt vs. Epic Outdoors vs. ?

    I originally started with Hunting Fool when it was a small @ 8 page newsletter....totally loved it, got me in the game ( apply,apply, apply) and im reaping the benefits now after retirement. I stayed with them for years as they evolved up to the magazine. Dumped them once Epic got...
  17. Servehim

    2020 GMU 66 4th Season Buck

    Thats a big Hats Off in my book. Congrats
  18. Servehim

    unit 67 3rd

    Its was -20 degrees during my 3rd season in 2019 . Fyi ....that's cold on an atv
  19. Servehim

    Game Proscessing

    I normally do my own but had no time this year. Eagle Rock did a fantastic job.
  20. Servehim

    Son's Arizona Coues

    Congrats Zack / dad, its amazing how some guys keep scoring trophy. Some would say you're just lucky.... I know better... its hard work in the field and in research prior to the hunt . So happy for both of you. Making Memories.
  21. Servehim

    2020 Mule Deer Video

    That was tremendous, WOW, thanks so much...Heading to the Kaibab tomorrow with only my camera hoping to stumble across a nice buck or two. Well done !!!!
  22. Servehim

    Snow chains for off road use on full sized diesel truck?

    Excellent advice, trying to hook chains up once you're stuck ....not good
  23. Servehim

    Garmin inreach SE+Satellite communicator

    I also purchased the inreach SE. The sos feature keeps mama happy and gives me a bit more comfort level as well. With the Freedom plan you get 30 or 40 ( i forget exactly) 2 way text included, very happy with the communication aspect. The map function is worthless, couldn't get the detail i...
  24. Servehim

    My Wife’s 6x6 Colorado Bull

    Congrats Team Founder, happy he ran away from you and not towards you. I've seen wounded critters like him charge . Hunters always be cautious...just saying. Happy Wife , Happy Life 😊
  25. Servehim

    Nevada Rifle 194, 196

    You might not call him big I will. A beautiful buck for sure. Congrats
  26. Servehim

    Year of the deer

    Who said 2020 was a cursed year...? Congrats
  27. Servehim

    Wyoming elk

    ^ bigger bulls overall up north hunting migration paths but the grizzlies took the fun out of it for me. I chose a southern unit and had a blast.
  28. Servehim

    Utah Dolores Triangle deer

    Sorry rman, personally don't have experience with the Dolores Triangle but looking to get out of the points race asap . Not many good options imho .
  29. Servehim

    9 non resident points for deer..Can I draw 12AW early rifle?

    Love Hunterstrailhead data. Thx Jon
  30. Servehim

    Federal .50 Cal Bor Lock bullets HEADS UP

    Thanks, appreciate the help
  31. Servehim

    How wide is he?

    I think that's very close.
  32. Servehim

    Federal .50 Cal Bor Lock bullets HEADS UP

    Tx, just a follow-up as im not a muzzleloader guy by and large. I noticed my CVA shot much better with at least a one shot fouling . With your comment about cleaning immediately, am I , after leaving my gun loaded after the one shot fouling doing damage to my rifle if I leave it loaded after...
  33. Servehim

    Federal .50 Cal Bor Lock bullets HEADS UP

    Valid point Tx. Thanks
  34. Servehim

    Unit 4 Deer

    ? Please update the MM faithful ?
  35. Servehim

    It's that Hatch green Chile time again..

    I purchased 3 bushels ( @ 40 lb bags) and do so every year. I live in NM so we get da Best . Sad part is I get so many family and friends who have moved away ( many due to our wacky Leftist leaders) that need their chile fix.....guess who they call to solve the problem. I feel their pain .
  36. Servehim

    Chicken Scallopini, but works great with Grouse!

    That looks Great.... since retirement i have really enjoyed cooking more. I'll never achieve that level of culinary excellence but I'll keep pushing to see smiles and empty plates around our casa . Nice job
  37. Servehim

    Quiche with Bison Chorizo and Peppers

    Yup, real men do eat it. Breakfast of Champions
  38. Servehim

    CVA Optima V2 Load?

    I'm a big fan of that projectile. GREAT BULLET
  39. Servehim

    Federal .50 Cal Bor Lock bullets HEADS UP

    Disagree, imho 777 is accurate and very reliable. One of the big saling points for BH209 is how much cleaner it burns. I personally haven't see that.Maybe a 20% decrease in barrel fouling. To me 209 is not the superior product so any claim it to be..I'll stick with 777, I burned a lot of...
  40. Servehim


    Yes sir, the world is changing. We should not fear that as God is still on His Throne, The Best is still yet to come . Great story with the family, it would be a privilege to meet your dad someday. I grew up in Carlsbad in a ranching community, Hershall, Harley, Winston all men cut from the...
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