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    No birds(waterfowl) in central valley yet!

    Things are finally picking up a little on the delta. Got our first limit of the year today, mostly wigeon. Mark
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    What you spending your $600 on?

    Looks like a lot of people will be using it on bail. Mark
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    What you spending your $600 on?

    Exactly, many businesses and individuals are absolutely thriving right now. To hand them free money on top is ludicrous. I am all for helping those that have been negatively effected but nobody else. Mark
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    Flaming Gorge

    Incredible fish, well done. I will have to put it on my bucket list. Mark
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    Favorite binge watch

    Sopranos, not a close second in my eyes. Although Deadwood was really good as well. Mark
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    Sons first duck

    First of many I am sure. Good job. Mark
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    WY 128, here we go.

    Great thread. Thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop. Mark
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    Thanksgiving at my house this year

    We are allowed 30 people for a funeral, so we are going to have a funeral for our pet turkey that day. Mark
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    Second buck of 2020

    Cool deal. Thanks for sharing your hunt. Mark
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    Right on, glad to see you guys got some good action. I have shut it down till at least thanksgiving. Mark.
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    Unit 70 3rd Season

    I sent you a pm. Mark
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    We ended up seeing a lot more birds than I was expecting. Due to the fact that they wouldn’t finish and we couldn’t shoot we only ended up with two though. It was still fun to be back out there. Mark
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    Good luck to all the duck and goose hunters tomorrow. We finally got everything in order and will be on the delta in the morning. Things usually don’t turn on for us until December so not overly optimistic for tomorrow but looking forward to it anyway. I will let you know how it goes, would love...
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    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    Good luck man. It’s been a fun read. Mark
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    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    I think you need to take the word semi out of the title. Great thread. Mark
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    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    Looking forward to following this. Good luck. Mark
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    Paunsaugunt buck found

    Nice buck, and nice post. Mark
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    Just curious?

    I don’t want anyone to know that I live in California. Mark
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    Rabbit Ebola

    I have always heard that rabbit populations were an indicator of deer populations, more rabbits means less predators so more deer. This situation is obviously different, I guess one philosophy is no rabbits so the predators will put more pressure on deer, on the other hand no rabbits might mean...
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    Rabbit Ebola

    I noticed in Colorado last fall that I saw little to no rabbits and we usually see hundreds, I wonder if this is why. Anyone one else notice decline in rabbit populations? Mark
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    Cooper Firearms

    I bought a model 92 last year, it shoots great and i love carrying it around. The only complaint I have is the bolt does not lock when it is on safety, so I had a bit of a problem with it trying to open when walking through brush and even while it is rubbing against my backpack. Mark
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    Tick tock.....

    Agreed, I think it will post at midnight tonight. Not that I am expecting anything. Mark
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    Draw Summaries Read them and weep, that’s what I did at least. Trying to get a friend on an elk hunt, went from 13 points to 17. Time for a new plan I guess. Mark
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    Bummer, he reached out to me just a few weeks ago and we ended up having nice phone conversation. RIP. Mark
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    Speaking of Honey Do’s......

    I have done a bit of flipping houses in California and it has always worked out well. As stated you do have to pay taxes on your profits, but that is true with any profits. You do not need a realtor license unless you are going to list it yourself. I have a full time job and two young kids so I...
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    How's your city/county doing?

    Co co county here as well. So I guess I have the same report. I know the hospitals are pretty much empty but are trying to be prepared if there is a surge. FYI I am in Martinez. Mark.
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    New hunter looking for advice on California spots

    90% of the tags go to the people with the most points, so for all intensive purposes no one with one point would draw a tag before someone with two points and so on. The other 10% are completely random so everyone has the same chance at them regardless of points, but remember it’s only 10%. For...
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    John Prine

    And of course this one. Mark
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    John Prine

    Bummer, Mark
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    hunt plans 2020

    I put in with a group for Utah general deer and the outfitter draw for New Mexico elk, we figure both are somewhere in the 50% draw odds so hopefully we get at least one of them. If we strike out there may use my points on Wyoming deer but haven’t decided yet. In California I am supposed to do a...
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    1,067 deaths, 74k cases

    So, is the point of the model to show that the virus is not that big of deal, or that social distancing works?
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    Sonoma Valley Sunrise

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    Duck season in the balance of the state opened October 19th. I think the season used to close in the last Sunday in January(14 weeks plus an extra Saturday and Sunday)which would be 100 days, now it ends on January 31st no matter what day it falls on. Mark
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    Duck season ended 1/31 in the balance of the state. It went five day’s longer than it has been. Mark
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    classic rock guitar solo

    Not sure if this would be considered a “classic rock guitar solo”, but Prince at the end of this one certainly is worth a listen. Mark
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    Link to bill that limits nonresident tags for 2022

    Interesting how things work, in this thread it seems as though the outfitters are the a major ally to the nonresidents, but in the wilderness law thread they are the enemy. As far as aligning with other western states, Colorado gives 30% of their tags to nonresidents, and in regards to resident...
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    Yes neat pictures, I would guess that that mallard was shot in the head. I don’t think I saw a Cinnamon all year. Hit it for the last day yesterday but there wasn’t much going on, three of us got two birds. All in all it was a decent year for me, I think I hunted 17 times and limited out five of...
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    Co Buck

    I would love to be able to pass on that buck or one like it, but I don’t see it happening in this lifetime. Congrats Mark.
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    Thought I would start this one back up, seeing as how the other one got deleted. Lots of birds this morning, too bad I was by myself. Limited out in twenty minutes on wigeon and teal, the fog kind of situated just right for a change. It’s been slow on the Delta the last couple of weeks otherwise...
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