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    Trout Creek or Steens or ?

    Trouts. I've hunted Steen's its a cool hunt. I'd like to do it again, but of I were close to trout creek, I'd probably chase it.
  2. J

    Big 3 Elk

    Success rates with rifle are much higher than archery. If I were picking I'd take whichever you could draw first I'd give Walla arhery the nod over Mt E archery. Wenaha is the best unit in the state, hands down. Archery and rifle are great. Mt E I would pick rifle over archery. THey are all...
  3. J

    Steens deer

    You did really well. I had that tag two years ago in 2018. I didn't get much time to hunt it to due to work unfortunately. I only saw one good buck that I couldn't seal the deal on. Well done!!
  4. J

    Hatfield custom knives

    Bought three of these from you in 2017 for my groomsmen. One buddy just touched up a deer with his, said it was still sharp... Thanks again!
  5. J

    WY 128, here we go.

    Thanks, for taking us. Wish I had caught this while it was in real time... I know you couldn't hear me cuz it was after the fact. But I was saying Chooot'Em Cooot'Em!! Way to stick with it and get it done!!
  6. J

    Idaho is ruined

    You mean like a Helicopter? How many people do you think are gonna have these?
  7. J

    My stolen Hunt

    The bags and knife are so light, and not what I would leave for scent if I were worried. I'm really hoping that bull was at least opened up, and the hide off. It's an absolute must. Not taking care of the animal while you are there with three guys, doesn't make any sense. Maybe he didn't...
  8. J

    House Bill 002: Regulation of Hunting Methods

    We'll have to see the final verbiage of the bill, but this wont be much different than Land Owner tags, they cant sell the tags themselves, but can give a tag to someone who is paying a trespass fee... One could give the information on a bucks previous known area for free, then the other patron...
  9. J

    Out of state application strategy /approach

    >Yer Colorado # is a little >light. > > >#livelikezac Ive got a small game license for $56+$10 for a habitat tag, then $9 app per species. Unless you draw the tag. What am i missing, again part of the reason im throwing it out here, reading through all the website stuff can be a bit...
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    Out of state application strategy /approach

    All right, after doing some digging, here is a revised rough draft of possible strategy. New Mexico, unless you draw is cheap, as the only part not refundable is the app fees ($13 a species). Idaho is $200 (Antelope/Elk/Deer) completely non refundable, but would probably be hunting there...
  11. J

    Out of state application strategy /approach

    Hawkbill, If a person rotates the Deer, Elk and Antelope, I think you could be trying to draw units that are gonna fall in the 5-8 point range in their respective states. I'm not sure I have the patience to wait out the highly coveted tags, although the pictures make it appealing. Want to try...
  12. J

    Out of state application strategy /approach

    This has been very helpful guy's. I appreciate the input. Soccerdude, once I do a littlemore looking and get some info together, I will be sending you a pm. Thanks again, gives me more to chew on.
  13. J

    Out of state application strategy /approach

    Broomer, This is the type of insight I was looking for. My rough draft plan is continue hunting/building points in Wymoing, hunting Oreogn as a resident, put in for tags and hunt over the counter in Idaho. Sounds like New Mexico might be worth some shots in the dark when I'm feeling lucky...
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    Out of state application strategy /approach

    Hey all, I have been packing rifle/bow since I was 12, 34 now, and was taggin along with Dad on hunts when I was nine. Grew up on wild game and in the woods chasin critters. Over the last 22 years of hunting this sport and opportunity for food has really became an obsession that seems to...
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