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    SD turkey, antelope and deer opportunities

    I had posted some of these hunts last year and met a great group of hunters though the site. Thank you all for the quality conversations over the last year. There are several opportunities here. I have included some pics. I can be more specific if you PM me. On an 8k acre ranch in Jackson...
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    Draw Question...

    I think one other caveat to mention is that if you were successful in drawing the general tag and unsuccessful with the LE tag that the state of Montana keeps 20% when you receive your refund. Am I correct with that statement fellas? It’s not a huge issue if you plan on hunting the general tag...
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    Nebraska Whitey and one happy hunter!

    Pretty buck. Great story and thanks for sharing. I love Nebraska.
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    MH Mule Deer Hunting 2020

    Great story. I pray that I can keep my health as you have to do these things as I age. Congrats again on a well deserved buck.
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    South Dakota Archery

    Back again....just an update on the ranch on the river bottom in Western South Dakota. The ranch had two fellas on it this week. They saw a couple of really good bucks and the weather turned hot. Yesterday one of the gentlemen got sick and they had to head home. There is a single rifle...
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    AZ Archery bull

    Chip, Congrats again on the awesome bull and probably an even greater time with friends. As the years evolve it becomes more and more about the experience. I would like to echo what Chip said about some of the quality people on the site that are willing to help and give some suggestions or...
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    BBD and he tastes great!

    Amazing story and am even better buck!! Well deserved after all the hours spent afield. I appreciate seeing the pics with your boys at the top of the mountain.
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    Unit 95 Antelope

    Great looking lope
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    Archery antelope success

    Great stuff. We need all the youth we can to get involved in hunting. Thanks for doing your part!! Congrats.
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    South Dakota Archery

    I do have the large ranch in Jackson County in which the pictures came from available. It hunts well with two guys. Two points needed historically to draw the first tag. Then the second can be applied for in the third draw. The guys that hunted it this year saw a ton of young birds so this...
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    South Dakota Archery

    A couple fellas from Missouri had some luck on our South Dakota lease last spring. I don’t travel to chase turkeys but if anyone would be interested please PM me. Cabin to stay in included with the hunt.
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    Glacier National Park -Area

    Was just there. Never saw and elk in Glacier. Rented a boat for half a day on Flathead Lake. Most wildlife we saw. Wild Horse Island is full of sheep and mule deer. I’m sure you are seeing plenty of whitetails around Colombia Falls.
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    Muley Scouting Pics Contest ... Nice Prize

    When you find them this year I hope they are all 6 feet apart.
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    Will he break 30”?

    Bull with. Who needs spellcheck.
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    Will he break 30”?

    Brahman bullfight antlers. Nice find!!
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    Swift Creek Outfitters

    I was in Jackson Hole three years ago at the outdoor shop. For what it’s worth, that was the first outfit they recommended. Always looks like they take good animals and have a pretty good success rate.
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    Antler growth pics.

    Excited to see what these guys turn into.
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    Unit 19 wyoming

    Thunder Ridge Outfitters will do a drop camp.
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    Western Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer

    Here are two that survived last year. Unit 17 mule deer stamp required.
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    Kansas tags

    Cowhitey, I sent you a PM. Call me if truly interested. We had a 170s typical and a young non-typical that should be a stud this year make it through the season. I can at least share pictures and talk. I will be extremely flexible and reasonable on a price for archery hunting.
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    Western Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer

    I would recommend late October through November 10th for archery.
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    Western Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer

    Muzzy season is September 14-27. All archery dates at this point are wide open.
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    Western Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer

    Back again fellas. Our early muzzleloader hunter did not draw a Whitetail tag for Unit 17. First time ever that the draw wasn’t 100%. In fact, a bow guy missed out as well. All this being said the opportunity is to be the only one muzzleloader hunting 6 parcels totally over 1600 acres of river...
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    Western Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer

    I am reposting since the Kansas draw came out. No one in our group drew the Unit 17 Mule Deer Stamp. We have approximately 6k acres of prairie that usually has 2-3 good mule deer on it (170 plus). Please call me if you drew the tag and would be interested.
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    Kansas tags

    Congrats to all who drew! No one on out Unit 17 lease drew a mule deer tag. If anyone has the mule deer stamp good for 17 we have approximately 6k acres of prairie that usually carries 2-3 good bucks. Would be willing to make a deal. Ashley 814-490-2873
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    Kansas tags

    This says mid to late June for NRs. I remember it being earlier though.
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    Trail Cameras - Seeking Advice

    I run about 35 trail cameras throughout the year. I have transitioned to a lot of cell cams. I still run around 18-20 Bushnell Trophy cams. The batteries last for 4-5 months. The pictures are high quality both day and night and the trigger time is outstanding. Some of my cameras are now 6-7...
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    2019 kill pics!

    My buddies and I take an annual trip to Nebraska and South Dakota. We had a great 2019. Here are a few of the pics.
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    South Dakota Archery

    2019 bucks. Rifle tags take points. Bow is essentially OTC.
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    South Dakota Archery

    Fellas, the pictures from the above hunt have been filled. Rifle is spoken for through 2022. A friend of mine and rancher in Gregory County, SD called me and is tying to sell a few bow hunts. We have rifle hunted his ground for the last 4 years. Typically average seeing 15-20 bucks per day on...
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    Western Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer

    Hello everyone, the hunts have been filled for the year. In the event that none of us draw a mule deer stamp good for Unit 17 in Western Kansas, I will post a few pics of what we have when we get the cameras rolling. If you are interested for future years, please save my number and send me a...
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    Eastern plains

    Shockey hunted the Eastern Plains what seemed to be back to back years with a muzzleloader the first week of rifle. Maybe a year in between. Both of Shockey’s hunts were recently aired on the Outdoor Channel and the Sportsmans Channel. The first year he estimated seeing over 100 bucks on his...
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    Eastern plains

    I had a buddy hunt with Outwest Adventures in SE Colorado near Lamar. He saw a lot of animals and killed a good mule deer. Maybe not the upper end deer that Limmer historically kills but a little less pricey. You can check out his Facebook page to see the quality of deer. Only takes a few guys...
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    Western Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer

    First off, thanks to all of you that responded to a post I had a couple months ago in response to a ranch I leased in South Dakota. I’m hoping everyone will have great hunts in the years to come. I mentioned at the end of the post that I may be needing some hunters on a Kansas lease and I am...
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    Cool High Country Buck

    Amazing deer.
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    South Dakota West River Special Deer seasons

    Rich, South Dakota’s West River deer season always ends the Sunday after Thanksgiving and does run 16 days as you stated. This year the opener would be November 14th if all stays the same. Ashley
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    South Dakota Archery

    I want to thank those that have contacted me to inquire about the South Dakota hunting. At this time, the ranch has bowhunters for this year and rifle hunters for the foreseeable future. I thank many of you for the conversations we had and the general hunting knowledge of so many that follow...
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    South Dakota Archery

    I’m replying to my own post as I forgot to include that there are opportunities to hunt antelope and turkeys on the ranch. Most of these opportunities would be for residents due to the draw system.
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    General season points

    I had spoke to the state before applying for the preference point for the general combo tag last year. The general tags use preference points and the limited entry tags use bonus points. I was told that for the general combo tag that points would be rounded up to the nearest whole point. In...
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