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    Western cold weather camo.

    Looking for opinions on best cold weather camo. I know this is a big topic but looking to upgrade my clothing. Will be hunting western Nebraska in November and look to hunt Colorado or Wyoming next year. Thanks.
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    Rangefinding binoculars vs handheld rangefinder.

    Would like opinions on which is better for spot and stalk.
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    Preference points.

    This is my first year applying in Colorado for preference points. Just trying to find out when is draw fir points and when should it hit your card.
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    Best bipod?

    Looking for opinions on best shooting bipod or rest for spot and stalk in Nebraska sandhills.
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    West Texas Mule Deer

    Does anyone have any recommendations for west Texas mule deer outfitters. Didn't get a spot in western Nebraska with outfitter I wanted to use. Just curious about Texas cause it's over the counter.
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    Boot advice.

    Looking for advice on a good pair of boots for mule deer and elk country. Also any advice on where to find really large sizes. Have looked online with no luck. Needing size 15 EEEE.
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    .338 win mag

    Does anyone shoot this round for mule deer? I'm looking to go on my first hunt and was looking for thoughts.
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    Boulder creek outfitters

    Anyone ever used this outfitter for mule deer?
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    Boulder creek outfitters

    Anyone ever used this outfitter for mule deer?
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    Respectable Elk.

    Plan on getting out west to hunt elk in the future. What would you consider to be a respectable size elk? And what goals are realistic?
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    .338 win mag .

    Opinions on best factory ammo for .338 win mag for elk.
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