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    I have a like new swagger bipod, hunter 29 series $110 TYD
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    As new in the box with free turret certificate , DVD and warranty card $800 TYD
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    FS 300 Weatherby Magnum Mark V

    I have a 300 Weatherby mark V for sale, its black synthetic stock, SS fluted barrel with factory porting, trigger shoe installed. the rifle mas made in Atascadero, CA. Rifle has only had at most 100 shots down the barrel, stock has some scratches from brush rubs, Etc while hunting in Alaska 2...
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    Burris Veracity 3-15x50 mm scope for sale

    I have a Burris veracity scope for sale, its a 3-15x50 30mm tube, MAD Knobs, FFP ,with the Ballistic Plex E1 reticle. The scope has been mounted but never shot, no visible signs that I can find of rings, includes original box with everything that it came with from factory including sunshade...
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    WTS Weatherby mark V 7mm weatherby mag made in Germany

    I have a very nice Weatherby mark V that goes back to when they were made in Germany. its chambered in 7mm weatherby mag and it has beautiful wood on it. The rifle has been in a safe for many years and has not had much use previous to that. This was given to me by an old friend and I never shot...
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    LEICA GEOVID 15x56 HD -Y

    Excellent condition 15x56 Geovids HD for sale, no flaws. includes original box, soft case and neck strap with instructions. $1650 TYD plus PP fee or best offer text me for pictures (650)888-5469
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    Leupold VX1 3x9x40

    Very good condition, slight ring marks but clear glass. duplex reticle. used very little, manufactured in 2015 $150 TYD text me for pics (650)888-5469
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    Pair of Crispi GTX hunters in decent condition, plenty of hunts left in these, only flaw on them is that about 1/8 of the rubber toe area protector had started to separate so I trimmed it off. These boots sell new for $469, get these for $160 TYD text me for pictures 650-888-5469
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    I have a Benelli SBE II shotgun in the max 4 camo pattern with a 28 inch barrel. Used very little so its in very good condition comes with 3 chokes and the adjustment shims and original benelli hard case. $1150 plus actual shipping costs to your FFL dealer text me for pictures 650 888-5469
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    RIFLES INC. STAINLESS STRATA IN 300 Westherby Magnum

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-30-17 AT 07:49PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-17 AT 07:21?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-17 AT 07:14?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-17 AT 07:12?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-17 AT 07:11?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Jun-20-17 AT 07:08?PM (MST) I have a Rifles Inc. Stainless...
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    LAST EDITED ON Feb-28-17 AT 11:34AM (MST)[p]I have a Browning BAR SAFARI GRADE with the BOSS system. The rifle is in EXCELLENT condition, has only been fired 10 shots! It had a trigger job done by Bill Springfield from Colorado Springs and its nice and crisp. Topped with a NIKON 3-9X40 with the...
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    FS KOWA TSN-2 straight spotter with a 25X LER eye piece

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-15-17 AT 12:34PM (MST)[p]I have for sale a Kowa TSN-2 straight spotter, this is the 77mm objective and it has a 25x LER eye piece . the scope is in very good condition with no flaws that I can see in the body or the glass. original box and papers included, used very little...
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    Rifles Inc. Lightweight Strata 300 Weatherby Magnum

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-26-16 AT 09:29AM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-18-16 AT 07:50?PM (MST) LAST EDITED ON Oct-18-16 AT 05:28?PM (MST) I had this rifle built by Lex Webernick a few years ago to go on a goat and a sheep hunt, It has been a safe queen for a few years and its just too much gun for me...
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    LEICA GEOVID 10X42 HD-Y $1800 TYD

    Selling my Geovids, excellent used condition, no flaws, always used with a bino case for protection. these are the 10 X 42 HD model in YARDS . complete with original unused Leica Strap, in original box with owners manual Etc. unfilled registration card included. $1800 TYD. Text me for pics...
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    LEICA GEOVID 8X42 Range finding Binoculars

    I have a set of Leica Geovids in 8X42 .They are in excellent condition in original box with case and strap. $1250 TYD text or Email me for pictures please 650-888-5469 or email
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    LAST EDITED ON Sep-02-14 AT 01:23PM (MST)[p]I have a set of 8X42 Leica Geovid for sale, very good condition, no scratches or flaws of any kind to lenses, always kept covered with eye cups . original box, soft case and strap. $1550 TYD Text me or call for pictures as I cant figure out how to post...
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    I have a like new set of First Lite Wool Kanab pants in an XL size in Advantage max 1 camo. includes the suspenders. Only tried on for size. $140 TYD text me if you want a pic please 650 888-5469
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    SITKA KELVIN VEST XL Open country

    As the title says, I have a Sitka Kelvin vest in XL open country camo in very good condition I would like to sell. $110 TYD I can email or text pics if needed. best way to contact me is via text at 650 888-5469 or pm me
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    I have for sale a like new Sleeping Indian designs Wool outfitter jacket in the brown camo in a size XL. jacket has never been worn outside of the house, since SI closed their doors, these garments have gone up in value, the coat is too small on me or I would not be selling it. I need to get...
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    SITKA ASCENT JACKET in as new condition without tags, XXL and Optifade open country pattern. $139 TYD can text pics if needed, PM me with your # or text me at (650)888-5469
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    SITKA CORE ZIP T XXXL New with tags !

    Core Zip T in Otifade open country, XXXL, brand new with tags, its just too big for me. $65 TYD
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    KUIU CHUGACH Rain pants in XXL VERDE ( will fit 36 to 38 waist) Excellent condition $149 TYD a $100 savings plus the shipping costs !
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    selling a set of Bushnell 8x36 yardage pro range finding binos. Very good overall condition, rubber armoured, very accurate readings. just too heavy and bulky for me so they have to go ! I can text you a picture if interested. $250 TYD Paypal preferred.
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    I have a as new set of the German made MINOX APO HG binoculars I would like to sell, All original packaging and documentation including warranty card, never been in the field. lets try $1200 TYD OBO . Email me for picsat :
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    15X56 Swaros for sale

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-20-12 AT 09:10PM (MST)[p]I have a new set of SLC 15x56 NEU Swarovski binoculars for sale, taken out of the box to look thru them once in my back yard. In original box with warranty. $1675 TYD plus 3% paypal or gift OK. If interested you can Email me at:
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    King Of The Mountain Jackets FS

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-15-12 AT 03:52PM (MST)[p]I have a like new King Of The Mountain Bowman Jacket in Autumn Brown Camo and size XXL has the carbon liner, it has never been worn outdoors, just tried on a few times, these sell new for $516 plus shipping, will take $375 TYD Paypal add 3% or gift I...
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    IWOM suit

    I have an IWOM (Inter warmth, outer mobility) Brutal gear series suit in Real tree All purpose camo. Its a size XL and its made to fit someone that is between 5'9" and 6'1" tall and weighs between 180 lbs to 230 lbs. Wind proof , waterproof, and scentproof, built in head net, fase mask and rain...
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    I have a set of Vortex Kaibabs 15 X 56 in "as new condition", I have only looked thru these a few times in my back yard, never taken out in the field, comes with the tripod adaptor and original box. Email me for pictures if you want . $975 TYD. paypal as gift or you...
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    I have a brand new still in the box set of minox 8.5x52 HG binoculars for sale, these are the ones made in Germany not in japan, and they sell for $1545 at cameraland and other shops. I need to move these so I am selling them at a $500 discount, $1045 TYD , paypal add the 3% fees or send the...
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    LAST EDITED ON Apr-13-12 AT 05:15PM (MST)[p]I have a Straight Zeiss spotting scope WITH the varable 15x45 Eye piece, both in original boxes with the unfilled warranty cards, bought it to go on a hunt and dint take it with me so never used. Silver / black in color. $1550 TYD !!! Hot price...
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