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    Good luck to all the duck and goose hunters tomorrow. We finally got everything in order and will be on the delta in the morning. Things usually don’t turn on for us until December so not overly optimistic for tomorrow but looking forward to it anyway. I will let you know how it goes, would love...
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    Rabbit Ebola

    I noticed in Colorado last fall that I saw little to no rabbits and we usually see hundreds, I wonder if this is why. Anyone one else notice decline in rabbit populations? Mark
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    Draw Summaries Read them and weep, that’s what I did at least. Trying to get a friend on an elk hunt, went from 13 points to 17. Time for a new plan I guess. Mark
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    John Prine

    Bummer, Mark
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    Thought I would start this one back up, seeing as how the other one got deleted. Lots of birds this morning, too bad I was by myself. Limited out in twenty minutes on wigeon and teal, the fog kind of situated just right for a change. It’s been slow on the Delta the last couple of weeks otherwise...
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    Unit 42 Junior Hunt

    My friend?s two boys both drew unit 42 junior deer tags, and I was trying to help him do some research. They are not really too worried about trophy bucks but would like to be into deer to keep it interesting, I guess the main question is can this be accomplished without a guide?(there wont be...
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    Unit 63

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-04-18 AT 08:11AM (MST)[p]I am heading to unit 63 for the muzzleloader deer hunt later this week, I have never been to the zone but I have done quite a bit of internet scouting and am planning on getting there a day and a half early to get the lay of the land. I was just...
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    Unit 80 Antelope

    My brother and I have a unit 80 antelope tag and we're wondering if anyone had any advice on good places to start looking. This is a family trip and are looking for places that are fairly close to Powell. We were thinking the Badlands Hills area but are not married to anything at this point...
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    Drawing Odds

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-18-18 AT 09:31PM (MST)[p]The 2018 drawing odds are out. I've never noticed this before it was already posted on here, a proud day for me. Had a 50/50 chance at the deer tag I was going for and struck out. Mark...
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    Archery In X7B

    Hi, I drew an archery tag for X7B and was wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some insight, I have never hunted the unit before but I am planning on making a scouting trip or two to try to figure some things out. At this point I am leaning on focusing my efforts around Verdi Peak...
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    More Wolves

    Saw this on the web, their getting farther south. Mark
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    Surprise Valley Antelope

    A friend of mines son drew an apprentice antelope tag for surprise valley and I was hoping to get some information. We are planning on at least one scouting trip and are trying to get some help on where to start looking, if anyone has antelope hunted up there before and is willing to lend some...
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    Interesting Tent

    This tent looks pretty interesting, I have been caught in thunder storms before and it ca be quite scary. Mark
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    Sons Of Guns Canceled

    Not sure who has seen this but it's hard to imagine.
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    Hunt Recaps

    FYI, I just saw that the new hunt recaps and drawing summaries have been posted on the CPW website.
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    New Mexico Unitt 36

    I am going to New Mexico Unit 36 in January for the archery deer hunt and was hoping for some help, I have never been there before and won't be able to scout before hand, I am not looking for a monster I would just like to get my first archery deer, I have done some homework and have a couple of...
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    Lake Almanor

    Hey Guys, I am heading to Lake Almanor this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any advise on the fishing, this is a family trip so I wont be hitting it to hard but would like to spend a little time fishing,I will have a boat and like to fish for both Trout and Bass, I have never fished on...
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    Lighting storms

    So last year my two brothers and I were on a backback archery elk hunt in Colorado and got caught in a lighting storm that lasted several hours, we took cover in our tents but didn't feel very secure and from what I have read tents don't offer any protection from lighting anyway, I have just...
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