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    Custom 28 Nosler with Proof carbon barrel

    I like when I am doing load work up to keep my painted aim point so I can see it and use it shot after shot... So having the bullets strike off the aim point is done on purpose...Here was the 100 yards sight in doing load workup.
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    Custom 28 Nosler with Proof carbon barrel

    Last price drop... $4400 plus shipping or $3600 bare rifle..
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    Custom 28 Nosler with Proof carbon barrel

    Willing to separate... Bare rifle for $3800 plus shipping. Will not sell the scope separately unless the bare rifle is sold first...This rifle was purposely Built for a foot soldier that hunts deep and steep... It was put together with the lightest components and weight removed where it could be...
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    Custom 28 Nosler with Proof carbon barrel

    Nice long range pack hunting rifle... 28 Nosler with 26 in Proof sendero cw barrel, Trigger tech Patriot special trigger, Remington 700 stainless action blue printed and all dolled up with fluting and bolt handle threaded and skeletonized by Kampfeild... Sits in a Mesa Precision altitude...
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    Cooper firearms

    You spend your money on what you want I will spend my money on what I want... And I will not support a gun company that supported Obama...Funny to me is trying not to teach a lesson when everyday the 2nd amendment is under such attack ... Its funny how everyone was up in arms about it when it...
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    Cooper firearms

    I don't support or buy from a company that I know donates to presidential candidates that are against gun rights... And although it was supposedly only the CEO doing it Cooper Rifles is dead to me
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    WTB CA Ridgeline hinged floorflate

    I am in need of CA long action hinged floor plate and would buy spring and follower if available... This is for a 300 win mag build..Dave
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    Wolf Consultant gets $425,000 contract!!!!!

    I wonder who shes related to in high office... When Fish and Game departments waste hard working sportsman's money on this its time to fire people... I would bet she is an anti-hunting activist to boot... Use Sportman's dollars to cut their own throats...
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    Oregon Bighorns ... Spot (scarface) and Flare

    PM sent... thanks for any help... Dave
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    Oregon Bighorns ... Spot (scarface) and Flare

    Or if anyone has the contact info for Retired Biologist Vic Coggins from Oregon that would be great.. Thanks Dave
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    Oregon Bighorns ... Spot (scarface) and Flare Pictures

    I am search for images of spot and flare the great Oregon bighorns from the locktine herd that died in the 1986/87 outbreak... I need reference images for a painting I want to do with it being donated to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife... Please help if you have any pictures or know of anyone with...
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    Oregon Bighorns ... Spot (scarface) and Flare

    I am in search of any photographs of the bighorn sheep that dies in 1986/87 from the Locktine area in Oregon... any help would be great... Thanks Dave Garrett
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    Custom Remington 700 300 win mag with Vortex 6-24x pst FFP Scope

    Selling my Custom Remington 300 win mag toped with a Vortex 6-24 PST ffp mil/mil scope set in badger rings. This rifle has been highly customized.. It has 25.5 in fluted barrel with snakekin pattern sandblasted into it, muzzle brake, Tubbs speed lock firing pin, Tubbs oversized recoil lug...
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    Montana Bear

    From Missoula... west and north... is way better Bear hunting. Ticks are bad but Bear numbers and spotting is way easier. Dave
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    Hunting Show -"Extreme Outer Limits" = FAIL!!

    Guys that are into long range shooting read and watch grass, tree limbs and mirage, ect at all the distances to the intended target. Many of the top shooters become very good at this. Many years of practice and reading the wind and test shots are required. It seems to me that even at the...
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    Hunting Show -"Extreme Outer Limits" = FAIL!!

    Bob Beck is a Long Range Instructor. He has taught many people to shoot accurately out to 1760 yards... He also has all the latest gear to make a long shot. He is not shooting your grandpa's rifle and scope.He is a very skilled Long Range Shot. His skill comes from the Equipment he uses and...
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    Which one would you smoke?

    Is that the same deer just a year apart? If not the sure have alot of the same horn structure....dgarrett
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    Savage 116 keeps blowing up

    I read somewhere that they had barrel nuts that cracked and the barrel would loosen up and screw up the headspace...I don't know if this is what happened to yours but it sounds like a reasonable answer...dgarrett
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    Winter Range Wildlife Harassment

    I did not see Wolves on your list anywhere. All the other things you listed are minor compared to what Wolves do. They are at it 24 hours a day circling the Herds all day and night on the winter range. Calf Elk survival is almost zero where wolves have established good populations. It isn't the...
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    Road pic

    Looks like the highway from Plains to Thompsonfalls. No railroad going west of Anaconda or rock fence. jmo dgarrett
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    Moose sheds, now what?

    I use acrylic paints to paint moose palms. I give the area i want to paint 4 or 5 coats of geso . This gives the paint plenty of surface to rally hold. Although the roughness can make it harder to paint unless you are doing really detailed work i wouldnt bother sanding. Hope this helps dgarrett
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