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    Top 3 Biggest Bucks??

    Wyoming bucks.
  2. me 2016 deer.jpg

    me 2016 deer.jpg

  3. 2015 buck.jpg

    2015 buck.jpg

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    Taker Buck or Pass?

    A mature buck, yeah I'd take him.
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    Fake Christmas Card??

    Those bears' smiles look genuine. Saying not photo shopped.
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    Euro Taxidermy Thread?

    Look up maceration and European mount. It's given me the cleanest results with the least work. Much better than simmer/boiling.
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    Favorite binge watch

    Blacklist is pretty good. James Spader knocks it out of the park as a sociopathic antihero.
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    Semi-Auto Federal Tax

    No regulation or law will reduce mass shootings. The people who commit violent crime aren't deterred by them.
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    How many of you kill meat bucks the last day?

    I've never been more than a meat hunter. Often hold out for a mature buck. I like hunting and am not in a hurry to end it. Was into big antlers for awhile which made me a better hunter. I still like big antlers, but don't feel a need to have them to make it a good hunt. Missed a monster this...
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    Bike hunting

    A drop post for your seat that you can adjust as you ride can make a difference. Going downhill, being able to drop yourself back and down, getting the center of gravity down and back, can help.
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    Bike hunting

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    Deer Processing

    Always. I think it only adds to the appreciation for the meat, you get the cuts and package sizes you want, you know the meat is yours...
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    Can you use a spotlight to scout in Wyoming?

    You're probably going to find variations of interpretation of law. LE (warden, sheriff's office), prosecutor, and judge being the key interpreters. To the OP, consult with the warden and country attorney's office in your area. Their interpretation is what counts. If need be, get an 'okay to...
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    Non resident noob questions

    Look for terrain that'll discourage ATV/UTVs. It's difficult as they seem dedicated to driving everywhere, but it seems like few want to really put miles on the boots.
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    Is 87 really all gloom and doom?

    It's your hunt and while others may have had poor success, go into it positive. Maybe expect to have to look harder to find what you want. Be flexible and willing to check out new areas in that unit. Have a good time.
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    Coyotes and Fawns

    People grossly overestimate how gunfire effects game. I've observed time again, game mostly ignoring shots in the area. Shot a coyote last year and saw a buck within 100 yards afterward.
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    Bike hunting

    I built around the body, a repurposed aluminum truck tool box. I figured how many cubic feet the meat of a boned out elk would take and made the box to size for that. There has been limited metal available here with the covid nonsense the past months, so I mostly had to make do with what I had...
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    Saving the back and feet on the pack out.

    Right. The trailer is too wide for a narrow trail. I've packed meat on the bike off road. It puts the center of gravity way high and you do need to be careful with the handling. Unfortunately, where I live and hunt is now covered with A/UTV trails. Makes the bike more useful, the hunting less...
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    Bike hunting

    I missed a really nice buck last Saturday, but connected with a young'un this morning. Been out of red meat for awhile so feeling grateful. Broke him down, packed to a closed logging road and used the bike and trailer (I fabricated the trailer this year) to get down to the truck. Worked pretty...
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    Double header

    Hence swivels on the trap and chain. I've trapped awhile too. It is rare. The only animals I've ever see chew on themselves in a trap have been skunks. Others can and do, especially if the swivels don't work and the animal breaks the bone in a spin. Then it might keep twisting and wring it off...
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    Bike hunting

    I've read a few past threads on bike hunting and have done so a little in the past. This year I decided to save my feet some and get more serious about it. The opening morning of the deer rifle hunt seemed a likely time. This year, I had great ideas of including a rack to carry the pack on...
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    Hunting Style

    I hunt mostly timbered country for deer and elk. Some glassing into the timber and small openings across valleys and draws, more still hunting forest.
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    Head butting a Game Warden. SMDH.

    Be nice if the felony charge stuck. Loss of right to possess firearms would be a good consequence for him.
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    Forget score shoot a freak?

    I'm swayed by wow factor. Couldn't accurately field judge points if my life depended on it. Or if I cared.
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    Wyoming Attrition Rate: Non-Resident Moose/Sheep

    I don't know if G&F tracks attrition. As a resident, I dropped out of the points game with sheep. At present rate I'll be 78 before I might get drawn and the rate my joints are wearing down, it is unlikely I could pull off that kind of hunt. Not the age, just the mileage. I don't mind...
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    Wyo unit 10

    Quite a bit of snow fell over in that general area last night. 8" in Casper to the south west. A lot can happen over the next three weeks, but we usually get some moisture in Sep. I don't know that part of the state, but get on google earth and look for terrain features, funnels, etc. Glass...
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    Lost the drive.

    Obsession can wane to just passion, which can wane to still having interest and enjoyment. Priorities change. Honestly, the effects of years of abuse and neglect on the body has affected me the worst. I can't cover the ground like I used to. Can't pack the weight. That being said, I've...
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    Farson gas station

    Depends where you went, I suppose. In Wyoming, Jackson, Laramie, Cheyenne, and Casper are worry spots. The rest of us mostly ignored it.
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    Spot and Stalk Mt. Lion Tags!

    Same here. Don't actively hunt them, but buy a tag every year "just in case."
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    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    All the more power to him. I counted 22 people in one frame. A little crowded for me.
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    Hunting and overall fitness??

    I do CrossFit with extra weights work, the occasional bike ride, and cut my eating way back (not starving, but was eating way too much).
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    Unhunted tags

    I consider my annual lion and bear tags charitable contributions to game and fish. They are over the counter and I don't specifically hunt them, but sure enough if I didn't have them, I'd see one or both while hunting deer and/or elk.
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    Handling Velvet?

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    How have you Evolved as a Deer Hunter

    I enjoy the hunt itself more and gave up the pressure to make meat. That being said, I'm still a meat hunter. I look for a mature buck with a mature buck body. Don't get me wrong, I like big antlers too, but they are secondary. Mostly enjoy the hunt and hopefully enjoy months of good eating too.
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    NF camping stay limits -14 day max...

    They're pretty lax at enforcing it. My observation anyway.
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    Exploring Forbidden Ground (Scouting Montage)

    Great scenery, a lot of animals, good music by The HU.
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    Who gets the animal

    A case where legalities and ethics can be in conflict. Generally, the law indicates who ever kills the animal must tag the animal. Otherwise one person is filling another's tag. Ethically, the two hunters would have a civil conversation and come to an agreement. If it was clear the animal was...
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    If you're thinking really tough times, trade items will be worth more than cash, gems, or precious metals. Think tobacco, alcohol, soda, basic medicines, etc. People will give up good food for those. Some cash on hand makes sense, as well as extra fuel.
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