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    4wheeler permits Unit 20 Elk

    My wife has a unit 20 Elk tag next week. I thought I would bring a ATV incase we could get it closer to help pack out anything. I just heard we might need a non resident ATV permit. Anyone have experience with this? Online web page doesn’t seem to work.
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    Kansas Guided Goose Disaster

    Just hunted with Top Gun guide service for geese.It seemed like they were reputable. Thought we would do a quick 2 day hunt for Geese before our deer hunt started. Disaster from the beginning. I would not recommend them in the slightest. Common story, the guide tried hard but outfitter fed us a...
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    Thermal Shirts

    Anyone have recommendations on Thermal shirts? I’m looking for something that is extra long. I have warm thermals but riding a horse your shirts always seem to pull up. So you got all this clothing on but get that exposed spot just above your butt. I tried 1 piece long Johns years ago but just...
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    Phone scope question

    I have the new IPhone 11 It says on the new phone scope system for it you are supposed to link up with their app. Any body have experience?
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    Texas Trespassing

    I got a question for you Texas boys. Most states say to mark your private property boundaries you must paint the corners or gates.Most guys use Floresent orange or something. I assume Texas is the same way as I have hunted it but don’t remember. I have heard Texas property owners who paint there...
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    Unit 54, 55 Sheep Tag

    If you were either of the lucky guys who drew the Sheep tag in Unit 54,55 Please PM me and let me know you said hello.
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    Idaho is up!!!

    It’s up!!
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    Canada Hunting Ban

    Several of the Canadian Fall Auction hunts have been pulled Off the docket. Rumor is ALL Canadian hunting will be shut down until next year. I sure hope it’s not true.
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    Black Bear Grand Slam

    Have any of you taken a black bear grand slam? This is a Black,Chocolate,Cinnamon and a blond. I walked a Tube video of a guy killing a Blonde with his bow. He was doing good till he said he was the first to do it. I remember it was All the rage about years ago. So he wasn’t the first by a Long...
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    Idaho Bear spring hunt

    Has anybody heard when or if they will Start selling spring Bear tags for Non residents?
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    Banquet Cancellations

    With all the banquet cancellations, Does anybody know how they are going to auction off the tags that are supposed to be Sold or raffled at the remaining dinners?
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    Vegas Sheep Show

    Did anyone make it to the show in Vegas a couple weeks ago? There were a couple of auction tags I was interested in finding out what they went for?
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    How do you delete old PMs?

    See above
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    Looking to hunt wolves in Idaho for my first time in about 2 weeks.First run would be about 5 days and then 2 more trips later. Jan and Feb. I've taken most everything else but never been in the right place for the big dogs. Not looking for anybody?s Hotspots😀 WAIT A MINUTE,They are WOLVES so...
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    Range Finder Questions

    I have a Leica 1600B I guess it has a Angled compensator But I could never figure it out. So If I we're to change what's the difference Between sig Kilo 2400BDX 2200 BDX 2000 BDX Or 2200 MR Anybody know? Or comment?
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    Gun Scabbard

    I'm looking for a gun scabbard Big enough to fit a custom rifle With a Huskama scope. All I see are the old school scabbards For small rifles. Anyone know we're I can order one?
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    BC Firearm permits NonRes

    Does anybody know the exact forms Needed to bring 1 rifle into BC from the US and go to Smithers flying thru Vancouver? I'm not sure which Forms I need.
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    RMEF banquet in Ogden

    Anybody know when it is or a contact Number?
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    Stone Sheep outfitter recommendation

    Starting to look at options for My Stone Sheep Hunt. Anyone have any recommendations? You can PM me if that is better. Thanks
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    Speckle Belly geese

    I'm looking to find a place to hunt Speckle Belly?s in Idaho. I know season is almost over. So I would go guided if that's the only option.Anyone know of a local guide? Or any areas they have been seen? Don?t know to much about them. Pm me if that is better. Thanks
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    Idaho Speckle Bellys

    Anybody know we're some speckle belly Geese Are in South Idaho.? I would like to hunt with someone or even go guided.Any ideas?
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    2018 Kyrgyzstan Ibex

    We are planning another hunt for this year. If anyone is interested in joining our Group we have a opening. I had another post on here from our Last hunt.We are going in Oct. If interested Pm me And I will get you Details.
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    Razor HD scope covers?

    My son just got a Razor HD 27-60x85 Spotting Scope. He can't seem to find a scope cover that fits correctly. Anybody have this scope? What do you have on yours? Thanks
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    Swarovski 6-18 x 50 BT Plex

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-30-17 AT 09:55PM (MST)[p]For Sale Swarovski Rifle Scope 6-18X50 BT PLEX Great Scope Very Good Condition, no issues. Upgraded to an Extreme Long Range System. Only use 1 rifle so I don't need it. Has the Red, Yellow and Green Dot turret System for longer distance. Comes with...
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    my Mid Asian Ibex from Kyrgystan

    I just returned from a Mid Asian IBEX or some times called Siberian IBEX hunt. While I very rarely post picture of my hunts on here for obvious reasons, I've had several people ask to see them and want to ask questions. So I thought I would put a few up when I can figure it out. It was an...
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    Alligator or Mule Deer for Tuna Fishing San Diego

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-01-17 AT 11:28PM (MST)[p]I will trade a fully guided Alligator hunt or a quality Mule Deer hunt for A couple days of Tuna fishing in San Diego. If your interested let me know and we can work it out...
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    SNOW GEESE Hunt Donation

    Just a Heads up to everyone The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is Auctioning offf a Snow Goose Hunt for this year At their Dinner Next Sat Night the 27th of Febuary. In Ogden at the Comfort Suites...
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    Hunting Speckle Belly Geese

    Does anybody know who hunts or guides for Speckles? PM me if you would rather.
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    I want to hunt Speckle Belly Geese.

    Does anybody know someone in Idaho who hunts Speckle Belly's? As a guide or on their own. If you do please let me know.PM if you would rather.
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    I am finished with these guys also. I will not support a group that doesnt support us...
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    Nevada 221 Early Deer, Guide Ideas?

    I drew the early Deer tag on accident. I know, Dummass... I also drew a Utah Sheep tag. I don't think I have time to scout both. Can anybody recommend a guide or have ideas?
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    Washington Ducks

    I want to hunt SEA DUCKS in Washington. Oldsquaw and Harlequin I am a guide and have all the equipment we need for any hunt we agree on in trade. Let me know if you are interested. I bet we can work something out.
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    Looking for a Buffle Head in Utah

    I am looking to find a Buffle Head Duck in Utah. Not much of a duck hunter, but i would like to shoot one and get it mounted.They look pretty cool and I want one.If anyone knows were I can find one you can PM me. I would even concider a guided duck hunt for a day if that is a option...I live in...
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    Can you imagine what Colorado is going to look like when wolf packs get established in Colorado?
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    Argentina Ethics

    My friends went to Argentina on a hunt.They spent over $20,000 They havnt been able to get their trophys back from the outfitter...After a bunch of run around the outfitter wont return calls... Does anybody have contact info for a "RF Safaris" in San Juan Capistrano? The guys name is Mike...
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    Argentina Ethics

    My friends went on a Argentina hunt.They spent over $20,000 Sadly they havnt been able to get their trophys from the Outfitter...And a bunch of run around now the guy wont return calls.. Does anybody have a contact number for a RF Safaris in San Juan Capistrano Calif. The guys name is Mike...
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    Learning Javelina

    I have nothing to hunt.No succesful draws,no tags,nothing. I know Arizonas Draw deadlines are getting close. Anybody want to explain how to put in or were.I'll go anywere. Never killed one,never even seen one.Yes you can give me honeyholes in a PM. They are just Pigs right?
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    Mt.Lion Hunts for Dall Sheep

    I would like to swap for a Dall Sheep Hunt. In return I will provide 2 Fully guided MT.Lion hunts,everything paid except flights...
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    Idaho BlueTicks

    Im looking for the last name of a guy that runs Blueticks around Mccammon near Lava.Or close... His first name is Chuck. If you know him please PM me...
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