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  1. jvgunner

    Arizona deer/Let's try this again.

    With the draw coming up for deer in AZ, I thought I would add my annual question. Which Norther AZ hunt would you do with 18pts this year. My choice will most likely be 13 b rifle/ 12aw late, Or 13b rifle/13b archery. Love to hear the experts thoughts. We all need things to look up. Looking...
  2. jvgunner

    WTB unit 62 2nd season

    looking for a Unit 62 2nd season deer tag. Thanks
  3. jvgunner

    I can feel the season upon us!

    As I sit & stir about the season to be, I now find myself focusing more on what is to come rather than the task on hand. Not working less or giving less of a quality job to my customers, just in a better mood. As luck would have it, I think I got the work & hunting schedule down thru mid...
  4. jvgunner

    strip or Kiabab for deer

    Putting in with 14 pts, Would love to here your thoughts on Putting in for the strip (13 a or 13 b) or 12aw late. feels like I am never going to get pulled again. I know 12a-w well & never set foot on the strip.
  5. jvgunner

    arizona draw (watch out)

    I went to send my arizona app in today going to ups like I usally do & now that the app is sent to a P.O. box they dont ship there, or they wanted 27.00 for a letter, so I went to the post office where the line was a 1/2 mile long, so I went to their machine for priority mail, typed in the zip...
  6. jvgunner

    Can't Wait !!!

    22 days til we leave from oregon to wyoming for 8 days mule deer, 4 days sleep & 12 days of elk hunting (hopfully 4). As the years pass I find my passion getting worse & needing more. Before I got married I told my wife to be "I'm addictided to hunting" & don't ever try to change that & that it...
  7. jvgunner

    12 a-w late

    who drew & how many points did it take. thanks
  8. jvgunner

    can't wait.

    The itching is getting bad, thank the lord we are within a few months or so of hunting season. Hunting home state of oregon & heading out to wyoming in Oct & Montana in Nov. I may have to cut my leg of to afford the gas this year. Have a great pre-season & vote pro gun & pro hunt!!
  9. jvgunner

    PYmulie where ya at?

    Where you at buddy send me a pm or e-mail me, I would love to talk to you before I come out this year, I will buy you lunch or dinner at the premier restaraunt DRIFTER.
  10. jvgunner

    mdf chapter?

    I have been talking to the mule deer foundation about starting a local chapter in medford, oregon. Sounds like a lot of fun, but with the economy & running my own business I am having alot of doubt in my head. If I was retired & rich helping would be a no brainer. Any thoughts would be great.
  11. jvgunner

    wyomings false letter

    how many of you guys got this letter in the mail that said you did not draw along with your bonus pt money back. Come on (wyoming)!! but as the moment passed I realized I did draw my tag & backed that up by checking web. How do you send out wrong letters to successful applicants at that level...
  12. jvgunner

    lazy bear

    got to love it!
  13. jvgunner

    this aint no mule deer

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-13-07 AT 08:45PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-13-07 AT 08:37?PM (MST) this sums up my west coast hunting this year so far. gone to colorado & montana on tuesday, see ya!! having trouble with the picture, sorry. was a bear in my buddys tree stand lounging it up
  14. jvgunner

    9 days til bow season.

    I will be in the same area in N cali, this makes 19 years. good luck to everyone.
  15. jvgunner

    your gun rights

    here you go guys, a friend of mine just gave me this info & i thougt I would share. Australian gun law Update here's a thought to warm some of your hearts. From Ed C A police officer in Australia. High Yanks I thought you would like to see the real figures from down under. It has been 12...
  16. jvgunner

    arizona archery

    anybody know when archery season starts in 12 a-w this year. Thanks
  17. jvgunner


    LAST EDITED ON Jan-12-07 AT 07:15PM (MST)[p]
  18. jvgunner

    oregon thanksgiving day blacktail

    the rut is on hard in southern oregon, we are seeing 5-10 bucks a day, here is a picture of my buddys 4x3 oh yea its his b-day also, we saw 4 bucks bigger (3 way bigger) than this buck but just could not get close enough. I hope to post pictures of mine soon which would make 5 for the year & 1...
  19. jvgunner

    montana elk & deer

    heading to ennis montana for a combo hunt. first hunt in montana, anyone want to cut with there secret honey holes, any info would be great.
  20. jvgunner

    back from WY 5 for 6

    just got back from 8 day hunt in wyoming, we went 5-6 the guy that did not get a buck left sunday morn 1 day late as the guys in my truck went 3-3 on sunday (NOT OUT OF THE TRUCK)as we had to leave monday morning. all were meat bucks - 1 4x4, 1, 2x2 and i shot the smallest spike in my life, but...
  21. jvgunner

    2 for 2 in cali

    got my b zone buck 4x2 opening morning (rifle) 380 yards in the heart, never thought i would shoot that far in the siskiyou's. also filled my archery tag in x-1 on the 2nd day 2x2. Now that my meat bucks are taken, i will turn my attention to wyoming muleys, montana muleys & bulls then late...
  22. jvgunner

    76 days & counting

    The pressure is building, the time is getting near, 76 is way too many days I fear.
  23. jvgunner

    arizona online apps

    Any one else having a problem applying for arizona online big game draw, every time i try my computer stalls out.
  24. jvgunner

    re oregon mule deer problem

    re oregon mule deer problem to many lions, to many anti's, to many crooked gov employees. the state just passed a lame law allowing the use of hounds to hunt cougers, but it is only for the government employed bounty hunters, which is going to cost over 1 million a year to keep lions in check...
  25. jvgunner

    poached oregon #1 blacktail !!

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-03-06 AT 12:14PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jan-03-06 AT 12:10?PM (MST) Just wanted to post that some A-hole has been poaching deer in southern oregon & that one of the bucks he shot and left behind (to return later) was found by the oregon state police before he was able to...
  26. jvgunner

    unit 61 3rd season

    well in a nutshell here it is. no huge buck for me after 8 years of waiting. but thats ok had a hunt of a lifetime meeting some great people including the game wardens who were all over the place. past on 25" 4x5 and took a forkee with 30 min left in the season. also got into two 370+ bulls on...
  27. jvgunner

    colorado unit 61

    going to colorado nov 2 anyone kind enough to share info on the area for mule deer. thanks
  28. jvgunner

    must be a buck hunter if?

    1 you spent your rent or mortagage money on deer tags. 2.quit your job because your boss told you NO TIME OFF!! 3.explain your hunting addiction to your fiance before you got married, and boldfully said 'dont try to change me'. 4.sold your house in the city so you could buy one in the...
  29. jvgunner

    winter range

    just wondering how the winter ranges are looking out there. seems to me if this winter keeps this pattern the herds may struggle.pray for a warm front.
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