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    Type 9 tags

    Whats everyone's opinion on type 9 tags and why isnt there type 9 tags for every area and species? Seems to me it would increase opportunity for eveyone
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    Unit 34 whoppers

    Wheres all the scouting pics of 34 and all the magnum bucks. all i saw on here all winter was how great 34 was. Lets see em
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    Another guess the score

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    Air drop

    Is there any services in wyoming that will air drop hunters. Mostly looking in the sheridan area. Thanks
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    Draw results?

    Im new to the idaho draw when do the results usually come out for the controlled deer hunts? Thanks
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    Wyoming quarantine restriction extended

    The mandatory quarantine restriction is now extended to may 8th. Meaning if you arrive in wyoming you must self quarantine for 14 days or if your visit is less then 14 days you must quarantine for the duration of your visit. Looks like shed hunting this year is going to be resident game
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    Gmu 52/521/411 and 79

    Can anyone with knowledge of these areas send me a message im studying these units rite now for 2020. will trade info
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    Round 2!

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    Gmu 18 4th season

    Did anyone hint this unit and season this year? I have enough points to draw and it sounds like it was slow all over the state this year any first hand experiences from this season would be appreciated you can message me if you'd like.
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