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  1. Buckjunkie

    Oregon Paper Tags

    While printing off my Oregon Tag I thought, this is dumb. What is stopping someone from printing off multiple tags and continue harvesting animals until they get checked...besides the deer herds in Eastern Oregon being in the crapper?
  2. Buckjunkie

    Drew 154c Mount Emily Late Deer Tag

    I was finally able to use 21 NR deer points in Oregon. Its all I have to do this year, so I will be able to scout quite a bit. I live in Wa about 4 hours from the unit. I was in the unit 20 years ago, so basically I am starting from scratch. I’d really like to hear from people who had the tag...
  3. Buckjunkie

    Max Non Resident Elk Points 14

    I have been pouring over Wyoming Elk stats and have found quite a few opportunities that look interesting. I just thought I would throw an Idea out there to MM members. If you have some great info on a unit that we could team up and share points on, I would be open to offers.
  4. Buckjunkie

    Owyhee Deer tag

    My son, son-in-law and father in law drew the Owyhee deer tag. If anyone has any advice, I would gladly trade for info for another western state.
  5. Buckjunkie

    Premature release of Go-Hunt Washington

    I am a member of Go-Hunt and a Washington resident. I think they released their information without enough research. For starters, they don't even have the hunt units for the sheep and moose tags...just unit numbers. And, the unit numbers don't match the actual unit numbers. Also, the names are...
  6. Buckjunkie

    2018 Washington Shiras Moose

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-12-19 AT 07:20PM (MST)[p]Took 30 years to draw, but holy cow did it pay off!
  7. Buckjunkie

    12A West Early - Camp Spot

    I drew a 12A West early tag this year. Never been to this unit. I was hoping someone might tell me where to camp. I will be there four days early to scout so just looking for a spot to get started. Thanks for any advice! Jim
  8. Buckjunkie

    Deer results are up

    At 4 PST today
  9. Buckjunkie

    Antelope Unit 89-1

    Any advice on Unit 89-1 would be greatly appreciated. Just a fun hunt as we are not too picky on goats. Thanks!
  10. Buckjunkie

    Region H

    We were blessed with region H son, son-in-law two nephews and great friend. Man I love that country. Best of luck to all!!
  11. Buckjunkie

    Voucher for 77/78/771 3rd Deer

    I have a friend that is looking for a landowner voucher for 77/78/771 3rd season deer. I have a few sources but no one knows if they will get any this year. If anyone has a contact it would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  12. Buckjunkie

    Central Manti Early Rifle

    Wow, I am excited! After 17 years I drew a Utah elk tag. Good luck to all in the draw.
  13. Buckjunkie

    Colorado Harvest Estimates Posted

    I noticed that the harvest report is now posted on Colorado's website.
  14. Buckjunkie

    Central Manti Early Rifle

    Ok, I submitted my application for the Manti. I have 16 points as a Non-Res and should draw if there isn't a lot of movement. I have been in the unit during elk season and saw some decent Bulls. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Buckjunkie

    Sheep Results Are Up

    Sheep results are up on line. No luck for me.
  16. Buckjunkie

    Deer results are posted

    It's up!!!
  17. Buckjunkie

    Elk Results are up

    Just checked and the Elk points and draw rests are posted
  18. Buckjunkie

    PSA: Unit 34 3rd Deer

    If you're putting unit 34 3rd down as a 3rd or 4th choice, I would think twice. I have hunted in 9 units in Colorado and this is by far the worst I have seen. Sure, we drew this on a 3rd choice so we shouldn't expect much, but even finding a single deer is tough. 6 miles on the boots yesterday...
  19. Buckjunkie

    Real "Back Door" is now open

    I looked this afternoon and I now show a 591 code (non resident) when I try to buy a habitat stamp. It looks like I drew a 2nd choice deer. To check yours, go to licenses and tags, purchase habitat stamp, continue, enter appropriate info, continue, review personal data, check the button for...
  20. Buckjunkie

    Colorado Deer Results are up

    The front door is open now
  21. Buckjunkie

    15 x 60 Zeiss Bino's & Tripod Adapter

    For sale is a pair of used 15 x 60 Zeiss binoculars. I am the 2nd owner and have had them for about 8 years. They also come with the tripod adaptor. $1,200 or best offer. Call Jim at 253.225.1057 and I'll send pics.
  22. Buckjunkie


    It annoyes me when scores posted with pictures are inflated? I understand not everyone knows how to score, but if you throw out a score, you should at least be's not that hard to run a check on the number your guide told you. I was just browsing through the pics and found three...
  23. Buckjunkie

    Montana Sheep Results are up

    Nada, zip zilch nothing again
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