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    3 Wyoming Bulls

    Awesome! So much fun to hunt with your kids.
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    My 2020 Rocky and Nelson Sheep hunts

    Awesome story and write-up, great pics! Thanks for sharing.
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    Do you have a concealed carry permit?

    Wife and I both have our CC permits, we have had them for years. Adult so has his as well.
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    Gun suggestions?

    My kids started with .257, as others have said .243 or 7mm-08 are good choices as well. Good luck, hunting with your kids is special!
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    How did you meet hubby?

    Eel, No on the free haircuts. I pay in honey do’s just like anyone else whose wife is their barber!!
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    How did you meet hubby?

    Similar to rmanwell’s story, I went to get a haircut at this little shop on the recommendation of a buddy. Found the barber to be a tall, leggy gal that was very easy on the eyes. Married her six months later. This past year was our 35th. I see absolutely no reason to trade her in now!!
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    Wyoming whitetail

    Nice buck!
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    NM Barbary Sheep Hunt

    Great write up and pics! Congrats on the ram.
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    How big?

    Just big enough!
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    2021 Regs

    Will the new proclamation and regs be posted today?
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    Poll: brisket

    I do brisket a little different. I cut off all the fat I can and set it aside. I then add my rub and smoke over mesquite coals for about 4-5 hours. I then place brisket in large aluminum pan add a little of the fat I cut off to top of brisket, seal pan with heavy foil and resume cooking until...
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    What you spending your $600 on?

    IF, it shows up, we will throw it in the same pot as the rest of our disposable income and pay bills/taxes/maybe put it on a trip??
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    Nice 10 Pointer for Daughter

    Congrats to the young lady! Good job.
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    Wife killed a nice one

    Yep, nice buck. Congrats to your wife.
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    5 animals, 4 kids, 4 firsts, 2020

    Great job with kids!
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    CO Bucks

    Well done guys!
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    West Texas Hog Hunts

    There are many ranches that sell pig hunts, as Thunder suggested try a google search. There are guys offering night hunts, helicopter hunts, dog hunts, hunts of all flavors and prices. Pick one and have a blast!
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    Nebraska Whitey and one happy hunter!

    Nice! Love split brows.
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    Who gets your dollars?

    Which gun rights organization do you support with your dollars? With the current political situation I need to support at least one of them. I have not supported any of them the last few years. Was a NRA member for over 30 years.
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    Comanche county.

    There are many whitetail subspecies. “Bergman’s” rule is very evident in white tails. The rule states that the farther north you go in a species range the larger the body. Most of our mature bucks in West Central Texas would be small bodied compared to bucks from Kansas or Iowa or farther north.
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    More Firsts for Daughter

    Awesome, thanks to you for taking her!
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    Comanche county.

    Half section where we hunt, almost 400 in total
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    2020 Hunting Season

    Good times during a dark season in our country, congrats!
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    Where to leave loaded ML overnight?

    +1 for Blackhorn. Does not attract moisture like BP and Pyrodex. Have shot my rifle 35+ times without cleaning!
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    Comanche county.

    Got one of our target bucks opening day, not quite as wide as I thought from game camera pics. First 11 point I have killed. Son and wife both killed mature bucks.
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    Whitey Down

    Very nice!
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    22 WMR for Pigs?

    22WMR is plenty for brain shot at 30 yards. Behind the shoulder not so good due to heavy gristle plate. IMO
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    Comanche county.

    Most of us have no way to irrigate food plots. This year I had 11” rain right after planting. The flood washed some of my seed downstream! Had to replant. The east end of my plot looks great but up closer to feeder it suffers from flooding. My plot is about 2 1/2 acres.
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    Comanche county.

    Here is a shot of one of my feeders with a hog panel pen. Food plot with turnips and wheat plus a few other things in background
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    Comanche county.

    Yes, plow an area and plant wheat and oats for the fall. Also if you don’t want pigs to run off the deer put up hog panels around feeder. We use10- 16’ panels to circle our feeders. Corn works best from feeder that “spin” to throw corn. If you want to shoot lots of pigs put a green or red...
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    Comanche county.

    don’t hear as much about the deer in that area as I do Coleman County to the west. I believe it is managed by TPWD with the 13” minimum spread rule. I could be wrong as I have not checked for sure. I have friends that hunt Brown County to the SW that do well and as I said Coleman County is...
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    Alaska fishing adventure question

    Anyone have any experience with Highliner Lodge in Pelican Alaska?
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    Another great hunt in Idaho

    Great bucks! Love the width of number two and beam length on number three.
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    Are masks working

    Mask are useless. I only where one when I am required to just to go into store for groceries or similar. Most of my friends don’t wear them either. We are all over 60.
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    Daughters Idaho buck

    Great job young lady! Impressed with 300 Win mag! When my daughter was in Jr High she preferred my 7 mm REM Mag over the smaller calibers. I think that was just to impress the boys!!
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    2020 GMU 66 4th Season Buck

    Congrats on a beautiful buck! Thanks for sharing.
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    Son's Arizona Coues

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    Who’s gonna take the vaccine?

    Have not decided if I want to get the vaccine yet. Not really anti vaccine but the covid vaccines were really rushed. Wonder what side effects will show up after some time goes by???
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    Alaska fishing adventure question

    Thanks for the recommendations. I will take a look at them.
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    Did you change Thanksgiving plans?

    Our 32 person thanksgiving turned into just 7! Dang virus hit our extended family. All doing well just several have the virus and some others quarantined waiting to see if they develop symptoms. Oh well, we get together frequently and will again soon.
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